Battlefield 2042 Review: How does it fare after a rocky launch?

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With an underwhelming launch that was riddled with bugs, Battlefield 2042 has become well known for its problematic servers. But even with these superficial issues, there is even so a lot of fun to exist had here, you lot merely demand to be willing to piece of work through the snags.


  • Ambitiously big maps
  • Beautiful and immersive graphics
  • New Hazard Zone mode


  • Extremely buggy at launch
  • Tin feel overwhelming with 128 players
  • Gameplay can feel shallow
  • No campaign mode to be found


  • UK
    RRP: £49.99
  • United states
    RRP: $59.99
  • Europe
  • Canada
    RRP: CA$79.99
  • Commonwealth of australia
    RRP: AU$49.99

Key Features

  • Cantankerous-platform
    Y’all tin play Battleground on various platforms, including PS5, PS4, Xbox 1, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and on PC with cross-platform capabilities

  • 128 player battles
    Y’all can enter battles with 128 players when playing on PS5, Xbox Series X and PC

  • New Gamble Mode
    Battleground 2042 introduced Hazard Manner, which acts similar a lite version of Battle Royale


As the seventeenth game in the Battleground franchise, you lot would call back that both EA and Die would have this down to a fine art by now, but that clearly isn’t the instance.

Coming in with a ridiculously buggy launch and even at present seeing more updates pouring in to fix the bugs, Battlefield 2042 clearly needed more time, though all the fourth dimension in the world couldn’t accept improved upon those 128-actor matches.

But even with a rocky kickoff, I can’t help only admit that this game grew on me the longer I played. Although I personally however struggle with the concept of charging people AAA prices for a game that is entirely multiplayer.

I’ve played Battlefield 2042 on PC for the concluding few weeks to see whether information technology’southward worth trying out after its controversial launch. Here are my thoughts.

All-Out Warfare

  • Huge 128-actor maps can feel overwhelming
  • Difficult to feel part of a squad in Breakthrough
  • Weapons and gadgets are fun to use

The primary mode on Battlefield 2042 is All-Out Warfare, which is made up of both Conquest and Breakthrough. This features the more traditional Battlefield feel, though this souped-up variation offers up to 128 players across a map when you lot’re playing on a next-gen panel or on PC.

At launch, this mode was pretty much unplayable due to the server issues. However, I want to give Die credit for patching and fixing a lot of the bugs since its launch (fifty-fifty if the patches are still rolling out).

Currently, playing both Conquest and Breakthrough is a lot easier to handle with 128 players, though I wouldn’t say its massive player count correlates to its chapters for fun. I was hoping for the maps to be more impressive, considering the size, though a lot of the layouts were pretty formulaic and not particularly innovative, which is a shame when you consider the maps in Call of Duty: Vanguard, which tin be influenced by players for a more unique gameplay experience.

The giant player count is a double-edged sword too; I was either completely surrounded by enemies without hope of surviving, or I was running through a massive empty map for minutes trying to find some activeness earlier the game ended.

This issue was more than astute when playing in Conquest mode, which focuses on capturing and defending Control Points scattered around the map. Since you’re actively trying to capture dissimilar areas on the map without a plan, it’s expected that your team will besprinkle and separate into different directions.

Battlefield 2042

In 2042, maps are then big that it’s really easy to lose track of your team, as the Capture Points could be quite far away from where you’re currently based. This means that y’all’re less able to piece of work as a unified squad, and unless you’ve planned for someone to atomic number 82 your 128-player gaggle beforehand, it gets frantic quickly.

I found this mode pretty lacklustre and not recognisable as a Battlefield experience. I could take been in any FPS running around similar a headless chicken while my squad tried to figure out a programme, and while I can appreciate the ambitious scale of the maps, the cadre teamwork element of Battlefield was completely lost.

Elsewhere, the Breakthrough mode sees your team of 128 or 64 separate into smaller groups that will go head-to-head as one squad aims to assail and capture the map, as the other defends. Considering my distaste for Conquest, Quantum is surprisingly similar, with the main differentiating factor being that you can but capture one area of the map at a time before you move on, rather than offering upwards the whole map for the taking.

The limitation of simply being able to move forrard afterwards you’ve captured a specific area was much preferred; gameplay didn’t feel as frantic, as it was more obvious where you had to go. There were likewise significantly fewer instances of me running across arid areas looking for something to do, which is patently less ho-hum only also adds to the overall teamwork element Battleground is known for.

Breakthrough was more than focused on how you played every bit a unit, which better captures the essence of the Battleground series. I felt like I was actually servicing my team, and since we were ever so close to each other, the revive characteristic was actually useful.

In terms of weapons, I wasn’t blown away just the loadout I had could become the chore done. The selection was fairly limited but the weapon customisation enabled me to change out the likes of ammo type or telescopic to amend fit my playstyle.

The vehicles and gadgets available were a lot more fun, with the option of releasing a Ranger Robot Dog or calling in a helicopter to defeat those pesky enemies hiding on top of buildings. At that place was a lot of fun to exist had here and some genuine moments of pride when my squad managed to defeat the opposition.

Risk Zone

  • Features smaller 32-player matches
  • Can only unlock new gear past winning games
  • Best mode for teamplay

In a big twist to All-out Warfare, Run a risk Zone takes you abroad from sprawling maps with over 100 players and brings it back to tight gameplay in a small squad.

In that location are 32 players in each match (24 for those playing on final-gen consoles), divided into groups of four. Your chore is to scour the map for data points while battling it out with other players, equally well as the AI. The mix of AI and real-life players made this style a lot more entertaining, every bit you lot weren’t having to rely on crossing paths with players on the other side of the map to get a piffling bit of shooting activeness.

Battlefield Hazard Zone

Hazard Zone is my personal my favourite way, but there are some glaring issues. When I first started playing, I had very few weapons at my disposal; just an attack rifle, grenade and a data scanner. And the only way to gain credits, which are used to ameliorate your loadout, is to arrive to the finish of the game and excerpt yourself from the map.

So if you’re ripping through enemies and winning all your matches, you will have no problems edifice up your credits. However, if y’all lose your mission, you’ll receive zero credits, which left me in an annoying cycle of being constantly outmatched by the other players who had better weapons.

Battlefield Hazard Zone

This limits Adventure Zone in terms of accessibility, as more skilled players are likely to gain more than credits and continue on their trajectory of success, while less skilled players are left in the lurch. Luckily, I was eventually able to climb my way up and upgrade my weapons to be more substantial, but this could easily put people off this mode.

These bug, and the formulaic approach to the mode, does hateful that Hazard Zone tin get a little dried after a while. It doesn’t take the frantic and rushed energy that All-Out Warfare has, but I constitute that learning the ropes and bouncing off of your team members was more fulfilling, even if the cease goal is pretty elementary: get the data drives, kill anyone you see, and get out as quickly possible.

Battlefield Portal

  • Provides access to older maps and classes
  • Matches can be designed by the customs

The Portal mode in Battlefield 2042 brings in weapons, vehicles, classes and maps from previous Battlefield titles, including Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3, Battlefield 1942 and of form, Battlefield 2042.

The ability to cull maps from previous games, such every bit the fan-favourite Blitz from Bad Company, with improved graphics and sometimes improved mechanics, is the perfect case of fan service done well.

You tin also tweak simple elements in the game to make information technology more interesting, or develop triggers that volition crusade massive explosions and tornados mid-game.

Battlefield Portal

Trading out my usual gun for a rocket launcher and calling in the same tornados to blow away enemies was incredibly satisfying. Out of the three modes, this i stayed fresh the longest.

My favourite part of Portal was playing the maps made by other players; think Super Mario Maker but with guns instead of Goomba. Information technology’s great to see what other people in the Battleground community are capable of, and there was more of an emphasis on teamwork here which is neat to see.

This style wasn’t my pinnacle pick, but it was refreshingly unlike to both All-Out Warfare and Hazard Zone, adding more variety to the multiplayer modes on offer.

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Should you buy it?

Y’all’re a Battlefield fan that want to try out 128-player maps:
The nigh exciting feature of Battlefield 2042 is the calibration of the maps, with upward to 128 players in each lucifer. There are many problems with this mode, as maps can feel both overcrowded and empty depending on where you lot spawn. Merely if you’re desperate to play a game at such a scale, it’s worth checking out.

You want a campaign fashion:
The cost is slightly hard to swallow when you consider that you’re simply getting multiplayer experiences here. While the patch updates are fixing the ongoing issues, not everyone will be happy paying for what was arguably an unfinished product.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Battleground 2042 has been a existent labour of love for me. The initial launch was remarkably underbaked, but I tin’t deny the enjoyment that comes from firing a rocket launcher into a tornado. This may non be the best FPS multiplayer game available, and there are still enough of issues that need ironing out, just there are occasionally some thrilling moments that you won’t be able to experience in the likes of Call of Duty or Fortinte.

Information technology remains frustrating having to pay full price for a multiplayer game, but if y’all’re already a fan of the franchise and don’t listen missing out on the campaign, yous’ll likely enjoy yourself here. The nostalgic aspect of Portal mode will besides describe fans in, and of form, the 4K graphics go far very pretty game, even if it has its cracks.

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Is Battlefield 2042 on Game Pass?

It is nevertheless to be added to Xbox Game Laissez passer, but information technology may be added in the futurity.

What is Portal in Battlefield 2042?

New to this game, Portal is a multiplayer experience that allows y’all to use maps, classes and items from previous Battlefield games.

Will Battleground 2042 be patched?

Yeah, the 3.two Update came out on 20 January that independent problems stock-still and stability improvements.

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