Best Game Consoles: The top 8 game consoles you can buy

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A new video game generation has only only began, which means it’south time to option your next console. But what are the best game consoles that you can currently buy?

Subsequently reviewing all of the latest and great consoles that launched in the past few years, we’ve decided to rank them in this buying guide. What’southward the most powerful panel? Which is the best on a budget? Which version of the Nintendo Switch is best for you? We’ve answered all of those questions (and more) beneath.

And if you fancy yourself a PC gamer instead, check out our Best Graphics Card, Best Gaming CPU and Best Gaming Laptop pages.

How nosotros test

Learn more virtually how we test game consoles

Every game console we review goes through a series of uniform checks designed to gauge cardinal things including build quality and performance.

Nosotros’ll play multiple games on the hardware, while comparing the performance to rival consoles (and predecessors) to see whether information technology’s worth the investment.

We’ll besides evaluate the software, every bit well as the line-upward of games when deciding on a concluding score.

Xbox Series 10

A powerful console, aided past the fantastic value of Game Laissez passer


  • Sleek and premium design
  • Xbox Game Pass offers a stunning level of value
  • Quick Resume is a game changer
  • SSD makes games and applications faster than ever


  • User interface and overall pattern is very familiar

The Xbox Serial X is i of the best game consoles that you can buy. Information technology’s packing some seriously powerful specs, capable of playing games in 4K upwards to 120fps. The likes of Forza Horizon 5 demonstrate how fantastic games tin can wait on this panel, while the ultra-fast SSDs also make games load up in a blink of an heart.

But the biggest selling point of the Xbox Series Ten is the optional Game Pass subscription, which gives y’all access to large library of games for a reasonable monthly fee. What’s more than, future showtime-party games such as Starfield, Redfall and Scorn will all arrive on Game Pass on launch 24-hour interval, so y’all don’t need to miss out by avoiding the expensive upfront price.

Of class, the Series X isn’t perfect. It’s very expensive and information technology’s not exactly the best wait console we’ve e’er seen. Simply when you lot consider that Microsoft has signed upwardly the makers of Elder Scrolls and Call of Duty, in that location’s no worry that this panel volition have a lack of games compared to its rivals.

Jade King
Total review:
Xbox Series 10 Review


A fantastic console with a wealth of start-political party games


  • Absurdly powerful
  • User interface is refined, attainable and easy to use
  • DualSense controller feels like a true bound forward
  • Backwards compatibility for PS4 games


  • The console is overly bulky
  • Lags behind Series X and Due south when it comes to loading times

Sony has connected its strong form into the current generation with the PS5, with the new console capable of a 4K operation while also packing features such every bit ray tracing. Sony has also made a big bargain out of the SSD speeds, which tin can load upward massive worlds in a couple of seconds.

The PS5 may non have a killer feature similar Game Laissez passer right now, but the haptic feedback of the DualSense controller is still mighty impressive. And there are already plenty of keen games here such as Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, Demon’s Souls and Miles Morales. Sony is showing no sign of slowing down either.

There’s too a PS5 Digital Edition available for £359.99 if you’re not fussed about having a disk drive, although information technology’south absolutely difficult to find in stock.

Jade Rex
Full review:
PS5 Review

Nintendo Switch

The best value portable console


  • Gaming whenever, wherever you want
  • Vivid and colourful screen
  • Versatile Joy-Con controllers
  • Some truly incredible games


  • Overpriced accessories
  • Expensive games

The Nintendo Switch may have launched five years ago, just it’due south still one of the best game consoles, specially for portable play. Information technology’s cheaper than the OLED model, more versatile than the Switch Light and no other company has even come close to rivalling it – at to the lowest degree until the Steam Deck arrives.

The Switch also has an impressive line-up of games, including Jiff of the Wild, Animal Crossing: New Horizons and the recent Pokémon Legends: Arceus. And don’t forget this console’south versatility, as you can exist used as a portable or even docked upwardly to the Goggle box so you can play the likes of Mario Kart on divide-screen.

The Switch is arguably starting to bear witness its age, relying on the cloud to play modernistic tertiary-party games if you’ve got a fast enough internet connectedness. Just at that place are still some exciting games in development for the Switch, including Breath of the Wild two and Splatoon 3.

Stuart Andrews
Full review:
Nintendo Switch Review

Steam Deck

Best portable gaming PC


  • First-class performance for a portable
  • Calorie-free plenty to play games on the get
  • SteamOS is packed with useful features
  • Open-platform PC offers oodles of potential


  • Limited storage space
  • Poor battery life for AAA games
  • Incompatible with pop multiplayer games

Nintendo has dominated the portable gaming market for decades, but there’s finally a worthy challenger. The Steam Deck allows you to play PC games on the go, with enough power under the hood to play modern AAA games such equally Elden Ring, Dying Light two and Horizon Zero Dawn, albeit with dialled back graphics settings.

Since this is technically a PC, operating on Linux and packing an AMD chip, you’re able to fiddle with graphics settings or even use mods, just like you tin with a standard gaming PC. Of course, information technology’s not going to exist able to compete with a loftier-end gaming system, merely that’s perfectly understandable given its portable pattern and affordable cost.

It’s not perfect, as it’due south currently incompatible with major multiplayer games such every bit Destiny and Fortnite and bombardment life isn’t fantastic with enervating AAA games. But its blueprint, performance and software are so skillful that this is comfortably the best games console (if you tin telephone call it that) for portable PC gaming.

Ryan Jones
Full Review:
Steam Deck Review

Xbox Serial Due south

The best upkeep games console


  • Major performance upgrade on Xbox One Southward
  • Pocket-size and stylish design
  • Side by side-gen SSD reduce loading times dramatically
  • Incredible value because the specs


  • 500GB storage is far too small
  • Lacks a disk drive
  • No support for Wi-Fi 6

If you’re concerned about the rising price of game consoles, then the Xbox Series Southward is your best option. It supports a 1440p resolution and ray tracing, and even has speedy SSDs for instant loading times. It may be incapable of hitting a 4K resolution for nearly games, and lacks a disk drive if you like to buy physical games, but those are fair compromises considering the cheap price.

It also benefits from the absurdly good value of Game Laissez passer, sharing the verbal aforementioned library of games as its more powerful sibling. Aye, that means yous’ll exist able to play the likes of Halo Infinite, Starfield, The Elderberry Scrolls and all of the upcoming Call of Duty games.

Notwithstanding, its stingy 500GB of storage space can’t be ignored. In order to install multiple games on the drive, you’re going to have to invest in a retentivity card, and that certainly isn’t cheap. Merely even with that added to the shopping cart, this is nonetheless one of the best game consoles bachelor for those on a upkeep.

Ryan Jones
Total review:
Xbox Serial South Review

Nvidia Shield Telly (2019)

A cloud-streaming Goggle box box for PC gamers


  • 4K and HDR visuals looks incredible
  • Movie theatre-quality audio
  • Redesigned remote
  • GeForce Now deject streaming is a game changer


  • No app for Now Television
  • Requires stiff internet connection for deject gaming

The Nvidia Shield Idiot box (2019) is a left-field option on this listing, as it isn’t technically a gaming panel. Instead, this is a premium Android streaming box that lets y’all watch all of your favourite TV apps in 4K. Just with Nvidia’southward GeForce At present app integrated, it’s besides capable of streaming PC games via the cloud.

GeForce Now is a free to sign up to, linking up to the likes of your Steam and Epic Games Shop accounts in order to access your game library. There’s a small-scale list of games that are actually supported, simply there are some large hitters hither including Fortnite, Cyberpunk and Control. Of course, you’ll need a fast net connectedness in lodge to ensure a fast performance, which is the platform’s greatest limitation.

You can too choose to pay £eight.99 per month to the upgrade the performance to 1080p at 60fps, or £15 per month (£89.99 per vi months) to get games running in 4K HDR. Those subscription costs aren’t exactly cheap, merely it’s decent value when you consider you lot’re getting the performance of £2000+ gaming PC.

Ryan Jones
Full review:
Nvidia Shield TV (2019)

Nintendo Switch OLED

A premium Switch with a jaw-dropping screen


  • OLED screen offers a huge upgrade
  • Bigger screen, only however very portable
  • Stand is a lot sturdier at present
  • Increased storage chapters


  • No functioning upgrade
  • No substantial upgrades for docked mode

The Nintendo Switch OLED is the latest iteration of the popular portable console, with a brand new OLED panel taking the visuals to new heights. Colours look far more vivid and natural here compared to the standard Switch, making the likes of Breath of the Wild and Metroid Dread await outstanding.

Unfortunately, the Switch OLED isn’t more powerful than the OG hybrid console, which means in that location’south no real reason (aside from a new Ethernet cablevision on the dock) to buy this version if you mainly play via the Television set.

But for those who beloved portable play, the Nintendo Switch OLED is definitely worth considering, despite the never-ending rumours an incoming Switch Pro.

Ryan Jones
Full review:
Nintendo Switch OLED Review

Nintendo Switch Calorie-free

The best upkeep-friendly portable games console


  • Blueprint is robust, attractive and easy to apply
  • Already boasts a fantastic library of games
  • Increased battery life compared to the base model


  • Nature of console means certain games are no longer supported
  • Local multiplayer is far harder to attain without docking

The Nintendo Switch Lite is the cheapest portable games panel on this listing, making it an ideal option for children. It loses the ability to dock to a TV like the standard Switch, but information technology’south still a swell option for on-the-go gaming.

Since the Joy-Cons are fused to the sides of the handheld console, it’s non capable of playing select games that require complex motion control, but it otherwise shares the same game library every bit the Switch and Switch OLED. Yup, that means you tin can play all of the best Mario, Zelda and Pokémon games here.

But information technology’s worth remembering that its inability to connect to the dock ways you won’t be able to play multiplayer games such every bit Mario Kart and Smash Bros on the TV for some split-screen activeness.

Jade Male monarch
Full review:
Nintendo Switch Lite Review


What is the well-nigh pop gaming panel?

The Nintendo Switch has the nigh sales out of all of the game consoles on this list, simply that’s an unfair metric since it’southward been out for a longer length of time. The PS5 and Xbox Series X are seeing lots of sales, but have been impacted by the ongoing GPU shortage.

Which games console is best for families?

The Nintendo Switch arguably has the best library of family-friendly games, with the likes of Mario Party and Mario Kart bachelor. Although the Xbox Serial South is a good option as well, since it’s available at a low toll and tin can exist paired with Game Laissez passer to access a large library of games.

Which console has ameliorate graphics?

The Nvidia Shield TV technically offers the best graphics if you lot subscribe to the nearly expensive GeForce Now tier. Just if we’re talking well-nigh traditional consoles, information technology will be between the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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