Best Charging Cable For Note 9

If you’re going to carry your new smartphone effectually then you lot’ll demand the best Galaxy Note 9 USB-C cables out at that place. Hither’due south our complete list.

Stock up on Samsung Milky way Note ix USB-C Cables Today and Roam Freely

Samsung is sticking to USB-C ports for all of its flagship smartphones and that’due south a good thing. The trend continues with the Galaxy Note 9 and we can do nil less than give the Korean giant a thumbs upwardly that it is adopting the new standard at a rampant pace.

However, when you become the Galaxy Note ix, you’re bound to demand extra cables and the stock ones can exist pretty pricey. Then, hither’southward our list of the best Galaxy Note 9 USB-C cables from tertiary-parties that are not only durable, merely won’t break your banking company either. And oh, nosotros’ll be focussing generally on two-pack (and in a higher place) cables here, so you go every bit much as possible for very less coin.

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BrexLink USB-C Cable [2-pack]

It’due south nylon-braided, has a USB-A connector on ane stop and USB-C on the other. And, it has a length of which makes it ideal for bedside tables or the automobile. Things are topped off by the fact that information technology comes in a 2-pack.

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Anker PowerLine+ USB-C to USB-A Cable [2-pack]

Galaxy Note 9 USB-C Cables

The PowerLine+ series of cables from Anker are super rugged. You tin can tug on them, curve them, toss them effectually, and yet survive to meet another 24-hour interval without breaking a sweat. This 2-pack comes in at half dozen-feet in length per cablevision, so you can spread them around your firm or car if you similar.

Buy Anker PowerLine+ USB-C to USB-A Cable [2-pack] [Amazon link]

Anker PowerLine USB-C to USB 3.0 Cable [3-pack]

Galaxy Note 9 USB-C Cables

These cables are merely slightly less durable than the PowerLine+ lineup, merely yet they scream ‘high quality’ if you use them on a day to 24-hour interval basis. You volition go total USB iii.0 speeds if y’all’re going to transfer files using this cable autonomously from charging purposes.

Purchase Anker PowerLine USB-C to USB 3.0 Cable [iii-pack] [Amazon link]

OULUOQI USB-C Cable [3-pack]

Galaxy Note 9 USB-C Cables

A plain and simple nylon-braided option that comes in a 3-pack. What more do you really want from this?

Buy OULUOQI USB-C Cablevision [iii-pack] [Amazon link]

WUXIAN USB-C Cable [5-pack]

Galaxy Note 9 USB-C Cables

What’s better than a 3-pack yous ask? Well, a v-pack, obviously. But don’t let the depression price fool you either, it has 5-star rating from a number of customers and then you can rest piece of cake knowing that you’re getting your hands on the adept stuff.

Buy WUXIAN USB-C Cable [five-pack] [Amazon link]

AUKEY USB-C Cable Braided [5-pack]

Galaxy Note 9 USB-C Cables

If you’re willing to spend a few actress bucks, then you can grab a five-pack from AUKEY, which is not but loftier-quality, merely far more durable than a lot of options bachelor in the market.

Buy AUKEY USB-C Cable Braided [5-pack] [Amazon link]

AUIEY USB-C Cable [two-pack]

Galaxy Note 9 USB-C Cables

This is a cable that gets the job done at a very decent price bespeak while offering loftier quality materials. Pick this up if you don’t want to lengthened your mind in the world of braided cables and other marketing gimmicks.

Purchase AUKEY USB-C Cable [two-pack] [Amazon link]