Awesome iOS 15 Hidden Features That You Need to Know

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Afterwards Apple officially announced iOS 15 at WWDC, it is finally available for download. The adjacent generation of iOS is full of attention-grabbing features such every bit Focus mode, iCloud+, Privacy Report, Live Text, and more than. The iOS fifteen story doesn’t end hither, though. You may have missed small tweaks and some clever subconscious features in iOS xv. And so, we have compiled a list of some awesome iOS 15 hidden features to make the well-nigh of the new features for your iPhone.

We take already covered the best iOS fifteen features, and in this post, we will focus on lesser-known and secret iOS 15 features coming to your iPhone later this year.

1. Enable Widget Suggestions

iOS 14 introduced widgets support on the home screen in iOS 14. Apple tree is further edifice on that experience in iOS 15 by adding widget suggestions to the widget stack carte du jour.

If you accept multiple widgets stacked on meridian of each other, iOS 15 will offer a widget proffer for the stack based on your usage and preference.

Simply long-press on the widget and select
Edit Stack. Enable
Widget Suggestions
toggle from the following bill of fare. In our couple of days of testing iOS xv, we kept getting the Siri suggestion widget in the widget stack on the home screen.

widget suggestion in iOS 15

2. Apply Wallpaper in Safari

Safari is getting a few UI makeover changes with iOS 15. Autonomously from now tab switcher, multi-tab, and pull to refresh, users can now add wallpaper of their choice or select from the built-in wallpaper collection to jazz upwardly the browser look upfront.

Open Safari and roll downward to the lesser. Select
and enable
Background Image
toggle from the following menu. Either select a wallpaper from suggested options or add together a new one from the Gallery using the

add wallpaper in safari

iii. Create Custom Focus Mode

Apple has debuted a new Focus mode in iOS fifteen to permit you split your personal and work life in terms of apps and their notifications.

By default, Apple offers multiple Focus profiles such equally Dwelling house, Piece of work, Driving, etc., to choose from. One can also go ahead and create a custom focus profile based on their requirements.

Just open the Command Center and long-press on
Focus mode. Select + at the bottom and cull
from the following carte. Here, y’all can give the Focus profile a relevant name, icon, color, choose people and apps yous desire notifications from when the Focus is turned on, enable/disable Time-Sensitive notifications, and customize the home screen just for that specific Focus profile.

We accept seen people creating custom Focus profiles for Writing, Coding, Yoga, Running, and more.

create custom focus mode

4. Smart List in Reminders

This one is one of our favorite additions in iOS 15. Reminders List is getting a new add-on called Smart Listing. And yeah, it really is smart and delivers an ample amount of automation to play with.

While creating a listing, you lot can turn it into a Smart listing by setting up rules based on location, flag, priority, date, time, and priority. But reminders containing the filters will exist shown within this Smart Listing.

We have created a Smart Listing for grocery items and added a set of Flag and medium Priority rules for the current calendar month. Whenever we create a task or reminder that fulfills the added weather condition in the grocery Smart List, it will automatically exist added to the grocery list in the Reminders app.

We can’t wait to see how users utilize it once iOS 15 launches subsequently this year.

smart list in reminders

5. Drag and Drop Across Apps

This ane is some other hidden iOS 15 feature that’s useful in specific scenarios. Let’due south say yous are writing an electronic mail and y’all want to adhere a picture from the Photos app.

Instead of adding the image from the Mail app, you can open the Photos app, long-printing on the image, proceed it in a floating position with 1 hand. Utilise another hand and open up the multitasking menu, select the Post app, and drop the image there to ship in the electronic mail.

Using the elevate and drib fox, i can also motion text, weblinks, and videos from one app to some other.

six. Check Image EXIF Details in Photos App

iOS xv finally allows users to view image details such as location, fourth dimension, size, and more from the Photos app.

Open up the photo in the Photos app and tap on the ‘i‘ button at the lesser. In the screenshot below, we opened a photograph that was sent on WhatsApp, and the image was captured by DJI Mini 2.

You lot can see from where the photo was saved, appointment, time, photographic camera MP, resolution, image size, ISO, capture speed, aperture, and location attached to the photo. One can also manually adjust the date and time for the photo.

image details in iOS 15

vii. New Timer Picker Menu

Instead of endlessly scrolling in the time picker menu to select the specific fourth dimension, you tin can now tap on it and add fourth dimension using the number pad on the keyboard. Information technology is one of those hidden iOS 15 features that has a big usability impact.

8. Enable iCloud Private Relay

Private Relay hides your IP accost and Safari browsing activeness from network providers and websites and so that no i, including Apple tree, can see who you are or what sites yous are visiting.

Information technology is basically a stripped-downwardly VPN service on offer. Private Relay is only available with paid iCloud plans. You lot can enable the options from
Settings > Profile > iCloud > Private Relay

iCloud private rely

9. Create Tab Groups in Safari

This subconscious iOS 15 feature is copied straight from Microsoft’s Edge browser. Like Edge Collections, you tin can create a specific grouping containing spider web pages and give it a relevant proper noun. Information technology’s really useful during research and shopping on the web.

When multiple tabs are open, tap on the
bill of fare at the lesser and select the
New Tab Group from x Tabs
choice. Give it a name, and you are all set to sync the group across all the devices running the Safari browser.

create tab groups in safari

10. Access Spotlight from Lock Screen

Spotlight now uses intelligence to search photos by location, people, scenes, or objects. Using Live Text, Spotlight can also detect text and handwriting in photos. Spotlight at present offers web image search and all-new rich results for actors, musicians, TV shows, and movies.

Contacts search through Spotlight has as well received a UI makeover. It now displays recent conversations, shared photos, and fifty-fifty their location if shared through Notice My.

It’s merely logical for Apple to allow users to access Spotlight from other places as well. With iOS fifteen, you can accept advantage of Spotlight search from the lock screen. Utilize the same swipe-down gesture on the lock screen and get-go using the Spotlight search. This is 1 undercover iOS xv feature that’s bound to make your life easier on a daily basis.

access spotlight from lock screen

eleven. Drag Apps from Spotlight to Domicile Screen

In iOS 15, it is possible to drag an app from the Spotlight search or suggestions and place it right on the abode screen.

12. Remove Person Suggestion from Retentivity

Users tin can already select
Suggest Fewer Memories Similar This
when viewing a retentiveness in the
For You
section of ‌Photos‌ or remove a photograph from photograph suggestions entirely, but at present y’all can choose to feature a specific person less frequently.

suggest a person less

When viewing the
For You
section of the ‌Photos‌ app, y’all can long-press on the photograph with a person and select the
Feature a Person Less pick to prevent that person from popping up as often. The
Remove From Featured ‌Photos‌
option prevents a specific photo from reappearing.

thirteen. Alter Text Size Per App

In iOS xiv, you can change the text size across all the apps. iOS 15 now allows you to go along the text size alter to a specific app only. Make sure to keep the app open while using the
Text Size
toggle from the
Control Centre.

change text size per app

You tin either continue the changed text size to the app but or use the change to all apps on the iPhone.

14. Bulk Edit Date and Time in Photos

Every bit nosotros mentioned above, one can modify the default date and time in a specific photo in the Photos app. You tin can also select multiple images in the Photos app and select the Share button at the summit.

edit image details

Edit Date & Time
from the following card and change details.

xv. Email from Camera

This ane is a part of Apple’s Alive Text feature. When you lot attempt to compose an electronic mail in the default Email app, the keyboard will offer an option to scan the email ID using the default camera on the iPhone.

email from camera for ios 15

Utilise the Email from Camera button and it volition open the camera interface right into the E-mail app. Scan the email ID from a visiting bill of fare or billboard and the Alive Text function will automatically read and add together the email address in the Electronic mail app.

16. Turn off Private Relay for Specific Wi-Fi Connectedness

With iOS xv, Apple tree has added a couple of privacy-related features to the iCloud subscription. Ane of them is iCloud Individual Relay that monitors your net connexion and prevents tertiary-party trackers. In some cases, it might dull down the internet connexion speed on the iPhone.

turn off icloud private relay in wifi

Thankfully, Apple has added an option to turn off Private Relay for a Wi-Fi connectedness. Simply open the
app on the iPhone and navigate to
Wi-Fi network
and turn off
iCloud Private Relay
from the post-obit menu.

17. Enhanced AirPrint

In a surprising movement, Apple tree has dramatically improved the AirPrint Interface with new options and features. When you try to print a document or webpage, the printing interface will offer new options, including presents, copies, orientation, and more.

airprint new ui in ios 15

xviii. Remove Abode Screen Pages

With iOS 14, Apple tree offered an option to hide home screen pages on the iPhone. With iOS 15, you can remove home screen pages entirely from the default interface.

remove home page in ios 15

Long press on empty screen on the dwelling house screen and select dot menu in a higher place the Dock. Beginning, disable the habitation screen folio that you want to hibernate and tap on the ‘‘ icon at the upper left corner to remove the abode screen page.

19. Proceed Location Visible When Power off

This is one of the all-time features of iOS 15. When you power off the iPhone, the device will get into a Power Reserve mode that makes information technology perform like an AirTag. During Power Reserve way, your iPhone tin can be tracked via
Notice My
app on other Apple devices.

This is really handy if someone steals your iPhone and turns it off. Y’all can still track it via the Discover My function from the other Apple device. According to Apple tree, users can track the iPhone event after a manufactory reset.

twenty. Hide IP Address from All Websites

iOS fifteen at present allows you to hide IP accost from both third-party trackers and websites. Open the
app on the iPhone and go to
Privacy & Security
Hide IP Accost
and select
Trackers and Websites
from the following bill of fare.

hide IP address from websites

The hidden iOS fifteen features listing above is just the tip of the iceberg. Apple tree has introduced over 80+ features and changes in iOS 15. Let us know which is your favorite iOS fifteen hidden in the comments below.


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