Best Domain_10 To Post Youtube Videos

I’ve got some expert news and some bad news for you.

Let’s start with the good i first: YouTube users spotter 1 billion (!) hours of content daily. Meaning: at that place’south a vast audience pool yous can tap into.

The bad news? 500 hours of new content is uploaded on YouTube every 60 minutes. Read: y’all’ve got a lot of competition.

So, what’s the one matter can yous practice to beat the competition and proceeds your audience’southward attending?

Shake up the types of YouTube videos y’all create. This manner, your viewers can get a variety of content from your channel.

In this post, we’ve put together a list of the 24 most popular types of YouTube videos you should exist creating. We’ve also included examples and templates to become you inspired.

Let’due south get on with information technology.

Video Tutorials

As well known every bit how-to videos, tutorial videos are effective formats to educate people — ones that viewers dear to consume likewise.

You lot can create how-to videos that solve questions or problems your audience has. Tasty’s how-to videos, such as the 1 beneath, are skilful examples of this type of video content:

Or, you can create seize with teeth-sized product tutorials that explicate how your tool works.

For instance, Notion has tons of tutorials that dig into one feature in 1 video and another i in another short video to help people use their product.

Ask Me Annihilation (AMA) Videos

AMA videos are a fun way to engage your customs. They too bring a fresh voice with unique perspectives to the table.

Example in point: Todoist, a to-do list-making tool, invited a productivity good for an AMA session.

Whiteboard Videos

These are pretty popular for their simplicity.

All you have to do is record yourself explaining a concept or your tool — even a product feature.

Of form, for whiteboard videos to exist a success, it’s essential you requite a confident vibe. So, if y’all’re new to this video type, you’ll want to tape a couple of times before you become the vibe right.

Rand Fishkin’s whiteboard videos are a expert inspiration here:

Listicle Videos

Much like listicle blog posts, list videos like “X all-time” or “10 top” are another popular YouTube video type you tin can try out for your brand.

But put together a strong video script and showtime recording.

But you don’t need to record yourself — in case you demand a break from all the shooting. Instead, you tin utilise a DIY video maker like Visme to create a meridian listing video similar this one:

Production Reviews

Pairing with influencers for learning their have on your product? Enquire them to create a product review for your YouTube channel.

Videos like this bring social proof into the picture — subtly convincing viewers to purchase from you since others like them (or influencers they trust) have expert things to say about your production.

Hither’s an instance of a product review video:

Educational Videos

These types of YouTube videos help you gain your audience’s trust by providing them free value.

In fact, when it comes to learning about a service or production, 69% of folks prefer watching videos over text.

The takeaway? Educational videos, whether production- or topic-related, are an effective way to win your audience.

The best part? Using Visme, you can hands knock together educational videos in less than an hr. To speed things upward, you can pick from video templates, customize them and you’re done.

Challenge Videos

These videos show your business’due south human side — whether you’re an contained contractor or a medium to larger business taking on a challenge.

Hither’s Microsoft’s research team taking on the ice saucepan challenge, for case:

Unboxing Videos

YouTube points out unboxing videos attract a lot of watch time. Meaning: you need to offset creating these types of YouTube videos if you lot already haven’t.

Take this as an instance unboxing video for your inspiration:

Behind the Scenes (BTS) Videos

Like challenge videos, BTS videos are other YouTube video ideas that show your make’s human side.

In fact, these videos not only show your company civilisation but too assistance with hiring and onboarding new employees by giving them an inside look at how things piece of work at your end.

Your BTS videos don’t have to be express to team backside-the-scenes content. Instead, y’all can dive into production or project BTS content — giving viewers a peep into the piece of work that goes behind your products.

Interestingly, in that location’s a whole YouTube channel dedicated to going into the picture show industry’southward BTS. Lookout a couple of these videos to go to grips with how you can create a BTS video:

Explainer Videos

96% of potential buyers have watched explainer videos to acquire well-nigh a product or service. This number alone is enough to say that you need explainer videos in your video content gallery.

Once again, the practiced news is that you lot tin put together explainer videos easily using templates. Or, create one from scratch using Visme.

Production Demo Videos

Because people love watching production videos to learn about products, demo videos are another blazon of YouTube video you demand to be creating.

For demo videos to wow viewers and win them over with a solid first impression, it’s essential yous add grapheme to your videos.

1 effective way to practise this is by leveraging storytelling. How? Apply this framework: the PAS or Problem-Agitate-Solution formula. Hither’due south how it works:

  • Introduce a trouble your target audience has
  • And then rub or agitate that problem
  • Finally, offer a solution in the form of your product/tool

Here’southward an instance of a production demo video from Airtable:

Video Testimonials

Same as production reviews, video case studies or testimonial videos bring social proof to the table.

Your viewer sees the results others like them are driving and think they can achieve the aforementioned results.

Case in point: Slack has an unabridged category of partner and customer testimonial videos on their YouTube channel.

Here’south only one example:

Reaction Videos

These videos are fodder for entertaining content.

If you’re a business concern that plans to leverage these types of YouTube videos, yous can drive some other do good from them: showing your human side. And to reiterate, this helps you gain your audience’s trust.

Webinar Teasers

While you lot tin can certainly postal service teasers to go more people to watch your gated webinars, you can also post or host webinars on YouTube.

This style, you can build an educational webinar content library on your channel over fourth dimension as Clearscope is doing:

15 Community-Based Videos

These videos are much like educational videos simply with a twist. How? You don’t do the teaching. Instead, your users or community members do it for you.

By creating these videos, you pair the educational approach with social proof, therefore, doubling the odds of engaging viewers.

Miro does this best — recording videos under their “Tips and Tutorials from Miro Users” category:

Y’all tin also invite experts to your webinar videos and then postal service them on your YouTube aqueduct. BuzzSumo collaborated with manufacture-influencer and content marketing skillful, Ross Simmonds, for the aforementioned:

Recall: yous can construction these types of YouTube videos any way you similar.

Three ideas to endeavor are:

  • Interview experts or community members
  • Ask your guest(s) to nowadays on the topic
  • Host a live Q&A where you source questions from the community

Business concern Results Videos

This kind of video is great for wrapping your quarter or year — showcasing your results to print your audience, investors and potential employees.

At Visme, for instance, we created such a Twelvemonth in Review video to walk our viewers through our achievements in 2020:

Keep in mind: this 2020-results-video we created was in add-on to our usual educational video content and tutorial videos.

We likewise share webinars on our aqueduct and create fresh product promotion videos as needed:

This fashion, nosotros practice what we preach — creating different types of YouTube videos to engage viewers.

Meet the Team Videos

These are a type of BTS video. Their objective? To spotlight employees for gaining the audition’southward trust and onboarding new employees.

Here’s an instance:

Employee Spotlight Videos

Again, these types of YouTube videos showcase visitor civilization.

You lot tin can always create one Meet The Team video as Wild Frontiers did in the instance above.

Or, accept Sprout Social’s approach and highlight each employee’due south contribution as part of your internal comms videos:

Company Values Videos

Over again, these videos are perfect for telling your audience more about you — giving people reasons to buy from you lot.

In fact, 83% of millennials want companies to align with their values. It’s only then that they plan to buy from companies. And, information technology’s how y’all can abound make advocates and loyal customers.

Plus, if you’re looking to collaborate with influencers or find investment partners, a company values video tin can help you make a compelling introduction.

Q&A Videos

Q&A videos are crucial for engaging your audience and showcasing your authority.

For businesses, these types of YouTube videos are perfect for establishing yourself every bit a thought leader.

Hither’south an example:

For sourcing questions for these videos, you tin can always collect questions live — people share their struggles and y’all respond them on the spot. Or, you can gather questions beforehand using social media and email. You can as well alloy both options together.

Company Culture Videos

These videos are essential for hiring the right talent for your company. There are two creative angles to creating company culture videos.

One, create a graphics-based video that features reasons that make your company civilisation outstanding every bit this instance video featuring DocuSign’southward culture does:

Two, show your team members at work — capturing the piece of work culture in the process. Zendesk does this well:

Desire to create such a video? Record clips of your team at work and pair them with visually engaging graphics while calculation interesting transitions using Visme.

Video Blogs (Vlogs)

Vlogs are video-based blog posts talking about anything from productivity to making passive income.

You’ll need to characteristic yourself for vlogs, though, and edit them past calculation text, images and other visual elements — find these easily in your Visme dashboard. In fact, yous can add animated characters to your vlog content using our tool.

Wondering how to start vlogging? Explore vloggers like Ali Abdaal and Holly Gabrielle for an idea of what information technology is to create vlogs consistently. Meanwhile, we’ll leave you with an example video:

Product Launch Videos

Build hype effectually your new production or predictable feature launch by creating a production launch YouTube video.

And keep the aim simple: drilling your fundamental feature/message into your viewers’ minds. This example does so incredibly well:

As for a new feature promotion video, here’south a template to help yous get started on the right foot:

For online stores, this would translate to launching new drove videos like this:

Video Podcasts

These types of videos don’t take much work.

All you’ve to do is capture yourself and the guest recording the podcast. And at that place yous go — you go the same content out to both audio lovers and video consumers.

The Joe Rogan Feel podcast repurposes content in this way:

Create Unlike Types of YouTube Videos Today

With that, our list of YouTube video types comes to an end.

Keep in mind: not all of these types of YouTube videos are going to exist right for your aqueduct. Yet, it helps to freshen upwardly the content y’all publish to engage viewers by trying different video types.

So what are you waiting for? Offset today. And don’t forget to sign up for Visme’s online video maker for free to create amend videos faster.