Best Black Friday smart lighting deals: Save loads on Philips Hue and more

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Smart lighting is irresolute our homes for the amend, and nosotros’ve been on the lookout for the best deals, so here’s some dwelling-changing options to consider this Blackness Friday.

It’s off-white to say that LEDs take inverse the earth of dwelling lighting. These days, if you fancy having a different coloured light in every room of your house then at that place’s zippo stopping you. Non merely that, but you can set up whole scenes that enhance your mood, or help you enjoy a picture with movie house-style lighting.

Every bit well as that, you can even set upwards your lighting to welcome you dwelling house after work, or switch off any lights yous left on when you went out for the twenty-four hour period. At that place’s a load of cracking innovation coming from the smart domicile manufacturers that is making our homes a lot more exciting.

With that in mind, we’ve picked out some Black Fri weekend deals that should go your home looking the function, and for a profoundly reduced outlay. What’due south more than, if you’re using older bulbs yous might even salve on electricity with these new low-power LED options.

Editor’s choice: Become started with smart lights with the Philips Hue starter kit

Philips Hue isn’t the only smart lighting choice, but it is one of the simplest and easiest ways to get into customising your domicile with light. With this kit you’ll go everything you need to kit our a couple of light fittings, too equally the hub that adds a load of actress features, including control of other Hue lights you buy later on downwards the line.

For £54.99 yous’ll get two bulbs and the hub, saving you £65 on the regular price of £119.99. You’ll be able to utilise Alexa and Google Assistant to control the lights and you’ll be able to add together all sorts of other gear subsequently, including the Lily garden lights nosotros’ve listed below.

The Philips Hue Starter Kit is better than half cost on this deal

Commencement your smart dwelling journey with this cracking Philips Hue Blackness Friday deal from Currys

  • Currys
  • Was £119.99, now £54.99 (Save £65)

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Heighten your Tv set viewing with smart lighting

For years we’ve loved Ambilight, the TV tech that was built into Philips TVs to project lite on the wall behind your goggle box that extended what was on screen. Now though you don’t need a specific Goggle box because Govee has a kit that converts whatever Television set (upwardly a certain size, at least) into a smart lite lovers dream.

All you do is mount a small, included camera to the superlative of your Television receiver or figurer monitor. The LED strips will then friction match the colours the photographic camera sees at the edges of your screen, producing a subtle issue on the wall backside that can increment the TV’s contrast, and even reduce eye strain without the need to have the master room lights on.

Fantastic stuff, and buy now and you’ll get a free RGB strip light thrown in too.

Save £21 on the Govee Immersion smart lighting kit

Relieve £21 on the Govee Immersion smart lighting kit

The Govee Immersion Kit will take your TV viewing to a new level. By using a pocket-size, included photographic camera to spotter what’s on the screen it projects lights behind the Idiot box to create an immersive movie experience.

  • Govee
  • Was £71.99 now £l.39 save £21.60

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Best outdoor lighting: The garden counts besides

When information technology comes to making your outdoor space a chip more than special nosotros have to hand it to Philips, their Hue Lily XL kit makes for a actually lovely way to add some customisation to your garden.

You can even plonk these in your front garden and use them to seasonally illuminate the forepart of your house. Imagine welcoming family unit over at christmas with a nice festive greenish splash of color across your drive, or just use white to illuminate some feature in your garden you lot’re proud of (an inflatable Santa is the clear choice here).

This bargain will save you £150 and you lot’ll become three spotlights and a depression voltage power supply to drive them safely.

This Philips Hue Lights bundle is unmissable

This Philips Hue Lights packet is unmissable

Anyone who wants to bandbox up their home in the runup to Christmas should have note of this Philips Hue Lily Xl deal that comes bundled with a Philips Hue Depression Voltage PSU.

  • Amazon
  • Ii products for the price of i
  • Only £294.99

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Neat dark calorie-free: add some smarts to bedtime

You lot might desire this for your kids, or just for yourself, but Govee’s bedside lite has a built-in bombardment, which means you lot can pop it wherever you similar. Take it to the garden for some summertime evening illumination, or plop it on the dinner tabular array to add a chip of ambiance.

It supports sixteen one thousand thousand colours, so can cater to any mood. It’ll respond to music if you lot’re into that and at that place are a load of pre-defined scenes that volition requite it a lot of unlike visual styles, from flickering candles to a very orange Halloween theme. It supports Wi-Fi and volition work with your Google Banana and Alexa-powered devices.

In that location’south too a £15 Black Fri discount, and it now costs just £44.99.

Save 25% on this fantastic bedside smart light

Salvage 25% on this fantastic bedside smart light

This fantastic little light is perfect for whatsoever room of the house. A dainty light to keep at your bedside for themed illumination or to move around every bit needed for a bit of actress atmosphere.

  • Amazon
  • Was £59.99 now £44.99 save £fifteen

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Don’t forget voice control

Ane of the big reasons for getting smart lighting is to get some exciting new ways to control everything. For that reason, if you lot don’t have an existing smart speaker, consider getting some Amazon Echo Dots (£29.99 for two this Blackness Friday)

Two is better than one in this Echo Dot 3rd Gen deal

Two is better than one in this Echo Dot third Gen deal

Black Fri is just around the corner, and we’ve spotted this amazing 2-4-1 deal on the 3rd Generation of Echo Dot models. Stock up in time for Christmas for under £40 with the code ECHODOT2FOR1.

  • Amazon
  • Utilize code ECHODOT2FOR1 at checkout
  • Just £37.98 for 2 Echo Dots

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These are just some of the amazing offers on smart lighting, only for more cheque out our Blackness Friday Deals.

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