Bass Booster And Equalizer Pro Apk

Bass adds life to music, making it cheerful and energetic. A song without bass sounds tedious and dull.
Bass Booster for PC
ensures right music configuration and leverages your audio experience.

Windows 10 comes with an in-built feature for adjusting boost settings just if you wish yous tin can also pick a dedicated bass booster software for superior results.

Here we take compiled a listing of some of the
best PC bass boosters
that are specifically tailored to arrange your needs.

What Are the Best Bass Boosters For Windows 10, eight, seven?

Whether you’re playing your favorite music, games, or
watching movie online, these beneath-listed bass boosting software volition assist you dispense and alter the bass setting according to your taste.

1. Boom 3D

Boom 3D

Starting time on our list of top-rated
PC bass boosters
is Blast 3D. Use the software to reach highly customized results. It is an honor-winning program and works seamlessly well on both iOS and Windows platforms.

Primal Features of Smash 3D:

  • With few tweaks and alterations, it tin can revolutionize your sound feel.
  • It supports 3D sound surround and spatial sound enhancement.
  • It is the best suited pro-audio enhancement tool for habitation-theatres and gaming.
  • Its intelligent bass boosting capabilities can add extra bass to your music piece.
  • Manage the audio output of private applications with its app volume controller feature.

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ii. Blaster APO

Equalizer APO - Bass Booster Software for Windows

If the higher up mentioned bass-booster software has not met your requirements then pick the Blaster APO software to fit your requirements. The tool comes with straightforward working and offers easy tweaking features to improve vocal functioning. An of import matter to call back while using the Blaster APO is that it is essential to reboot your device afterward installation. Additionally, yous should also enable the EQ APO on your playback device.

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Keys Features of Equalizer APO:

  • It does non put unwanted pressure on your device resources.
  • It tin can easily sync with your device and offers an array of filters.
  • It supports the VST plugin.
  • With its low latency, it can easily sync with diverse interactive applications.
  • It is powered with a graphical UI.
  • Equalizer APO is a system-broad-equalizer and works comfortably well on Windows 7/viii/viii.1/ten.

3. Bass Treble Booster

Bass Treble Booster

Next on our list of
bass booster for PC
is this incredible tool with class-apart functioning. Employ information technology to modify and apply dissimilar settings to improve the audio quality and adjust its frequency to the desired level.

Key Features of Bass Treble Booster:

  • It is packed with fifteen different frequency settings.
  • Utilise it to alter diverse frequencies ranging from 30 to 19KHZ.
  • With it, you can easily utilise bass settings, adjust the volume of your files, and catechumen your audio files with its custom presets.
  • Information technology’s drag and driblet mechanism makes it working simple.
  • Convent your audios within seconds with its high-end batch conversion capabilities.

4. Bongiovi DPS

Bongiovi DPS

Are you lot looking for an efficient
bass booster software
that can raise your audio experience so try Bongiovi DPS. Add a personalized feeling to the songs you listen to and alter the manner they sound.

Cardinal Features of Bongiovi DPS:

  • The tool offers an easy way to correct, improve, and optimize the
    audio sound blaster
    of your device.
  • Its working is enhanced with 120 scale points and adjustable spatial enhancements.
  • It tin can fully support cyberspace applications similar Face-Time, Skype, etc.
  • It is known for providing lossless audio adjustments in real-time.

five. FX Audio

FX Sound

Looking for a loftier-end PC media software accessory? FX can be the answer to all your needs. Pick it today to enhance the audio output of audio players like iTunes, Spotify, etc in real-time.

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Cardinal Features of FX Sound:

  • Costless notwithstanding powerful bass booster for windows 10.
  • It can hands erase whatsoever traces of audio compression.
  • It is packed with ambiance adjustments, Deep bass, and Upper bass aligning options.
  • Optimize the quality of low and boilerplate quality audio tracks.
  • Hd music optimization is another notable feature.
  • It can support vii.1 surround sound.
  • It can increment the heave volume and bass of your sound piece by ii times.
  • FX Sound adds more clarity to your music.

6. Audacity


bass boosting software
that you tin choice is Audacity, an open-source and feature-rich tool. It is a free tool that comes loaded with multiple
audio editing
features that tin can aid y’all raise the audio quality of your device. With Audacity, you can non only make the desired aligning in bass just also modify the repeat, pitch, tempo, treble for a better audio feel.

Key Features of Audacity:

  • It allows you lot to add together effects to simply a specific part of your audio piece.
  • Information technology is a freeware tool.
  • Audacity as well allows you to direct record your favorite audio piece and play it whenever required.
  • This multi-rail audio editor is fully compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux.

vii. SM Player

SM Player

SM Thespian is still another best bass booster that you can enjoy in most audio and video formats. Information technology comes with a number of congenital-in codecs and offers tons of advanced features similar acoustic filter, video filter, video equalizer, change of playback speed, etc. This media actor is easy to install and utilise. If you are looking for a bass booster to fulfill more responsibilities then SM Thespian is definitely one of the best complimentary bass boosters that you can today.

Features of

SM Player:

  • SM Player comes with a number of codecs and gives yous the privilege of enjoying a multitude of audio and video formats including AVI, MP4, MKV, MPEG and MOV.
  • Information technology renders a notable bass boost and supports subtitles.
  • Y’all can utilize this software in different languages like French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian etc. apart from English.
  • This media histrion software is easy to install and utilise. It is costless and open-source.

viii. ViPER4Windows


This is ane of the best bass booster software that you can employ. We have kept this software because it works on systems levels and offers an increased bass boost. The software tin boost upward to xviii.06dB; whether you are using third-party software or default software, it can boost.

The best role near this software is that it is bachelor for free. Y’all tin can easily download and install this software and have the best music hearing experience. It offers various sound furnishings like VIPER XBass, 3D Surroundings, Compressor, equalizer, and many others.

Key Features of ViPER4Windows

  • The software has a very clean and like shooting fish in a barrel to use interface
  • It works with all the audio player in increasing boost from organisation levels
  • Information technology offers many sound modes that can help yous while playing audio
  • Using the software, user tin can boost the levels to 18 dB

ix. Clementine Music Player

Clementine Music Player

Clementine Music Player is another excellent bass booster software that you can quickly use and adjust all the levels. Using this software, you can easily play songs even from cloud storage platforms.

The software has a very simple user interface; yous can effortlessly search and add new audio files with this software. You can boost bass from whatsoever level easily with the software. All the files added to the software are shown on the home screen.

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Key Features of Clementine Music Player

  • It supports all the major storage website, online platforms, and other websites
  • The software offers more than 10 frequency bands that can be adjusted for the best sound quality
  • All major sound formats are supported in this bass booster software
  • The software offers freedom to the user to increment the frequency ring to sixty Hz

10. GOM Actor

GOM Media Player

GOM Actor is another great bass booster software that you can utilise on Windows PC. This is a free-to-use software which offers features like a professional. Using the software you lot tin easily change and boost bass as per needs. Other than this it offers features like VR video support, GOM remote, video actor, subtitle finder, and many others.

Key Features of GOM Player:

  • The software is really easy to use and anyone can easily get used to it
  • It supports all the major video formats
  • You can perform various other tasks with this bass booster hands
  • It doesn’t charge whatsoever extra fee or subscription amount

eleven. POT Player

POT Player

Next up on our list of all-time bass booster software is the POT thespian. This is a gratuitous video/ audio role player that y’all can use for bass boost. It majorly supports all audio and video formats, so that you can simply add the file and edit it as per requirements. Likewise this, it offers features like playback, subtitles, and many others. Some of the key features of this software are listed below, you can check it for detailed information.

Key Feature of POT Player:

  • The user interface is uncomplicated and anyone tin hands arrange to it
  • You tin hands import audio or video files as information technology supports both
  • It offers online streaming features for ease of the users
  • Completely gratuitous to apply software with advanced features

12. Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player is one of the most dedicated music thespian software that comes in-built in Windows PC. The music player can easily play video and audio of numerous formats including WMV, ASF, WMA, AAC, AVI, and more. Furthermore, information technology is a potent application for boosting bass levels of both video and audio files. The application is very simple to use and can be a perfect choice for users who are not tech-manic. Information technology also does not freeze or crash and boasts a beginner-friendly user interface.

Key Features of Windows Media Role player:

  • It has a feature that enables the users to burn DVDs and CDs.
  • Lets you easily create excellent music mixes and add them to your music collection.
  • It also allows you to select the file blazon.
  • Its latest version comes with a new icon chosen Music Services that allows users to become access to various online music platforms.
  • Possessed with an Easy Search option that lets users browse through distinct files, easily & chop-chop.

xiii. VLC

VLC Media Player - Bass Booster

VLC Media Player is some other robust and leading multimedia thespian for the Windows platform. Information technology is a 100% free and open-source media player software for playing videos and audio of a variety of files on a Windows PC. In improver to this, the application can also exist used for adding numerous video and audio furnishings on the presently playing audio or video file. Moreover, with its filter and furnishings carte du jour, the user tin can easily come across a 10 ring blaster through which they tin can increase bass levels of video and sound files.

Primal Features of VLC Media Actor:

  • Supports most multimedia files and distinct streaming protocols.
  • Lightweight and easy-to-utilize multimedia player.
  • Highly uniform with all major formats like AVI, WMV, MP3, AAc, MP4, etc.
  • The equalizer also offers some presets similar pop, full bass, jazz, and more.

14. Moo0 Audio Effect

Moo0 Audio Effect

Our final selection in the category of feature-rich
bass boosting software is Moo0 Audio Upshot. It is a free tool and comes with an simple interface. It’s effective working not only allows you lot to adjust the bass of your audio piece only tin also make necessary tweaks in volume, pitch, and its vocals.

Key Features of Moo0 Sound Consequence:

  • It can support bass boost upwards to level x.
  • Information technology allows yous to pitch up/down your audio volume.
  • With its vocal boost feature, you lot tin can easily add more strength to a vocalist’due south volume.
  • Information technology supports MP3 and WAV file formats.
  • You can also use it to change Male vocalisation to Female voice and vice-versa with 3 levels of adjustments.
  • It also allows you lot to adjust the speed of your audio without changing its pitch.

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Wrapping Upwardly: Booster Software For Windows

A clean and crisp audio is essential to any audio piece. Although Windows comes with an in-congenital bass booster, it fails to requite superior performance. What you need is a dedicated bass boosting software that can easily make real-time adjustments and add together extra bass to your audio and enhance your overall experience.

In light of this, we advise you utilise the bass boosters discussed in this postal service to brand your music more than cheerful and energetic.