Beldray Clean and Dry Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner Review: Simple hard floor cleaning

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A simple all-in-one device, the Beldray Clean and Dry out Cordless Hard Flooring Cleaner uses detergent to make clean your floors, sucking up the dingy water for disposal. Information technology works well on even tough stains, although the vacuuming power isn’t as nifty as on some of the competition. Overall, for the cost, this is a handy cordless tool for keeping your hard floors clean.


  • Cleans and dries
  • Gets correct up to edges
  • Large muddy tank
  • Cleans tough stains


  • Can leave dirt behind
  • A little inexpensive feeling


  • United kingdom of great britain and northern ireland
    RRP: £149.99


A lot of hard floor cleaners will remove stains from your floor simply can exit bigger clumps of dirty behind that you lot then accept to vacuum. The Beldray Clean and Dry out Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner is designed to solve that consequence, as it sucks upwardly dirt and dries while information technology cleans.

With its integrated battery, it’southward a quick and like shooting fish in a barrel cleaner to employ, putting detergent on the floor from one tank and sucking up clay into a second tank. Information technology works well on even tough stains, although information technology has a slight tendency to leave a muddy line backside.

Design and features

  • Like shooting fish in a barrel to assemble
  • Unproblematic controls but hard to gauge how much fluid you’re using
  • Divide clean and dirty water tanks

An all-in-one device, the Beldray Clean and Dry out comes largely preassembled. All you lot accept to do is prune the handle into place, stick the power cable into the side and permit the internal battery reach full charge before y’all can apply it for the start time.

Beldray Clean & Dry power socket

Equally with similar hard flooring cleaners, such as the Vax ONEPWR Glide, the Beldray Clean and Dry has 2 tanks, both of which are like shooting fish in a barrel to remove. The kickoff, is the 0.55-litre detergent tank, which you lot utilise to mix floor detergent with h2o. Beldray has its ain mix available, although you lot can apply any cleaner compatible with flooring machines.

Beldray Clean & Dry detergent tank

The second tank is a smaller 0.28-litre tank for muddied water. This has a float valve inside, which will stop the cleaner from sucking in water once the maximum marking has been reached.

Beldray Clean & Dry bins

Although the Beldray Clean and Dry out won’t suck up every ounce of h2o you lot put onto the floor, it volition get a lot of it. I constitute that I had to empty the dirty water tank a couple of times for each full detergent load.

It’s easy to control this cleaner. In that location’s a single power button that you can tap repeatedly to move from Low power to High power and then to off. The difference between the modes is in how fast the two motorised flooring rollers move, with the college setting better for tough ground-in stains.

Beldray Clean & Dry power button

In that location’southward besides a trigger that pushes detergent out of the floor head. It’southward a flake of an art to apply the right amount of fluid, and in that location’s no automatic dosing on this model. Beldray suggests covering an expanse three to four times with the trigger down, and then roofing the ground afterwards to dry information technology.

Beldray Clean & Dry trigger

Weighing 3.3kg, this isn’t a particularly heavy flooring cleaner. Largely, you don’t need to lift the hold weight, anyhow: just tilt the handle back, turn the cleaner on, and let it motion around the flooring.

Beldray Clean & Dry cleaning

When you’re done cleaning, there’s a plastic stand up that y’all can put the Beldray Clean and Dry on. This protects your floors from h2o impairment.

Beldray Clean & Dry in stand

In one case parked, you can flip open the embrace on the floor caput and remove the roller bar for cleaning (it can be rinsed with warm, soapy h2o).

Beldray Clean & Dry dirty rollers


  • Cleans tough stains well
  • Gets correct up to the wall
  • Can leave a muddy line behind

I tested the Beldray Clean and Dry out on my kitchen floor, with a variety of mess. Showtime, there’southward just general dirt on the flooring, from where information technology hasn’t been cleaned in a week. Here, I constitute that Depression ability was enough to clean upwards the mess, although the Make clean and Dry only moved a loose blade of grass around, rather than sucking information technology upward.

Beldray Clean & Dry dirty hard floor

Next, I went for the area next to the true cat flap. This is where my cats come in with muddy paws, getting the flooring quite dirty. Again, the Beldray Clean and Dry dealt with the mess well on Low power, and the cleaner could get correct up to the border and into corners, besides.

Beldray Clean & Dry dirty edge
Beldray Clean & Dry clean edge

Finally, I tackled the expanse around the bin, next to where the cats consume. This area tends to get dirtier, with dried true cat food a particular issue. I needed the higher power setting here to clean the mess, merely got the vast bulk it, par a few very stubborn ‘dots’ of mess.

Beldray Clean & Dry dirty around bin
Beldray Clean and Dry clean around bin

I did detect that I had to exist careful when stopping a clean, as the cleaner has a trend to drip a petty at the end, which can exit a dirty streak on the floor.

Beldray Clean & Dry dirty floor after cleaning

The Beldray Clean and Dry tin can last up to 30 minutes on a charge on the Low setting, which is more often than not good enough for most messes. With that kind of run time, I constitute that I had enough battery life to tackle the kitchen and downstairs rooms, afterwards which I had to put the cleaner dorsum on charge. After 3.five hours, it’s ready to make clean once again, and I could complete the rest of my house on that second charge.

I practice recommend vacuuming before cleaning, as I didn’t find the vacuum activeness here as practiced as on the more powerful (and more expensive) Bissell CrossWave Cordless Max. That is, it volition pick up the specs of dirt that a steam mop will push around, but it didn’t pick upwards everything.

After cleaning, the floor was left with just a gentle shine to it, as the last bits of h2o dried naturally; I found that the floor was much dryer than when using a steam mop or regular mop.

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Should you purchase it?

If you want a simple, well priced cordless cleaner
that uses detergent, this one can handle tough stains.

If you want to vacuum and clean in one become, I didn’t detect the suction power every bit skilful here every bit on some of the competition.

Concluding Thoughts

Because the depression price and decent performance, the Beldray Clean and Dry is a simple way to keep your hard floors looking good, and makes sense if y’all’d like to use detergent, rather than using a steam mop, which uses estrus lone.

The Vax ONEPWR Glide has similar performance only is slightly more expensive as it uses replaceable batteries. Information technology’s a skilful choice if you accept other ONEPWR tools and can share batteries. Spend a lot more, and the Bissell CrossWave Cordless Max is an immensely powerful cleaner and a ameliorate vacuum cleaner.

If you’re after something else entirely, then check out my guide to the best difficult floor cleaners.

How we test

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Tested with real-world dirt in real-world situations for fair comparisons with other steam cleaners

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What is the bombardment life of the Beldray Clean and Dry?

You lot go a maximum of 30 minutes with a three.v-hour recharge fourth dimension.

Does the Beldray Clean and Dry out use detergent?

Yep, you put cleaning fluid and h2o into the make clean h2o tank.

Full specs



Size (Dimensions)


Release Appointment

Outset Reviewed Date

Model Number

Provided heads

Bin capacity



Run time

Charge time

Floor cleaner type

Detergent capacity

Beldray Clean and Dry Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner



290 ten 270 x 1180 MM

iii.iii KG




Motorised floor head

0.28 litres


Integrated into bin

30 mins

3.five hrs

Cordless difficult floor cleaner and vacuum

0.55 litres


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