Beats Studio Buds with ANC, Transparency Mode Announced For $150

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After weeks of leaks and rumors, Apple today officially introduced new Beats Studio Buds. The new truly wireless earphones from Beats feature Agile Racket Cancellation (ANC) and Transparency Modes. Beats Studio Buds are bachelor to order today in the United states of america and Canada for $149.99.

Beats Studio Buds pack in a lot of features for its toll. The earphones from Beats offer a stemless pattern — as opposed to Apple’s AirPods. Beats claim a battery life of up to v hours with ANC turned on, eight hours with ANC turned off, and 24 hours with the battery of the charging case included. Here are all the features of the Beats Studio Buds you demand to know most.

Beats Studio Buds Features


beats studio buds design

Beats Studio Buds come with a stemless design, meaning the earbuds become directly into your ears. They’re quite compact and lightweight, with each earbud coming in at around 5 grams. Oliver Schusser, vice president of Beats and Apple tree Music, claims that “Studio Buds is the tiniest, about subtle form factor to engagement, yet keeps Beats’ hope of delivering an immersive audio experience in a beautiful design.” Beats packages 3 silicone ear tips in the box to help the user get a snug fit.

Since there’s no stem like AirPods, Beats Studio Buds do not feature touch on playback controls. Instead, Beats has added a button to control the playback on both of the buds. You tin press the button once for play/break, twice to skip frontwards, and three times to skip back.

Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency Way

Beats Studio Buds feature Active Dissonance Cancellation and Transparency Fashion. ANC, just like on AirPods Pro, block the unnecessary noise in your surrounding and so you can enjoy the sound of the music. On the other hand, Transparency Mode increases the external sounds. Y’all tin can enable the Transparency Mode when you want to have a quick conversation with someone without needing to have out the Studio Buds from your ears.

With a long press of the button, you tin can wheel betwixt ANC ON, Transparency Mode, and ANC OFF.

No W1 or H1 Chip

Unfortunately, Beats Studio Buds neither come up with Apple tree’due south H1 nor W1 bit. And then at that place’southward no total integration with Find My Network. At that place’s also no automated iCloud syncing of the Buds from your iPhone to other Apple devices besides as automated device switching.

Instead, the Studio Buds come with Beats’ proprietary chipset for quick pairing and connectivity.

“Its powerful, counterbalanced sound is driven by the proprietary 8.2mm, dual-element diaphragm driver, which features a central rigid piston with a flexible outer surround. Coupled with a ii-chamber audio-visual design, Studio Buds achieves outstanding stereo separation and low harmonic distortion across the frequency curve so you hear every note.”

Spatial Audio
, Support for “Hey, Siri”

On a positive note, Studio Buds come with support for Apple’due south latest Spatial Sound technology. Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos brings immersive 3D audio to thousands of songs on Apple Music. Thanks to the Buds’ proprietary chipset, at that place’southward also support for the “Hey, Siri” feature.

To ensure AirPods-level phone call and ANC quality, Beats Studio Buds feature six dissimilar microphones with dedicated microphones on both earbuds.

Bombardment Life and IP Rating

Beats Studio Buds come with a USB Type-C charging port. The visitor says the buds tin last five hours with ANC turned on and viii hours with turned off. Coupled with the case’s battery, the buds tin can become up to 24 hours of bombardment life. Moreover, the Studio Buds feature an IPX4 rating for water and sweat resistance.

Beats Studio Buds are available to buy in blood-red, black, and white colors. They’re available to guild online in the US and Canada correct at present. They’ll be bachelor to order offline from June 24th.

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