Best iPad mini 6 Tips and Tricks

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If an ultra-portable tablet with superlative-notch specs in most aspects is what y’all’ve ready your sight on, the iPad mini 6 might be your ideal selection. Sporting a modernistic-looking design, power-efficient A15 Bionic, impressive cameras, and the always-reliable Touch ID, the mini has got the specs to warrant big attention. At present, if y’all have already bought this make-new iPad or planning to go one, check out these 25 best iPad mini tips and tricks to get the well-nigh out of your tablet.

When y’all talk about the iPad tips, y’all demand to go along both the hardware and software in heed for an enhanced experience. Putting both these aspects into consideration, nosotros accept lined upwardly hacks that tin can permit you lot shield your all-new iPad mini 6, style it, customize the software for a fully personalized feel, and even help y’all turn it into a handy notebook for the times where yous may desire to double down on productivity.

Oh yep, the roundup as well includes tips to improve your iPad mini 6 battery life. Got the insight? Permit’s jump right in!

1. Use Quick Notes to Take Notes Faster

With iPadOS 15, note-taking has become a lot faster than e’er earlier, thanks to the inflow of Quick Notes. You tin can take advantage of this productivity-defining characteristic to capture your thoughts anywhere on your iPad instantly without having to accept the traditional route.

Use Quick Notes on iPad mini 6

Only swipe diagonally upwardly from the bottom correct corner of the screen to bring up the floating Quick Note window using your finger or Apple Pencil. When using a connected keyboard, printing the Globe+Q to access Quick Note. Moreover, you also accept the pick to add the Quick Note to Control Center.

Become to
Settings app > Control Center
so tap on the
button to the left of Quick Note. It’s worth pointing out that Quick Notes are attainable in the Notes app. Interestingly, y’all tin view them on your iPhone and Mac equally well.

two. Lock Your Notes

Personal information always deserves an extra layer of shield to stay protected. So, if you lot have some private notes that you want to keep under the wraps, make sure to lock them.

To do and so, open up the
Notes app > open up a specific note > Menu
button (three dots) at the superlative right and then choose
in the menu. After that, create a countersign for your annotation (if you are locking your notes for the start time) and and then lock it.

iii. Edit and Annotate PDFs

Though the stock file manager app already offered a fashion to view PDFs, users could not edit PDFs. But that has changed for the better in iPadOS fifteen. That means you will no longer need to use tertiary-party PDF editors for basic PDF editing.

To go going, open
in the
app. Subsequently that,

swipe to the correct from the left edge of the screen to access the thumbnail page view, if it doesn’t testify upwardly automatically. Now, press and concur on a page or tap a page twice to reveal the edit menu. Adjacent up, become ahead and employ editing tools like rotating the page, inserting a blank page, or even scanning in new pages.

Not to mention, you can also get the most out of the markup tools (by tapping on the pencil button at the pinnacle correct) to annotate your PDFs.

4. Zip/Unzip Files in the Apple Files App

When you accept a ton of files to manage and keep them organized, ensuring they do not clutter the storage of your iPad, the option to compress/uncompress comes in super handy. And approximate what, you lot don’t need to expect anywhere else to get it done.

Simply open up the
Apple Files app
on your iPad and then long-press on the file that you lot want to zip and choose
Compress in the contextual menu. And if you lot ever want to decompress the file, long-printing on it and choose
Uncompress option
in the carte.

5. Disable Background App Refresh

If you want to improve the battery life of your iPad mini, make sure to turn off background app refresh as it’due south a huge power-sucking characteristic. No wonder it’s ofttimes found to be the wrecker-in-chief for the unexpected battery drain issue on iPad (iPhone included).

Head into the
Settings app, chooseGeneral > Background App Refresh > Background App Refresh,
and then select

Disable background app refresh on iPad mini 6

six. Blur Background in FaceTime Calls

Apple tree has revamped FaceTime in iPadOS fifteen with many notable features, including the ability to blur the background. Times when yous may want to take the attention away from the background or for that affair, hide unwanted things, it can seamlessly come up into play.

Simply, open up the FaceTime app and start a video phone call. When the video phone call is connecting,
an icon at the lesser of the brandish
showing a person within a rectangular box will appear. Tap on this icon to plough on the Portrait Manner.

If yous are already on a FaceTime call, tap on your thumbnail at the lesser right corner of the screen. Now, the
Portrait Manner icon volition bear witness up in a popup along with other options. Choose it to blur the groundwork.

vii. Enable Wide Spectrum Sound in FaceTime

Another notable feature in FaceTime in iPadOS 15 is Broad Spectrum Audio that can play a vital role in enhancing your video calling experience. What makes this microphone mode so useful is the ability to bring every single sound into your call, which makes information technology an ideal feature for when you want the other person to hear everything around you. Well, from what I can tell, it tin can spice up your video calling, especially when you desire to pay heed to everyone in the firm.

To get going, open FaceTime > initiate a video call and so admission the Control Center (swipe downward from the top correct corner of the screen on your iPad). Now, tap on the
Mic Mode
at the height right and then cull
Broad Spectrum.

8. Go along Groundwork Noise Away in FaceTime Calls

If yous are fond of FaceTime and oftentimes use information technology to communicate with friends and colleagues, you won’t desire to miss out on the Voice Isolation feature. When this characteristic is enabled, the microphone separates your vox from whatever distracting background noise to ensure your video calling remains a pleasing experience. With the aid of automobile learning, it is able to block out ambient noise and prioritize your voice to ensure it is clear.

Open the
FaceTime app
on your iPad mini and initiate a call. Then, access the control middle and striking the
Mic Style
push button at the top right. Finally, cull
Voice Isolation
in the card.

9. Manage Location Services Smartly

Like Background App Refresh, Location Services is as well a power-hungry characteristic that needs to exist managed smartly to extend the battery life. To do so, open the
Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Now, you tin can completely turn off location services or cull to let simply selected apps accept access to your location data depending on your needs.

Disable location services on iPad mini

x. Organise Your Notes with Tags

Tags make it pretty easy to go along notes organized and too observe them faster. Thankfully, Apple has introduced tags in the Notes app to let you organize your items in line with your preference. To get started, head into the
Notes app
and then open the note that you want to tag. After that, enter the hashtag “#” followed past the tag and then give a space.

For example, #iOS15. Exercise note that you tin can add together as many tags in a note as you need and include them anywhere you desire without any restriction. You lot should see all of your created tags on the Folders/Main screen.

11. Organise Your Notes Automatically

What if yous want a more convenient fashion to organize your notes and that also without having to intermission any sweat? Well, the Notes app has got y’all fully covered, courtesy of the Smart Folder. With this time-saving feature, you can automatically organize your notes based on your selected tags.

If it sounds interesting to you, open the Notes app and caput over to the Folders/Main screen. After that, tap the
Binder button
and choose
Smart Binder
in the carte du jour. Adjacent, give a suitable name > select the preferred tags > hitting
to confirm, and yous are practiced to go!

12. Utilise Reminders with Tags

Just like the Notes app, Reminders has also got tags. That ways keeping reminders organized volition no longer be painless and time-consuming for you. What’southward more than, the stock reminder app can let you lot create Smart Lists as well so that you will be able to keep everything in sync with utmost east.

Head into the
Reminders app
and then open an existing list. Then, tap a reminder or create a new one. After that, create a tag by tapping the hashtag “#” in the bill of fare bar that shows up above the keyboard. When creating a new list, you lot can create a
Smart List
to automatically sort your reminders based on tags, priority, due dates, location, and more.

13. Utilise Other Deject Storage Service

Though iCloud is selected as the default cloud storage service in the Files app, you tin can use tertiary-party options like Google Drive and Dropbox. Ensure that you have installed a tertiary-party cloud service on your iPad. After that, open up the
Files app > Browse tab > menu push button (three-dot icon) at the top right > Edit.
Now, turn on the toggle right next to your preferred cloud service, then make sure to tap
to confirm.

Use Google Drive as the desired cloud storage on iPad mini 6

fourteen. Notification Summary

With Notification Summary, you can not only keep your Notification Middle clean but also proceed runway of the less urgent alerts with ease. What makes it an appreciable feature is the power to let you schedule notifications and evangelize them at your desired time. To become the most out of this feature, open the
Settings app > Notifications > Scheduled Summary. At present, customize it in line with your preference.

fifteen. Enable Focus Way Automatically

If you use Focus Mode to keep distractions at bay, you would appreciate having the flexibility to automatically activate it at a specific time, location, and even when you open an app.

To practice so, get to
Settings app > Focus >
cull a specific Focus profile. Now, tap on
Add Schedule or Automation
and so customize it based on your needs.

sixteen. Hide Dwelling Pages When Focus Mode is Enabled

Focus Mode is all about keeping distractions away and then that you tin give your 100% to the job at hand. But what if certain habitation screen pages laden with social networking apps or games deviate you from your chore time and time again? Fret not; you can customize your domicile screen pages for a Focus profile to hibernate specific abode screen pages. To exercise and so, open the
Settings app > Focus > Focus profile > Home Screen > Custom Pages. At present, select the pages that you desire to prove.

17. Use Nighttime Way

Dark Mode not but boosts the viewing feel just besides plays its part in extending the battery life. Therefore, you should keep it enabled to protect your eyes from straining and also help the iPad mini final longer between charges.

Navigate to the
Settings app > Display & Brightness
and then choose
Night. Make sure to add the Dark Way icon to the Control Center (Settings > Command Center > Dark Mode) so that you can enable/disable it with ease.)

Enable Dark Mode on iPad mini 6

xviii. Disable Explicit Linguistic communication for Siri

If y’all often mitt over your iPad to your kid, yous should ensure that Siri behaves well. As interesting as information technology sounds, you can stop Siri from using bad language and so that when your piddling champ communicates with the personal assistant, it doesn’t use explicit languages remain away.

Navigate to the
Settings app > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions. Now, tap
Explicit Linguistic communication
under the
section and choose
Don’t Let.

nineteen. Create Safari Tab Groups

Subsequently a long wait, Apple has eventually added tabs to Safari. That ways you can now create different tabs based on specific topics like news, engineering, finance, sports, and more. It will not but let you browse faster but also keep Safari clutter-free.

and and then tap on the
tabs push button
at the lesser correct to utilise this new feature. Now, tap on
“X Tabs”
at the bottom middle. So, create a new empty tab group or brand a new tab grouping based on the existing tabs.

xx. Hibernate Your Subconscious Album from the Prying Eyes

 It’s always improve to go on your individual images away from the prying eyes. While the stock photos app does let y’all hide images, the hidden album remains attainable from the Albums tab that completely defeats the whole purpose.

But don’t worry, there is a way to hibernate the hidden album so that it doesn’t show up in the photos library. To do then, go to the
Settings app > Photos
and then turn off the toggle for
Hidden Album.

Hide the Hidden Album on iPad mini 6

21. Enable Mail Privacy Protection

Master Privacy Protection is another major privacy feature that has fabricated its way into the iPadOS xv. It’s designed to forestall advertisers from tracking your mail service activity. If you are wondering how it works, allow me tell you that information technology functions by keeping your IP address hidden and loading the remote content privately in the background – even when y’all don’t open the emails.

Head over to the
Settings app
on your iPad >
Mail > Privacy Protection
and and so plough on the toggle for
Protect Mail Activeness.

22. Use Background Sounds to Minimize Distractions

Putting more than accent on mental health, Apple has introduced “Groundwork Sounds” in iOS xv/iPadOS 15, which you tin employ to mask the surrounding noise. Go to the
Settings app > Accessibility > Sound & Visual > Background Sounds. Now, plow on the Groundwork Sounds switch. And so, select the desired sound and also customize the setting depending on your needs.

23. Hide Your IP Address in Safari

It’s no secret that trackers use IP addresses to access personal information like your location, Nix lawmaking, how you interact with a website, and even how long y’all spend on a folio. Fortunately, you can now hide your IP address in Safari and that besides without having to exist a part of iCloud+.

Yeah, y’all don’t take to pay anything to go on your IP address nether the wraps. Navigate to the
Settings app > Safari > Hibernate IP address
and and then cull
From Trackers.

Hide IP Address in Safari on iPadOS 15

24. Plow Your iPad mini into a Super Handy Laptop

What’south the point in having one of the about powerful tablets if you lot can’t get the most out of it as a portable laptop? And so, if you lot are looking for a way to not only safeguard your iPad mini from bumps but likewise convert the tablet into a useful notebook, you should purchase a keyboard case.

ProCase iPad Mini 6 Keyboard Case

ProCase has got all the bases covered to be a good keyboard example for your iPad mini 6, featuring a compact form cistron and a detachable keyboard with tactile keys. Better nonetheless, information technology’s also priced in the affordable category at $39. If y’all wish to go for a standalone case for your iPad, I would recommend you check ESR’southward slim case($19) and DTTO’s page case ($19) with an Apple Pencil holder.

25. Try Out Cheaper Apple tree Pencil Alternatives

While in that location is no denying that Apple Pencil is past far the best digital pen for iPad, it’s mode more than expensive than other similar options in the market. So, if you want a reasonably skilful stylus for your iPad mini without having to burn a hole in the pocket, you should give serious consideration to the Adonit Dash 3.

The universal stylus is priced at $30 and works quite well in letting you take notes, sketch, draw, and even design your arts with the needed grip.

Adonit Dash 3 (Black) Universal Stylus

26. Utilise a Tablet Stand

In that location are multiple reasons why a tablet stand is worth having a await at. Commencement and foremost, it offers multiple viewing angles so that yous can relish easily-free video calling and binge-watching. Besides, information technology tin can also work as a reliable charging dock to let your tablet get juiced up with consummate peace of mind.

OMOTON T1 iPad Stand

Made of high-course metal, OMOTON T1 is a complete tablet stand.

What’s more than, T1 can concur your iPad mini both vertically and horizontally for a much-improved viewing feel. Priced at $18, you can choose this modern-looking tablet stand in multiple color options, including blackness, silvery, rose gold, and more.

There you go! And then that concludes this extensive roundup of the all-time iPad mini tips and tricks. Keeping in listen diverse needs, we have included a variety of hacks to let yous get the well-nigh out of the tablet. Did we miss out on any cool hacks? If aye, be sure to shoot them in the comments section beneath.


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