Best in Show: Our favourite tech from CES 2022

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CES, or the Consumer Electronics Prove, is a mainstay in the tech calendar and the result that gives us an idea about what’due south to come in the next few months (and beyond).

While CES 2022 has been blighted by big names pulling about due to the electric current Covid surges beyond the globe, we’ve still seen and touched some fantastic tech that we can’t wait to spend more fourth dimension with later in the year.

This is our look at our favourite gadgets from the show, covering everything from phones and laptops to TVs and GPUs.

So without further ado, here’due south our list of Best in Show winners for CES 2022.


LG is continuing to champion OLED in 2022 with the C2 OLED Evo. The C2 model bags the Evo OLED console that was previously exclusive to the G1 model, suggesting an equally good picture equally the new G2 model. This is 1 TV we can’t wait to spend some more than time when information technology’s officially released and we’ve got it in Trusted Labs.

LG OLED evo Gallery Edition

Panasonic LZ2000

The LZ2000 TV replaces the JZ2000, and continues Panasonic’s all-in-one vision thanks to its integrated Dolby Atmos audio system and high-performing OLED console.

The headline model in the line is the new 77-incher, dubbed the ‘Master OLED Pro – Cinema Size’. Panasonic claims brighter HDR scenes and improved detail accuracy. Like previous high-stop Panasonic sets, it has been colour-tuned past colourist Stefan Sonnenfeld, who has worked on hit shows such as Disney+’due south The Book of Boba Fett.

Sony A95K 65-inch QD-OLED


Both Sony and Samsung announced QD OLED TVs at CES 2022, although the proper detailed unveiling of the latter will take to wait a picayune while longer.

The Sony A95K though is certainly a tempting prospect, even if we’ll accept to wait until later this twelvemonth for it to properly hit the market.

QD-OLED should combine the best of OLED and LED, giving you lot the perfect blacks and space contrast alongside higher levels of brightness.

Sony A95K 65-inch QD-OLED

Samsung QN900B 8K TV

Samsung’southward looking to bring 8K to more people this year, and this Mini LED Neo QLED will be its flagship endeavor. Boasting upscaling to most 8K quality and new technology in Shape Adaptive Calorie-free and Real Depth Enhancer, the QN900B is looking to dazzle with even more realistic images. Plus, Dolby Atmos is supported in a 6.ii.iv channel configuration with actual upfiring speakers in the screen for a bigger, taller, more immersive sound.

Samsung HW-S800B Ultra slim soundbar

With wireless Dolby Atmos, this ridiculously thin soundbar is ideal for those who want a clean setup with as few wires as possible. As the name suggests, a big focus here is on size. Even though there’s a subwoofer and summit-firing speakers, the soundbar is a mere 1.6-inch in depth. Seriously impressive stuff.

Technics EAH-A800 lifestyle image cafe

Technics EAH-A800 noise cancelling headphones

Looking to give Apple tree, Bose, and Sony a run for their coin in the over-ear ANC space, the EAH-A800 use a new 40mm dynamic driver and free edge diaphragm to deliver deep bass with minimal distortion. The cans support LDAC for higher-quality audio playback, pack what Technics calls an ‘industry-leading’ ANC system and wait rather slick too.


Intel Core 12th Gen mobile processors

Intel launched its latest generation of laptop processors during CES 2022, and they look very impressive. With up to 40% functioning boost compared to the preceding generation, Intel claims that its latest H-Serial laptop fries are the fastest in the world, while the new hybrid architecture should too better efficiency for multi-tasking. If you’re looking to buy an all-powerful gaming laptop this yr, then you’ll want to bank check out Intel’s twelfth generation chips.

Razer Project Sophia

Razer Project Sophia

Razer is renowned for revealing wacky concept devices at CES, and while such products may never actually make it to stores, they e’er provide a fascinating wait at what futurity technology could potentially wait similar.

This yr, Razer showed off a modular gaming desk-bound chosen Project Sophia, which has a gaming PC congenital inside. The desk also features numerous panels, then you lot can check out your system’s functioning, plan hotkeys or ship a message on Discord in an instant.

Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti

Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti

Nvidia may be launching its adjacent generation of graphics cards after this year, merely that didn’t cease the company from strengthening its existing thirty-Series range during CES 2022. The Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti GPU was unveiled this week, and it’southward packing even better retentivity speeds than the RTX 3090.

Odyssey Neo G8

Samsung Odyssey Neo G8

Samsung isn’t just a fantastic TV maker, just it’s also condign one of the leading monitor manufacturers. Its Odyssey Ark gaming widescreen impressed since information technology tin can be rotated to a vertical position, just it was the Odyssey Neo G8 that got us most excited.

This 34-inch gaming monitor features both a 4K resolution and 240Hz refresh rate, making it i of the absolute best all-rounders we’ve seen for PC gaming enthusiasts. It even has Quantum Mini LED backlighting to make games expect absolutely stunning.

AMD President and CEO Lisa Su

AMD Ryzen 6000 mobile processors

Intel wasn’t the only company to unveil its latest and greatest laptop chips, as AMD besides got in on the activity. Instead of focusing solely on processing speeds, AMD emphasised that the new Ryzen 6000 mobile processors will encounter big improvements in battery efficiency.

The new RDNA 2 integrated graphics will also provide a massive gaming performance boost for laptops that lack a discrete GPU.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE cameras

Samsung Galaxy S21 Iron

CES isn’t really a show that features multiple phone releases, but that doesn’t mean we’ve non had whatsoever tasty best phone contenders to see in Vegas. The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE finally got its official unveiling after months of speculation and it seems similar some other solid entry in the Korean brand’s always-increasing line-up.

Highlights of the device include the aforementioned main rear camera as the S21, a 4500mAh battery, IP68-rated body and a 120Hz OLED display.

Garmin Venu 2 Plus

Garmin Venu two Plus

We loved the Garmin Venu 2 when we reviewed information technology last year and the latest model looks prepare to be another fantabulous article of clothing. The large new add-on is effectually voice and the new microphones and speakers let y’all to use the watch to brand and receive calls.

This new model has a 43mm instance, putting it right betwixt the Venu 2 and Venu 2s in terms of size, a reported 9 days of battery life and all the usual fettle features you’d look from a Garmin Venu sentinel.


Asus ROG Flow Z13

The bulk of gaming laptops revealed at CES 2022 simply saw improved specs post-obit the new reveals from AMD, Intel and Nvidia, but Asus conspicuously wanted to push innovation even further with the launch of the ROG Flow Z13.

This gaming laptop copies the aforementioned form factor as Microsoft’s Surface Pro range, allowing you to disconnect the detachable keyboard in order to use the device as a tablet. The gaming hybrid packs an unremarkable Nvidia RTX 3050 Ti inside, but y’all tin can connect it to the Asus XG Mobile eGPU to harness the power of an RTX 3080 GPU. Information technology’s a fascinating device, and we experience information technology could be a perfect friction match for the likes of Xbox Game Pass and Google Stadia.

Dell XPS 13 Plus

Dell XPS 13 Plus

The Dell XPS 13 was already considered to be one of the all-time looking laptops on the market, yet the company has decided to requite it an update past introducing the new ‘Dell XPS xiii Plus’ model.

It has a hit design, with a keyboard that stretches out across the entire width of the deck, leaving no spaces in betwixt. The keyboard’s function row has also been turned into a touch panel, giving this ultra-portable laptop a futuristic vibe.

Samsung Freestyle

Samsung Freestyle

Samsung went big at CES 2022 and many of its best products accept picked upwardly All-time in Show awards. The Freestyle is one such product, a portable projector that can besides act as a smart speaker and a low-cal show.

Resolution tops out at 1080p, just there are some smart calibration tools that allow y’all to use this even on coloured walls.

Quite possibly the best thing though is the ability to run information technology off a USB-C PD power bank, making information technology the ideal companion for camping trips.

withings Body Scan
In that location’s a brandish for basic readings

Withings Body Scan

The Withings Trunk Scan is a smart scale, and so much more. It can perform an ECG thanks to the included handle, has body limerick tools and the ability to measure nerve activity.

It looks downright sleek too, with a glossy black stop and a pocket-size display to give you a quick overview of your readings.

smart pet collar

Invoxia Smart Dog Neckband

Pet tech is everywhere at CES and our favourite gadget for your iv-legged friend is this innovative collar. Basically an Apple Lookout for your pooch, the Invoxia Smart Dog Collar keeps an eye on sleep and middle rate and feeds the data dorsum to the companion smartphone app.

Lenovo Clock Smart Essential with Alexa

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential with Alexa

Swapping Google Assistant for Amazon’south Alexa, Lenovo’due south latest Smart Clock is both simple and feature-packed. The monochrome display should be nicer on the eyes when y’all’re checking the time at night while having Alexa onboard allows for piece of cake control over your smart dwelling.

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