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Excellent audio at an cheap price. Back Bay has delivered yet some other true wireless of excellent value in the Tempo 30.


  • Inexpensive
  • Energetic, rich sound
  • Proficient fit and seal
  • Long battery life


  • Appear to be restricted to SBC playback
  • Bass can overwhelm


  • UK
    RRP: £29.49
  • USA
    RRP: $39.99
  • Europe
    RRP: €34.49
  • Canada
    RRP: CA$l.62
  • Australia
    RRP: AU$55

Central Features

  • Water-resistance
    Fully protected with IPX7 rating

  • Bass style
    Pump up the bass via taps on the earbud

  • Ear-tip sizes
    Range of ear-tips to customise fit and sound


Dorsum Bay doesn’t have the recognition of Apple or Sony in the field of wireless earbuds, just each pair of headphones we’ve tested has impressed – and the company’southward latest may nonetheless be its all-time.

The Tempo 30 are true wireless earbuds at a truly affordable price. At $39.99 / £29.49, they undercut pairs from more established brands, and while they don’t boast smarts or premium features, they’re primed to entreatment to anyone looking for headphones for casual and fitness use.


  • Attractive appearance
  • Skillful seal and comfortable fit
  • Black and Rose Gold finishes

Previous headphones from Dorsum Bay have only been available in a black finish. While black finishes are great for hiding dirt, they can be evidently. Happily, Back Bay offers the Tempo xxx in a choice of Black or Rose Gold finishes.

The sample on review here is black, although the case it comes in is green. The look is attractive, presenting the Tempo 30 with a glossy, marble-like stop.

close up of Tempo 30 in charging case

The smoothness of the housing doesn’t unduly bear on the responsiveness of touch on controls either, and I do like the path Back Bay has taken past assigning volume to a single tap, playback to a double-tap and skipping tracks to a hold. In my experience, when running or doing workouts, it’s more than convenient to have quicker admission to book/track skipping than stop/starting time.

The fit is snug-equally-a-problems-in-a-rug, similar the Duet fifty Pro, staying put throughout runs and workouts at the gym. The seal is consistently maintained, keeping external sounds at bay better than some fitness-focused earbuds with noise cancellation. The quality of the seal, and the fit and sound, tin be influenced by your choice of ear-tips – and there are half-dozen types available.

Back Bay Tempo 30 charging case on a rock

The metallic charging case is pocket-sized – a slight surprise given the Boston make’s predilection for big charging cases, but it ensures it is pocketable and piece of cake to transport. Although its compact nature does brand the interior LED indicator a little more than difficult to discern.

The finish is smart, although susceptible to wear. Putting them in a bag resulted in scuff marks, so while the metal construction should hateful they can withstand some misuse, the paint job isn’t every bit resistant.


  • Substantial battery life
  • Fully waterproof
  • Bass style

Yous won’t find the Herculean battery life of the Runner 60s here: 32 hours in full and 8 hours for each earbud – and all things considered, that’due south an excellent battery booty. Compared to the Bose Sports Earbuds, it’s more than double their battery life. There’s no wireless or fast-charging support to count on, and so yous’ll have to ability upwards the case in the traditional way via USB-C cablevision (xc minutes to full charge).

The Tempo 30 are completely waterproof and sweatproof with an IPX7 rating. Back Bay says it’south utilized a nano-coating to safeguard confronting any water/rain from infiltrating the buds. Despite that, these earbuds aren’t for swimming.

Back Bay Tempo 30 earbuds on top of charging case

While there’south no app to permit for some fiddling of the earbuds’ EQ, there are a couple of sound modes. Iii taps on right earbud activates Bass style, which expands the soundstage and firms up the low-end. Four taps on either bud brings upwards the No-Lag fashion – or ‘Movie mode’ or ‘Game mode’ – it seems to take several names. Whatever it’due south chosen, information technology keeps voices in sync with the video/gaming. Does it brand a departure? Not that I can tell, simply the Tempo’s audio synching is on point without information technology anyway.

Bluetooth is version v.0 with SBC and AAC codecs, although when paired with an Android smartphone it didn’t annals every bit playing AAC. With a dual microphone set-upward for calls and some environmental noise cancellation to keep unwanted external dissonance at bay, that is your lot for features.

Audio quality

  • Ear-tips tin can affect the tone
  • Energetic, dynamic playback
  • Plenty of bass

As with previous Back Bay products, information technology’s worth experimenting with the ear-tip sizes on offer, since the impact of their tuning can exist significant. The default and smaller options offer a crisp, sharp tone that’south detailed but less bass happy, while a switch to a different type brings out more weight and ‘fullness’ across the frequency range.

Back Bay Tempo 30 earbuds outside of case

That’due south the experience I prefer, and while your preference may differ, at to the lowest degree the Tempo 30 tin can cater for it. From my perspective the Dorsum Bay deliver a flavour of audio that’s terrifically energetic, scrubbing up enough detail to describe instruments and voices, and delivering a size and scale that’south non always mutual at this price.

Bass extension and weight is the most prominent aspect of the Tempo 30’southward performance, and while it can be a petty overpowering at times – fifty-fifty more so with Bass Heave activated – the level of power and depth makes for an heady and fun heed. The swells of the orchestra and energy in Small Sacrifice from the Emmet-Homo soundtrack are more characterful in their clarification.

Back Bay Tempo 30 earbuds sat next to charging case

Vocals are treated well, planted in the middle and clear enough to sympathise, with a slight warmth and no lack of smoothness. There’s an impressive level of dynamism evident, even at normal book levels – the jumps in loudness with CHVRCHES’ The Mother We Share make it a toe-tapping party anthem – while Holst’s The Planets is winningly conveyed, the louder parts have great event but simply because the quieter moments are treated as such. Rhythmically, the Tempo buds convince; Push It To The Limit from Scarface will get your head bopping every bit shortly as the track is queued up.

The Tempo 30 are fabulously expressive, instruments described with a natural flair. The soundstage features plenty of width and high-frequency notes in Cliff Martinez’s On the Beach ring true. There isn’t as much clarity or incisive sense of separation of the elements in a track as more expensive pairs, merely what’south on offer here will not disappoint. These are a fabulously entertaining pair of buds – and a steal for the price.

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Should you purchase it?

If yous’re after a inexpensive, good-sounding true wireless
The Back Bay Tempo deliver a sound that’s rich and total of energy, at least if you pick the correct ear-tips…

If you still want a more refined performance
The Tempo 30 didn’t register AAC playback during tested, despite credible back up for information technology. So, while they sound very expert, there’s some functioning left on the table

Final Thoughts

Dorsum Bay hasn’t made a bad pair of earbuds yet, and the Tempo don’t allow the side downwardly. Fashionable in appearance, with a great fit and entertaining sound, the Tempo 30 hit the right notes at a toll that you tin’t argue with.

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Do the Tempo 30 back up wireless charging?

No, there’s no wireless charging support for the Back Bay Tempo xxx earphones.

Full specs


U.s. RRP





IP rating

Battery Hours

Release Date

Sound Resolution

Commuter (s)



Frequency Range

Headphone Type


Dorsum Bay Tempo 30






Dorsum Bay





8mm dynamic

Bluetooth five.0

Black, Rose Aureate

20 20000 – Hz

True Wireless

110 dB


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