• THQ Nordic drops AEW: Fight Forever gameplay trailer

    Yuke’s latest wrestling sim following its divorce from 2K Games is set to release old in 2023.

  • Neymar is playing Counter-Strike ahead of FIFA World Cup

    Information technology looks like Neymar every bit well as the rest of the Brazilian national soccer team are bravado off some steam by playing CS:Get.

  • Marvel’southward Spider-Human being 2 has a major graphic symbol modify up

    Harry Osborn will be portrayed by a new actor in the upcoming PS5 game.

  • Rockstar Games might be calculation fast travel to GTA Online soon

    Fast travel has been one of the well-nigh highly requested features in GTA Online and it might finally come up to the game before long.

  • Visitor of Heroes 3 is coming to next-gen consoles

    Sega announced Company of Heroes three for only PC but recent reports suggest there are versions for the PS5 and Xbox Series Southward and X…

  • ZeniMax Online Studios hard at work on new Xbox IP

    It’s believed that more than 200 developers are involved in the project from the makers of The Elder Scrolls Online.

  • NFL player retires after selling one-half-meg dollar Pokemon menu

    Las Vegas Raiders actor, Blake Martinez, retired in the middle of the NFL season to pursue his passion, which manifestly includes Pokemon cards.

  • Action-RPG game Risen is coming to new consoles

    THQ Nordic and Piranha Bytes are working on a port of the 2009 action-RPG title Risen which volition be released in Jan.

  • Sometime Bloober Team developer is working on a new creepy horror game

    Developer Artur Laczkowki has revealed he is working on his commencement project since leaving Bloober Team and it is a horror game that bears a…

  • Scalpers are no longer equally interested in the PlayStation 5 this vacation season

    Scalpers are nevertheless trying to cash in on the PS5 hype simply not to the same extent as in the by two holiday seasons.

  • Santa Monica Studio denies God of State of war: Ragnarok documentary rumor

    Santa Monica Studio confirmed that it won’t produce a sequel to its Raising Kratos evolution documentary that will put the spotlight on God of War:…

  • Hideki Kamiya but casually confirmed Bayonetta 4

    After confirming many years agone that he already has plans for Bayonetta 4, the longtime series director casually brought upwards the 4th Bayonetta game again.

  • You tin get the Xbox Series S for less than the Nintendo Switch

    A Black Fri promotion for Microsoft’southward budget-oriented panel makes it the cheapest adjacent-gen panel on the market place by far.

  • Pokemon Ruby and Violet encounters functioning problems with the Nintendo Switch

    The latest Pokemon game is suffering terribly from functioning issues on the seemingly underpowered Nintendo Switch.

  • Blizzard games become unplayable in China later on licensing deal with NetEase expires

    The partnership between Blizzard and NetEase ends later fourteen years.

  • Ubisoft reveals Splinter Cell remake concept fine art

    The studio wants to develop a top-tier remake for one of its flagship titles.

  • Valve removes stolen Unreal Engine five Superman demo from Steam

    Subsequently numerous attempts, Valve has delisted a free Superman demo that scammers have been selling for profit on its Steam platform.

  • PlayStation Plus volition go on a massive sale on Black Friday

    If you’re looking to renew your PS Plus subscription, this Friday, November xviii, is the all-time fourth dimension to practice information technology.

  • Hasbro-Nasdaq-stock-fall-Magic-The-Gathering-30th-Anniversary-FEATURED

    Is Hasbro killing Magic: The Gathering?

    A serious stock drop hits Hasbro, due to the Bank of America downgrade from oversaturation of the popular Magic: The Gathering CCG.

  • Expressionless Island ii has been delayed again

    Fans are already bracing for the possibility that Dead Isle two will be delayed indefinitely following this latest news.

  • Bandai Namco might’ve already “confirmed” the release date of Tekken eight

    Fighting game fans might accept some other reason to celebrate with Tekken 8 possibly coming out close to the release of Street Fighter 6.

  • Rockstar Games reportedly said no to an Eminem-led GTA flick

    Top Gun managing director, Tony Scott, would take helmed the movie if Rockstar Games gave it the greenlight.

  • Blizzard delays major Overwatch 2 patch at the terminal-minute

    Mei mains volition have to wait a little longer to play their favorite ice-based character later a sudden modify of plans for the latest Overwatch…

  • God of War: Ragnarok outsold Elden Ring and Mod Warfare ii at launch

    FIFA 23 is the only game in the Uk with better physical retail sales compared to God of War: Ragnarok.

  • Microsoft unveils new Xbox Series S bundle

    Microsoft is releasing an incredibly priced holiday packet for Xbox users.

  • Pre-order Horizon: Call of the Mount starting today

    The upcoming collaboration betwixt Firesprite and Guerilla Games will be available as soon every bit PSVR 2 launches in February.

  • Fortnite and Rocket League interact in a crossover event

    The two games will be swapping cars during the “High Octane” celebration effect.

  • MultiVersus season 2 launches with a new Battle Pass and content

    Marvin the Martian and a Game of Thrones map volition be added to the game.

  • Nintendo Nihon to deny repair requests from rude customers

    Nintendo Japan implements a policy of refusing to repair products from offensive customers.

  • Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Freedom will exist a paid expansion

    The pricing for the upcoming DLC has not nonetheless been appear past CD Projekt Carmine.

  • NCSoft releases the first trailer for its upcoming MMO shooter game

    The video game publishing company is releasing the first game of its planned portfolio diversification.

  • MrBeast passes PewDiePie for near YouTube subscribers

    MrBeast has officially won YouTube, taking over the summit spot from the long-time king, PewDiePie.

  • Call of Duty: Mod Warfare 2 players want map voting dorsum

    A scattering of fans are calling for Activision Blizzard to bring back a lost Call of Duty feature to Modern Warfare 2.

  • Microsoft’southward Phil Spencer open to keeping Call of Duty on Playstation

    The head of Xbox Gaming is open to a longer commitment to proceed the pop shooter on the Sony console.

  • A new Ultimate Ninja Tempest game might exist in development at Bandai Namco

    A recent trademark filed by Bandai Namco in Europe hints at CyberConnect 2’southward suggests that a new Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm game may exist in…

  • GTA players host in-game funeral for Takeoff

    A customs of Grand Theft Auto Online roleplayers paid tribute to Migos’ Takeoff following his ultimately passing with an in-game funeral and even, an afterparty.

  • Activision Blizzard drops Warzone ii trailer as pre-loading begins

    Call of Duty: Warzone ii.0 is fix to launch tomorrow, November 16, as Activision Blizzard finally allows pre-loading of the game.

  • Elden Ring sets tape equally fastest-selling multi-platform Japanese game in history

    According to Bandai Namco, FromSoftware’s latest game has sold over 17.v million copies since launching in February.

  • Cory Barlog is helping owners become missing God of War: Ragnarok re-create

    The longtime God of War programmer is stepping in to help out gamers after Sony continues to exist unresponsive despite the growing frustration.

  • It’s Elden Ring vs God of War: Ragnarok for GOTY 2022

    For the third direct yr, at to the lowest degree 2 kickoff-political party Sony games have been nominated to receive the prestigious honour from Geoff Keighley’s event.

  • Erstwhile GTA producer Leslie Benzies’ company plant guilty of reverse domain proper noun hijacking

    The World Intellectual Belongings Arrangement panelist constitute Build a Rocket Boy Games Ltd, a visitor founded by Leslie Benzies, guilty of reverse domain name hijacking.

  • Hogwarts Legacy releases a new gameplay showcase

    The new video shows off the character creator, gainsay, and the Hufflepuff Common Room.

  • CD Projekt RED confirms release date of The Witcher 3 next-gen update

    The gratuitous upgrade to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for the PS5, Xbox Series S/X, and the PC, will finally be coming out.

  • Sonic Frontiers breaks franchise record on Steam

    The new open up-globe game smashes the previous record for concurrent Steam players set by Sonic Mania.

  • Baldur’s Gate three is still coming out next year

    The adjacent Console From Hell will share more details about Baldur’s Gate 3, including a release appointment.

  • European Commission responds to Sony bias accusations

    The accusations stalk from the comments made past a senior staff member on social media.

  • Saints Row to get a “beast” update for this calendar month

    The Saints Row reboot hasn’t gone besides equally the developers expected and they’re probably hoping the upcoming update will help gear up that.

  • Sony releases beginning Gran Turismo movie image as cameras starts rolling

    A social media post confirmed that the cast and crew are already at the Hungaroring in Hungary to start filming the live-activeness adaptation of the…