Ausounds AU-XT ANC Review

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Delivering sound with enough of energy and zip, the Ausounds don’t offer equally much in the value for money stakes as other models with regards to their characteristic set up, plus build quality is on the creaky side.


  • Enjoyable presentation
  • Decent noise cancellation
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Sweat-proof


  • Not the almost reassuring build quality
  • Distracting racket when ANC is enabled
  • Evidently appearance


  • United kingdom of great britain and northern ireland
    RRP: £199.99
  • USA
    RRP: $199.99

Fundamental Features

  • Bluetooth
    Supports upwards to aptX Hard disk for 24-flake sound streaming

  • Bombardment
    thirty hours without noise counterfoil, xiv hours with it switched on


California-based sound brand Ausounds’ rollout of its headphones continues on in the Uk with another fresh confront in the

These over-ear headphones are predominantly aimed at the lifestyle segment, with their mid-market toll and inclusion of noise cancellation looking to scoop upwardly those listeners whose budget falls short of the Bose QuietComfort 45.

The AU-XT ANC are ane of the all-time-sounding efforts among their cost subclass, only a few issues spoil the overall performance.


  • Plain, simple appearance
  • Excellent fit and comfort
  • Physical buttons

Black. It’s the just colour in which the AU-XT ANC are available, and that gives these cans a manifestly appearance. If you like your headphones to be a representation of you, then AU-XT ANC would suggest you’re a discreet person.

Only this isn’t something I’d hold against these headphones. Of more concern is the build quality, which is not the most reassuring. The hinges display more creaks than a door in a haunted firm; collapsing the headphones to put them in a bag or case produces unnerving cracks every time.

Still, the Ausounds laissez passer the muster for comfort. The retentivity foam ear pads are overnice and soft, the clamping force of the headphones is sufficiently tight to keep them in place, and the adjustable headband provides some leeway for different-shaped heads. The silicone headband eases the force per unit area on tiptop of the head, too. It’s just a shame that the hard plastic build doesn’t live upwardly to the expectations for a £200 pair of headphones.

Ausounds AU-XT ANC buttons

At that place are no bear upon controls – the AU-XT ANC stick with physical, tactile buttons. You’ll find an ANC switch on the left ear cup, with volume, playback and ability on the right (you tin can too command calls and summon vocalisation assistants, likewise). There’due south a 3.5mm jack for a wired connection, plus a USB-C charging port. There’due south a slightly retro and understated look about the AU-XT ANC’southward appearance that I like – but those stiff hinges are a slight cause for concern.


  • Effective noise cancellation
  • Short battery life with ANC fashion
  • AptX HD Bluetooth support

Similar their advent, the Ausounds AU-XT ANC feature ready tin be described as sparse. Active racket counterfoil is supported, just it’s one size fits all. The features you lot may expect at this price – such as transparency manner, on-ear detection or an app – aren’t included.

Ausounds AU-XT ANC case

Bombardment life is a reasonable xxx hours, but with ANC on information technology falls to a less spectacular 14 hours. Using these headphones over a few weeks, the battery depleted apace with active noise cancellation engaged and when the low battery notification pops upwardly, the gig is pretty much up. Xiv hours is a figure that doesn’t compare favourably with the Urbanista Los Angeles’ 50 hours or the Cleer Enduro ANC’southward sixty hours. Fast charging is supported, with 15 minutes calculation another 90 if you’re in a bind.

Noise cancellation is on a par, if not amend than those models. Noises sideslip through, cars pass by audibly, and the hubbub of train terminals was nevertheless apparent; but train journeys were noticeably calmer and voices are ushed – all without having to heighten the volume.

Ausounds AU-XT ANC earpad

However, in that location was an outcome with the ANC – an e’er-present electrical fizz. When music was at its loudest it wasn’t noticeable, but in quieter moments it became difficult to ignore. The Ausounds’ noise cancellation is a case of 2 steps frontward and one step dorsum.

The AU-XT ANC support Bluetooth codecs up to aptX HD, which can deliver 24-flake HD sound (if your mobile device supports aptX HD), with Bluetooth 5.0 the tether between the headphones and the source device. In that location’s an IPX4 rating, and since Ausounds says its wireless headphones are designed to exist sweat-proof, you can habiliment these during workouts.

Audio quality

  • Smooth, energetic audio
  • Assertive bass
  • More focused presentation with noise counterfoil on

There’s a Bose-esque quality to the Ausounds performance that makes them one of the more thoroughly enjoyable sets I’ve listened to at this price. Their presentation is crisp in tone, highs and lows land well, and they feature enough of nil, energy and verve.

Ausounds AU-XT ANC in case

At least that’s the case with active noise cancellation on. With it off there’s a looseness to the AU-XT ANC’south delivery that makes them less engaging. In this non-ANC mode, they’re a perfectly fine listen – but switch ANC on and they become more than focused, the soundstage is tighter, with detail delivered with more than insight.

Listening to Rage Against the Motorcar’due south Bulls on Parade, the divergence shows in Zack de la Rocha’south vocals defective shape, clarity and feeling afar. With ANC on, nonetheless, in that location’due south better definition and sharpness to his vocals, as well as more infinite inside the track for his vocalism to occupy.

Beyond the frequency range there’due south an entertaining sense of tonal balance – the low frequencies hit with weight and authority in Rick James’ Mary Jane; their punchy and believing in Obongjayar’s Frens. The mid-range is conspicuously conveyed, filled with enough detail, and granted plenty space to effectively convey the tone and texture of instruments and voices.

Ausounds AU-XT ANC earcup close-up

What the Ausounds headphones don’t display perhaps is clear lines of demarcation in terms of fully separating one instrument in the soundfield from another, as premium priced cans achieve. Nevertheless, the impression the Ausounds leave is ane of smooth, controlled and fidelious sound for the money.

Move up the frequency range and there’s a decent amount of effulgence and refinement to requite the piano notes at the beginning of GoGo Penguin’southward Raven some polish and clarity. They’re a good listen, with fewer holes to find in their operation compared to the Urbanista, and more character about them than Cleer’s more than neutral Enduro ANC.

Ausounds AU-XT ANC at an angle

It’s a pity, and so, that the electrical ‘dissonance’ when ANC is on serves to undermine their delivery, meshing with tracks in a distracting manner. The Ausounds are one of the ameliorate-sounding options I’ve heard at this toll, and if they were a bit more affordable and didn’t suffer from a few quality issues, it would be easier to give them an endorsement.

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Should you buy information technology?

Smarts don’t matter much
Like other Ausounds headphones, the focus is on audio, and they do deliver on that front with an energetic performance.

You want more reassuring build quality
From the creaky hinges to the electric ‘noise’ when dissonance cancellation is turned on, the build quality isn’t always the most convincing.

Last Thoughts

The Ausounds’s audio delivery
makes upwardly for bug elsewhere. Information technology may just exist an issue with this sample, only the electrical ‘noise’ that emerges with ANC playback distracts; the build quality could be better, and in terms of features there isn’t a tremendous amount on offer compared to other efforts.

However, if you’re not interested in smarts and are after a focused audio experience, the Ausounds are worth a expect.

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Is the Ausounds’ ANC adaptable?

No, the noise counterfoil can be switched on or off and that’due south it.

Full specs

Great britain RRP



IP rating

Battery Hours

Fast Charging



Release Date

Model Number

Audio Resolution

Driver (south)

Noise Cancellation?



Frequency Range

Headphone Type


Ausounds AU-XT ANC







245 G




aptX HD

40mm Graphene


Bluetooth 5.0


twenty 40000 – Hz


98 dB

Jargon buster

Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth v.0 is the latest iteration of the standard, and allows data to exist sent at twice equally much as speed over previous standards, embrace four times as much in terms of distance and transfer viii times every bit much data.


ANC (Agile Noise Cancellation) uses an array of microphones in a headphone to detect the frequency of the sound coming at the listener, with the ANC flake creating an inverse moving ridge (i.e. opposing audio) to suppress any unwanted external noises.


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