Best Free Customization Apps For Android


Timers and stopwatches are important tools for fitness and preparation programs, but they are also helpful for a variety of other activities. Stopwatch applications are bachelor as standard programs on many smartphone devices. Nonetheless, those looking for an piece of cake-to-apply stopwatch app that is a stride above the basic offer should bank check out these 10 picks.

Timeglass (iOS)

Timeglass is one of the top rated apps for Apple devices. It has a minimalist design that makes it easy to navigate. You get to cull the colour and sound themes to customize the app to your preferences. With the stopwatch feature, the time counts up then you can time your workout. Additionally, set single-use and repeat timers for other activities.


Stopwatch Timer for Android is designed for one-handed operation, so you can hands control it during a conditioning or other activities. It displays the fourth dimension intervals in digital or analog format, recording minutes, seconds and milliseconds. The app allows you to store data to refer to subsequently or send as a file through email, text or social networking.


Multitimer (iOS)

Multitimer is a step up from the basic countdown timer clock and stopwatch on the iPhone. The display has several circles on the main screen that you lot can customize to different timers and stopwatches. The bones app is free and offers a quality, reliable stopwatch, just the paid version unlocks other features.


Timer (Android)

Timer has a make clean, simple wait and is piece of cake to use. Ane of its top features is the widget, which y’all can identify right on your habitation screen. Y’all tin start and stop the stopwatch or timer clock countdown without having to open the app.

CC Past-SA two.0/Ritesh Man Tamrakar/Flickr

Tabata Stopwatch Pro (Android, iOS)

Tabata Stopwatch Pro was designed with HIIT in mind. It helps you automate your workout with exercise, rest, cooldown and other intervals. It has a bones setup for people who are new to HIIT training, but is customizable for more than advanced athletes with specific conditioning needs.


Google Clock (Android)

Google Clock is mayhap the easiest stopwatch to use on Android devices. Simply showtime the stopwatch and click the “lap” button to record your lap times. Because the app was adult by Google, you tin experience confident knowing that it will work seamlessly with smartwatch devices, besides.


Stopwatch Timer (Windows)

Stopwatch Timer for Windows devices is an easy-to-use stopwatch app with a minimalist design. Pin the stopwatch tile right on the abode screen for quick and easy access. While using the app, the lock screen is temporarily disabled so yous can access it chop-chop during a conditioning.


Timer+ (iOS)

Timer+ is an upgrade from iOS’ bones Clock app. With Timer+ you lot can run multiple stopwatches at the same time and they all appear on the same screen. This app is optimized for apply with Apple Watch, making it like shooting fish in a barrel to apply during exercise.


Intervals (iOS)

Intervals is a timer designed specifically for interval workouts. Unlike the to a higher place-mentioned app, you control this app using your Apple Lookout man, though it runs simultaneously on your iPhone. Other features include voice controls and pairing with the Health app.


Stopwatch and Timer (Android)

Stopwatch and Timer for Android has been one of the top timer apps since 200It performs basic functions without a lot of extra features. Those who desire more features tin upgrade to the paid version. Y’all can customize the wait of the app and rename the different timers to meet your needs.