Best Camera App For Moto G6

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During last few weeks I’ve tested more 20 different versions of modded Google Camera.

I’m sharing the version which is the best in overall every bit a non-stock Camera app for G6+ (I’m using european variant – XT1926-3).

What is working:

  • Night Sight (comparison to Moto Camera below)
  • Panorama
  • Portrait
  • Camera (standard mode)
  • Video (4K, 1080p, 720p)
  • Photograph Sphere
  • Photobooth
  • Lens
  • Tiresome Motion


  • You tell me!

DOWNLOAD Google Photographic camera i.three for Moto G6 Plus:

Comparison 1:
Comparison 2:
Comparison 3:

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It works really really, cheers! It hurts that wearisome motion and zoom does non piece of work well … then everything is bang-up, especially dark style[emoji106][emoji106]

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During last few weeks I’ve tested more than xx different versions of modded Google Photographic camera.

I’m sharing the version which is the best in overall as a non-stock Camera app for G6+ (I’m using european variant – XT1926-three).

How is your experience with Android 9.0, notwithstanding working without whatever issues?

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Works like a charm in Android 9, cheers!!!!!!!!!!!

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Works too much meliorate than the suggested here.

Nice! Thaks for sharing! Working fine on Pie.

Which options do you run into working better? Are you using default settings?
I accept merely installed, and despite al developer options, I can’t come across whatever improvements (yet!).

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Every Google Camera 6 I’ve tried had the same bug in my G6+:
– Every version’s video recording doesn’t piece of work well at 60fps (tested the frames with MediaInfo, gets average of x~20 fps for some reason), 30fps works stable. Moto cam outputs 60fps perfectly.
– Slow Motion crashing in some versions simply information technology was fixed changing “240FPS” to “120FPS” because I think this telephone can’t output 240
– Dark pictures (without using dark mode) look weird, the GCAM tries to low-cal it upwardly too much and it ends up looking bad and cherry-red. Nighttime mode pics look improve but once again makes the motion picture like it’s day and not dark. Default cam at night has less detail but pictures don’t await bad, I gauge this is a matter of preference. It’due south probably the phone and I know night pictures await improve in other phones only I have nada knowledge of photography to play with the options.
Also tried the last Google Camera 5 version and the video recording at 60fps works properly, no night way though.

Still, Gcam pics take more detail and await (more often than not) better than the default Moto cam pics so I volition continue testing if I have time.
Right at present I accept these versions installed that “work”:
From celsoazevedo’southward site:
Google Photographic camera 6
– MGC_6.1.021_MI8_V2e
– MGC_6.ane.021_Potter_v7.1_san1ty
– Version that OP posted. Haven’t had much time to test merely it nevertheless has the 60fps problem and doesn’t come with the extended programmer options.
Google Photographic camera 5
– Arnova’s v7beta9

Would also like to know if you have these issues too.

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Why GCaM, forgot to include SD back up ?? Even the stock Moto Camera have built it…


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Why GCaM, forgot to include SD back up ?? Fifty-fifty the stock Moto Camera accept built information technology…

Becouse google Pixel phones practice non back up externalSD cards.

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Slow-motion mode does non work

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Works perfect. Including slow mo. Stock Android 9


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Works perfect. Including slow mo. Stock Android nine

How did you make tedious motion work?

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The projection is notwithstanding standing? when a new update?


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The projection is however standing? when a new update?

What is missing in current version? What’due south your need?


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Camera normal não funciona!

Olá amigo. Acabei de baixar e instalar o app due east quando vou fotografar da erro due east fecha o app. Every bit outras funções funcionam muito bem.

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Is “portrait” mode here meant to provide bokeh? I can’t meet any difference betwixt that and the normal camera style. Also, I think my original photographic camera app on the G6+ had a slider to modify the bokeh intensity. I tin’t seem to observe that hither?

AFAICT portrait only zooms in a bit more, only both seem to use the same camera on the dorsum.

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Every selection works 100% (again, on my XT1926-6). And so, test on your telephone and tell u.s., this is a mod from BSG for Redmi Annotation vii. Savor!

Bokeh doesn’t seem to work with this apk either.

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