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On 12/thirteen/2021 at 1:51 PM, Kemloor said:

Salutations Survivors!

I’ve lurked on the forums anonymously for a while only decided information technology was fourth dimension to create an business relationship and add my thoughts in on the new Alpha 20 RWG.

I have seen for a long time that well-nigh people prefer to merely list how many traders at that place are on a map but with the new Tile Generation RWG System, that seems a chip redundant at present equally Traders are practically guaranteed to spawn in nearly every city and town and at a specific location, no more need to hunt them down IOW.

In that regard, I believe it may be time to change what nosotros are listing for our map seeds when posted. I’ve been testing out many new RWG seeds and since I still have yet to notice what I’m looking for, I wanted to achieve out to the community and respectfully request that anyone who finds a map matching or closely resembling my criteria, delight reply to this postal service with said seed and settings then that I can endeavor it out and share it with my friends.

Here is a listing of what I am looking for:

A minimum of ane(1) of each tier 5 POI

Bulk of tier 5 POI’due south located in one city or two nearby cities, which should be situated in either the Snowfall or Wasteland Biomes

Cities in Every Biome, and so that players may choose to play anywhere and progress around the map as they choose

Map size either 8k OR 10k, in guild to accommodate multiple players in PVE or PVP games

I hope that someone finds the seed combination necessary to bring this map to life. I’ve generated probably lx+ maps in the last few days, with no success all the same. If anyone has been able to generate a map like to what I’m looking for, please let me know so I can duplicate information technology on my game, I would greatly appreciate your effort and response.

Thank You

And what settings are y’all using?  if you lot are leaving the defaults for hills, mountains and towns, you are very unlikely to get that gilt seed.

For example:

This is all within 1km of a single primal point around 4 traders bordering Wood/Snowfall(central bespeak is in Snowfall)

I will say from my playing effectually, yea, there’s gonna be a whole LOT of really crappy seeds, a lot of mediocre ones, and a fairly small number of astonishing ones based on anyone’southward subjective definition of amazing.   If you are leaving the default settings you are hamstringing yourself since town/city placement is the very last thing done after hills, mountains, cracks, lakes, rivers, etc then city placement has to fit substantially inside whatsoever’s left over that’south flat.    And of class, leaving default town size makes this much worse.

SeedName: FluffierConjecture

Size: 8192
Towns: Many
Plains: 8
Hills: three
Mountains: one
Random: one

Best base location only inside the snow biome border from Woods.

3 Large cities with a medium city and Pocket-sized town between in a tight cluster carve up between Forest and Snow biome.

four Traders within 1 km of the suggested base location with a fifth ~ii.3 km to the North.

Loads of loftier value Quest-able POI’s inside 1km from suggested base location

It is however missing the Shotgun Messiah Mill anywhere on the map, however most of the other tier 5s existing multiple times and most of them are within 1km of the suggested base location


One more thing to Annotation, jacking up the plains and removing all the hills and mountains is not going to guarantee a bang-up seed or fifty-fifty a halfway decent one for that matter


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