Best Coral Reef Seeds In Minecraft

In this article, nosotros’ve listed a bunch of best Minecraft Coral Reef Seeds for you to explore the oceans and live amongst the fish. If you’ve done pretty much everything else, information technology’due south worth trying to make yourself an underwater sanctuary because it’s a flake of a unlike claiming!

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Boulder 1.19

  • Badlands, Goodwaters:14000003
  • Shipwreck in the Reef:12000039

Coffee 1.nineteen

  • Coastal Village by the Coral Reef:4600964994019861398
  • The Reeft Between Worlds:11000042

Bedrock 1.18

  • Littoral Coral Cove:11000001
  • Coral Mushroomland:-1677612650


  • Coral Oasis:-404108749251477019
  • The Cursed Island:993590920

Best Minecraft Bedrock Coral Reef Seeds

Badlands, Goodwaters


Cardinal Locations

  • Coral Reef Coast:120 340
  • Shipwreck:-72 216
  • Desert Temple:216 344
  • Shipwreck:456 408
  • Largest Coral Reef:East of spawn (toward positive Z)

You spawn in the Badlands, which is one of the rarer and more majestic biomes in Minecraft. However, y’all can ignore the red mountains’ natural beauty and turn your gaze out toward the ocean to run across the stunning Coral Reef coast a few dozen blocks from spawn. One of the biggest coral reefs you’ve ever seen tin can exist found if you continue along the path of the coral reef.

Shipwreck in the Reef


Key Locations

  • Desert Temple:232 34
  • Village:72 312
  • Shipwreck:232 440
  • Shipwreck:472 680
  • Shipwreck:488 136

Best Minecraft Coral Reef Seeds Shipwreck in the Reef

You lot can reach a Desert Temple and a Village by taking a short hike from Mangrove Swamp. Both places are on a coast that faces an enormous coral reef that stretches for miles in every direction. Numerous shipwrecks tin can be institute within this reef, one of which is near a spawning area.

Coastal Coral Cove


Key Locations

  • Under Portal:-567 72
  • Mineshaft:-456 120
  • Shipwreck #i:-152 40
  • Shipwreck #2:24 24

Best Minecraft Coral Reef Seeds Coastal Coral Cove

You offset out your chance in a swamp, merely it takes just a few blocks to go to a warm coastal expanse that is absolutely covered in coral reefs. The entire region likewise showcases the make-new cave generation organization, which has a number of enormous underwater caves for you to explore.

Coral Mushroomland


Key Locations

  • Desert Temple:376 -168
  • Ruined Portal:56 152
  • Shipwreck:l 200
  • Mushroom Isle:260 560
  • Shipwreck:584 104

Best Minecraft Coral Reef Seeds Coral Mushroomland

If y’all desire a not bad starter seed that gives you lot admission to lots of significant buildings and a stunning coral reef, Coral Mushroomland is the best selection. On the edge of a substantial Coral Reef, there is a Desert Temple and a Desert Village right where y’all spawn. One of the biggest mushroom islands you’ll ever come across, spanning over 4000 blocks, is direct across from the coral reef.

Best Minecraft Java Coral Reef Seeds

Coastal Village by the Coral Reef


Cardinal Locations

  • Coastal Village: -320 32
  • Desert Temple:104 -168
  • Village:-288 -400
  • Hamlet: 244 144
  • Large Coral Reef:-680 -330

The closest Coral Reef is but a few hundred blocks abroad from where yous spawn, which is a Mangrove Swamp.. You can come across the Reef’due south wide reach into the sea without ever leaving this place. Bank check out some of the useful buildings that are scattered throughout the spawn area, especially the cozy coastal Village!

The Reeft Between Worlds


Cardinal Locations

  • Mangrove Swamp:150 292
  • Mushroom Island:-600 75
  • Shipwreck:eight -184
  • Shipwreck:-232 248
  • Shipwreck:-472 216

You are spawned near a Reef that spans a Warm Sea biome shut to a sizable Mangrove Swamp and a Mushroom Island. If you lot want to relish the best that 1.nineteen has to offer without sacrificing the best of earlier updates, this is the platonic world to start with. In that location are several Shipwrecks in the Coral Reef just waiting to be looted!

Coral Oasis


Key Locations

  • Coral Oasis:-200 -30
  • Ruins Cluster:-384 -224
  • Impossible Waterfall:-480 -425
  • Nether Portal:-248 -344
  • Mineshaft:-280 -168

If y’all don’t similar deserts, you can escape the heat and sand at this Coral Oasis, which is just a little flake westward of spawn in this intriguing seed. There is a sizable lake at the oasis that is covered in coral, and a bustling village is just a few miles abroad. It’s wonderful to run into an entire ecosystem thriving on its own in such a lifeless identify.

The Cursed Isle


Key Locations

  • Spider Spawner:-327 77 -63
  • Spider Spawner:-350 77 -76
  • Nether Portal:-456 56
  • Shipwreck:-168 136
  • Shipwreck:-264 -296

Don’t allow this island’due south beautiful Coral Sea surroundings deceive you. A mine shaft that has been abandoned and two spider spawners indicate that something happened here in the past that scared off the miners. In the confront of the unknowable horrors, you are solitary. Alternatively, y’all could simply capeesh this amazing isle for what it is: a resource-rich location in a scarce biome, surrounded past stunning scenery.