Best Electric Heaters 2022: the top UK heater for most budgets

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In that location are several good reasons to buy a portable electric heater. For starters, they can be placed where primal heating doesn’t reach, keeping that outbuilding or conservatory prissy and toasty throughout the year. If y’all have a particularly cold house so an electric heater tin be a proficient way to heave the temperature of a room, using it in conjunction with your existing heating.

Finally, an electric heater can be an effective mode of heating simply a unmarried room, without having to run the unabridged central heating arrangement in your dwelling, which tin exist ideal in those periods when the weather condition is starting to warm. Electric heaters make sense in rarely used rooms, too, since they’ll often do a improve job of warming such places to a working temperature more quickly than primal heating.

The downside to electric heaters is the heat they produce will be lost quickly, and they tin can struggle to make full larger rooms. Equally such, they’re better suited to small to medium-sized rooms, or for utilize with existing heating.

Here, we’ve rounded upward the best electric heaters, having reviewed all types of model: fan heaters, convection heaters and oil radiators.

All employ electricity, so efficiency remains the same across all models. The main differences come up in the manner that they work.

How we test

Learn more about how we examination electric heaters

It’s of import that we test all electric heaters in the aforementioned way. We measure out how hot they become (or the rut output from a fan heater). We measure how fast the air moves out of each heater, which is specially important for fan heaters, where they’re designed to push air into the room. We besides mensurate the temperature of our test lab, seeing the effect that each heater has. We mensurate electricity consumption on the highest and lowest settings, so see how much each product will cost to run. Finally, we test any smart features and apps that a heater may accept.

Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool Formaldehyde

Perfect all-year round comfort


  • Works all year round
  • Powerful purification
  • First-class smart controls

If you don’t desire to buy another product that sits at that place being useless for half the year or more, the Dyson Purifier Hot+Absurd Formaldehyde. This is a traditional fan, a fan heater and a purifier all-in-1. At the bottom of the fan sits the filter, which can capture fine particles and gasses. These filters should concluding around a yr, although the app and brandish will tell y’all when information technology’s time to make the change.

Dyson’due south apps is one of the all-time. From here, yous can control every attribute of the fan, including enabling the oestrus mode, setting a target temperature and even scheduling when you want it on and off. In this way, the Purifier Hot+Cool Formaldehyde acts much like a smart thermostat.

It warms a room speedily, merely is besides uncommonly serenity, running at 39.62dB (background racket) on its lowest setting. On full pelt, in fan mode, I measured it at 3.8m/s – fast enough to provide cooling, with Dyson’s fanless design delivering smooth air.

Air purification is every bit as proficient, and the range of sensors that this model has ways that it responds to lots of atmospheric contaminants quickly and efficiently. Perfect for use at any time of year, this is a brilliant all-circular production, but it is expensive.

Review: Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool Formaldehyde

Reviewer: David Ludlow

Princess Smart Heating and Cooling Tower

A powerful smart heater and cooling fan


  • Powerful heating and cooling
  • Useful smart app and vocalism control
  • Doesn’t have upwards much space


  • Doesn’t display fan mode on LCD
  • Could do with a lower fan speed

It doesn’t have an air purifier built-in, but every bit the Princess Smart Heating and Cooling Tower has both heating and cooling modes, it’s still useful for nigh of the year. Yous tin control all of the features, setting fan speed and target temperature, using the bundled remote control, but you lot get a few more options if you connect the fan to your Wi-Fi network.

Via the Climate app, yous get all of the same options that the remote control gives, plus you tin can set a timer and schedule when y’all want the fan to come up to life. That’s very useful if you want to regularly oestrus a space and need smart thermostat-like controls. In that location are a few mismatches between what y’all on the fan and what’southward replicated in the app, but these are modest annoyances at worst.

In fan mode, the Princess Smart Heating and Cooling Belfry is as powerful as its Dyson competition, although quite a bit louder, specially as the lowest fan speed isn’t that low. Estrus mode was enough to cope with a 30m2 test lab, getting it to a comfortable 21C before the fan shut down.

Having an accurate thermostat is very helpful on a product such as this, every bit it means that you lot’re simply using a high amount of electricity (1983kW here) for shorter periods; heaters with inaccurate thermostats will typically run for longer than you need them.

Well priced and useful throughout the yr, the Princess Smart Heating and Cooling Tower is a groovy option for anyone that wants a smart device with a loftier level of control.

Review: Princess Smart Heating and Cooling Tower

Reviewer: David Ludlow

Dimplex MaxAir

Hugely powerful in both fan and heat modes


  • Super-strong fan
  • Incredibly effective heating
  • Iii-twelvemonth warranty


  • Expensive
  • Quite noisy

The Dimplex MaxAir is a full-on tower fan, producing enough cooling air to cope with a summer’s twenty-four hour period. Notwithstanding, if yous need warming up then there’s also a 2.5kW heater inside information technology delivering pinnacle operation.

As well equally being a versatile unit, the Dimplex MaxAir is also pretty bonny, and then you’ll have no problem leaving this product out in your domicile throughout the year.

You can set the desired fan speed and, if required, the temperature using the simple on-trunk controls or via the provided remote control. At that place’s as well a Bluetooth app, which lets you lot use your smartphone control when within range of the fan. The app provides the same controls, although they’re a touch easier to understand here.

Operation was excellent, with the fan producing some of the most powerful airflow nosotros’ve seen; it maxed out at v.7m/southward when measured from 15cm. Heat performance was but equally good, with the Dimplex MaxAir warming our test bedroom by the largest degree of any heater we reviewed.

The fan is a bear on noisy on maximum at 44.9dB, so if you’re after a quieter unit of measurement then a convector heater might be a ameliorate choice.

With tip-over and overheat protection, this is a fan that’southward capable of being left unattended without worry of whatsoever accidents.

The Dyson Pure Hot+Cool is slightly more than flexible and looks neater, merely it’s far more expensive, making the Dimplex MaxAir an excellent value culling.

Full review: Dimplex MaxAir review

Reviewer: Simon Handby

Meaco MeacoHeat MotionMove Eye 2.0kW

A pocket-sized but powerful heater that tin shut off when nobody is effectually


  • Good performance
  • Well priced
  • Oscillation helps warm an entire room


  • Styling is a piffling basic
  • Motion sensor has limited range

The compact MeacoHeat Motility Eye 2.0kW Heater is one of the smallest electric heaters you can buy. The size and energy rating tells you that this is really a model designed for smaller rooms, or for working in conjunction with an existing heating source.

The peak panel houses the controls, including two rut levels and a fan-only cooling modes. Unlike its little brother, the one.kW Heater, this model besides has a thermostat, so the heater will turn off when the temperature is reached. At that place are three rut modes (L, Yard and H), although at that place’s no corresponding temperature printed anywhere, so you lot may have to experiment.

This model also adds an oscillation mode into the mix, which lets y’all cover a wider expanse with warmth, which is proficient if you want to take intendance of multiple occupants.

Unusually, at that place’south an IR motility sensor, which lets the MeacoHeat Motility Eye one.8kW Heater turn on automatically when move is detected. This could be useful in a rarely used room, such as a garage or other outbuilding. Positioning is important, though, as the MeacoHeat Motility Eye 1.8kW Heater has only a 1m motion detection range.

If yous exercise want to leave the heater unattended, then tip-over and overheat protection go on things sage, even if the heater is knocked over.

A great occasional heater for small rooms or for boats and caravans that can take the peak 3kW ability bleed, the MeacoHeat Motion Eye 2kW Heater is a well-made and attractive fan heater.

Full review: Meaco MeacoHeat MotionMove Middle 2.0kW

Reviewer: David Ludlow


What practise heat controls do?

Heat mode option is important, since information technology lets you adjust how hot the electric heater gets. Every bit well every bit letting you cut down on running costs, it means yous can conform heat to suit the time of year and room: hotter on the coldest 24-hour interval and cooler when the exterior temperature is warmer.

Do I demand a thermostat?

A thermostat lets the heater plough off automatically when the gear up temperature is reached, helping keep a room at a comfortable temp. A proper thermostat will permit you fix a target temperature; an uncalibrated thermostat needs to exist turned to maximum and then, when your room feels comfortable, dialled downward until the heater cuts off.

Are timer controls useful?

If you’re using an electric heater equally the only source of heating, timer controls let y’all program when the heater comes on and off, much like your central heating. This is a adept way to salve money and simply run the heater when you need it.

What safety features do I need?

There are two main safety features. Overheat protection ensures that the heater turns off before it becomes dangerously hot to preclude a fire. Tip-over protection turns off the heater if information technology’s knocked over, preventing impairment to surfaces. The one-time features on all of the models hither; the latter isn’t on all heaters. Typically, tip-over protection is all-time where it’s likely that a heater could go knocked over, such as with children or pets around.

Can y’all use an electric heater with a smart thermostat?

Not hands, but information technology can be done using an electrical relay and some rewiring. You’ll probably want an electrician to tackle the job for you lot, but hither’southward how to wire a smart thermostat to utilise an electric heater.






Size (Dimensions)


Release Date

Start Reviewed Date

Model Number

Remote Control

App Control

Number of speeds

Fan Type



Dark Style

Rut mode

Dimplex MaxAir



270 10 270 x 695 MM



Dimplex MaxAir




Fan heater


Aye (12 hours)


Dyson Purifier Hot+Absurd Formaldehyde





248 x 248 10 764 MM

v.5 KG

April 2022


Purifier Hot+Cool Formaldehyde




Air purifier and heater

Up to 350-degrees

Up to eight hours


Yes (1C to 37C)

Meaco MeacoHeat MotionMove Center 2.0kW



171 x 152 x 390 INCHES



Meaco MeacoHeat MotionMove Eye two.0kW


Fan heater



1000W, 2000W

Princess Smart Heating and Cooling Tower



230 x 230 ten 1020 MM



Princess Smart Heating and Cooling Tower




Heater and fan


Upwardly to 24 hours


Ceramic heater with thermostat

Trusted Reviews Test Data

Sound (loftier)

Sound (low)

Air speed 1m (high)

Air book 1m (low)

Time to articulate smoke

Air speed 15cm (low)

Air speed 15cm (high)

Dimplex MaxAir

52.3 dB

43.6 dB

3.6 m/s

5.7 m/southward

Dyson Purifier Hot+Absurd Formaldehyde

56.8 dB

39.26 dB

2.ane 1000/south

639 sec

0.69 m/south

3.8 m/s

Meaco MeacoHeat MotionMove Middle two.0kW

45.2 dB

0.ix m/s

Princess Smart Heating and Cooling Tower

60.1 dB

48.5 dB

ane.31 m/s

0.4 k³/h

i.31 m/s

3.08 m/s


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