Best iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro Tips and Tricks

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Got the iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro? With improved cameras, longer bombardment life, and brighter displays, the iPhone xiii and iPhone 13 Pro are easily amidst the best smartphones in the market right at present. Now, bank check out some of the best iPhone 13 and iPhone thirteen Pro tips and tricks to help y’all use them in a meliorate way.

The iPhone 13 and iPhone thirteen Pro might look the same as the iPhone 12, but they pack some notable new features and improvements over them. And if y’all are coming from an even older iPhone, at that place’s a lot to explore here for yous. Check out the all-time iPhone 13 and iPhone xiii Pro tips and tricks beneath.

ane. Transfer Data from iPhone

If you are coming in from an older iPhone, don’t forget to transfer your data starting time. That way, you become to avert having to gear up your iPhone 13 or iPhone1312 Pro from scratch.

While you can do that over iCloud, a faster way is to transfer your data directly from your previous iPhone (if y’all still have it at manus). Bank check out our guide on how to transfer data from your old iPhone to iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro.

2. Sympathise 5G Icons

The iPhone 13 serial comes with improved 5G connectivity over the iPhone 12. That allows for incredible download and upload speeds of up to 4.0 Gbps and 200 Mbps, respectively. With that comes 3 different status icons that you may want to continue an eye out on —
5G UC.

— Indicated normal 5G network availability.
5G UC—  Indicated faster high-frequency 5G network availability.

iOS 15 5G icons

3. Manage Smart Data Fashion

5G is astonishing. But it tin too ding your iPhone’s battery life. To make that less of an issue, your iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro features Smart Data Manner, a functionality that switches between 5G and 4G depending on network activity.

For case, you won’t need 5G while scrolling down your Twitter and Facebook timelines. Smart Data Way will make your iPhone use 4G in those instances. But if you choose to download a video on Apple TV, your iPhone 13 Pro automatically takes advantage of faster 5G.

Y’all tin can manage Smart Data Mode via
Phonation & Information. Select
5G Auto
to enable Smart Data Mode or
5G On
to disable the functionality — the latter setting will forcefulness your iPhone to use 5G all the time merely may terminate up draining your battery.

4. Restrict 5G

Smart Data Way aside, you can also restrict your iPhone 13 or iPhone thirteen Pro from using 5G (except during video streaming) by turning on Depression Ability Way. Caput into
to turn it on. Alternatively, you tin can tap the
Depression Data Style
icon within the Control Center to turn information technology on.

v. Buy 20W USB-C Ability Adapter

Your iPhone 13 does non come with a charging adapter, just information technology certain comes with a Lightning to USB-C cable for fast charging. So, consider grabbing a power adapter with a rating of 20W or higher instead of sticking to your old five-10W charger. That way, yous’ll be able to fast charge your iPhone from 0-fifty percent in just 30 minutes.

half-dozen. Get a MagSafe Charger

If yous prefer to charge your iPhone 13 wirelessly, get a MagSafe charger. This is because MagSafe chargers can wirelessly charge the iPhone 13 series at upwards to 15W speeds, notably faster than the vii.5W maximum charging speed of regular wireless chargers.

7. Install iOS Updates Over 5G

Another do good of 5G connectivity on the iPhone xiii series is that you can download iOS updates over 5G. To enable that, head over to
Data Mode
and select
Let More Data on 5G.

8. FaceTime Hard disk Calls

Thank you to 5G, yous can perform FaceTime video calls in 1080p HD on your iPhone xiii. Go to
Data Mode
and select
Allow More Data on 5G  to FaceTime in HD over 5G. Y’all tin also practice enjoy FaceTime HD calls on Wi-Fi.

9. FaceTime Eye Contact

You lot can complement FaceTime HD on the iPhone thirteen and iPhone thirteen Pro with Centre Contact. Once enabled, the feature will make it seem every bit if you are looking directly at the person on the other finish of the call instead of at the camera. To enable information technology, go to
and turn on the switch next to
Eye Contact.

10. Night Mode for All Cameras

With the iPhone xiii series, Apple is bringing Night mode support to all camera sensors. This ways y’all can at present take Dark mode shots using the telephoto likewise as the ultra-wide camera in low-light scenarios.

xi. Check Image EXIF Data

Apart from the improved image quality, Apple now also lets you lot view the EXIF details of photos correct on your iPhone. You can open whatsoever image in the Photos app and tap on the info ‘i’ push to view photo size, maps, photo date, time, resolution, and more.

12. Utilize iCloud Private Relay

A new iOS 15 feature, iCloud Private Relay hides your IP address and Safari browsing activity from network providers and websites so that no ane — including Apple can encounter who y’all are or what sites y’all are visiting. It shields your web traffic from prying optics and spammers. Private Relay hides information from both the Internet service provider and advertisers that aim to build your online profile.

iCloud Private Relay is merely available for paid iCloud users. Y’all can enable the toggle from the
Settings > iCloud > Individual Relay

iCloud Private Relay in iOS 15

13. Drag and Drop Content Beyond Apps

Y’all really need to use this trick in person to bank check its awesomeness. On your iPhone 13 or iPhone thirteen Pro, long-press whatsoever prototype/video/file from one app, open some other app, and drib information technology there. Continue the content pinned using one hand and open another app using another finger and driblet the content.

It works seamlessly across Apple apps. For case, you tin can select a photo from the Photos app and use the drag and drop method to attach it to an iMessage conversation.

14. Shoot Videos in Dolby Vision

The iPhone 12 was the first smartphone in the globe last year to allow shooting videos in Dolby Vision. However, the non-Pro models were limited to 4K30fps. In that location’s no such limitation this fourth dimension around, so if you take the iPhone 13 mini or iPhone 13, you can at present shoot stunning 4k60fps Dolby Vision videos and edit them straight off your iPhone.

Follow our guide on how to record Dolby Vision HDR videos on your iPhone.

16. Plow Off Nighttime Mode

The iPhone xiii series will automatically enable Night way in low-light scenarios for the all-time possible photos. Nevertheless, in some cases, y’all might want to disable Dark mode. Thankfully, in that location’due south a manner to exercise this likewise. Merely get
Settings -> Camera -> Preserve Settings
and enable the Night Manner toggle.

17. Shoot Macro Photos

If you have the iPhone xiii Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Max, you can utilise the ultra-wide camera to take macro photos as well. Merely get up close to a subject and the camera will automatically switch to macro manner.

iPhone 13 Pro Macro sample
Image Credit: Apple

xviii. Record Macro Videos

Yep, yous are not but limited to macro photos. You tin can also record macro videos on your iPhone thirteen Pro serial, including tedious-move and time-lapse videos.

19. Shoot Cinematic Videos

Apart from Dolby Vision, the iPhone 13 and iPhone xiii Pro series can also record Cinematic videos.

Cinematic videos have a bokeh-like event in which the subject is in focus and the background is blurred. If y’all want to take your videos to the next level, y’all should definitely try recording Cinematic Videos on your iPhone 13.

iPhone 13 Cinematic video

20. AirPlay 4K HDR Content

If you have a second-gen Apple TV or an AirPlay ii-enabled smart Boob tube, y’all tin AirPlay 4K HDR content using your iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro. Once your Mac gets the macOS Monterey support, yous’ll besides be able to AirPlay videos to it.

21. Quick Take Videos

Desire to shoot a quick portrait video for Instagram or for sharing it with your friends? Instead of fumbling around in the Camera app to try and switch to Video mode, simply tap and hold the
icon to start recording video with Quick Have on your iPhone thirteen or iPhone 13 Pro. Swipe your finger to the right if you want to switch to video recording completely.

22. Shoot in Apple tree ProRAW

Want to get the virtually out of your iPhone thirteen Pro’s photographic camera? So you can shoot photos in ProRAW format.

This is Apple’southward take on the RAW/DNG format, and it volition offering you greater flexibility while editing photos in post. This feature is exclusively available on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

23. Get the MagSafe Wallet Case with Find My Support

If you are someone who tends to lose or misplace their iPhone often, become the new MagSafe Wallet case from Apple. Aslope the iPhone 13, Apple tree launched an updated MagSafe Wallet case with Detect My functionality built in. This means y’all’ll be able to runway the case using the Detect My app on your iPhone and other Apple tree devices.

The instance tin come in handy if you are unable to track your iPhone direct. You can instead try to locate your wallet case.

iPhone 13 magsafe wallet

24. Lookout Videos in Picture-in-Picture Mode

Accept advantage of that big screen of your iPhone 13 Pro Max past watching videos in Picture-in-Picture mode. Swipe upwards while watching a video in full-screen mode, and you should come across the video testify upwardly in a floating PiP pane automatically. The functionality works on apps such as Apple TV, Hulu, YouTube, and Netflix.

25. Modify Default Browser

You no longer need to have Safari as the default browser on your iPhone thirteen or iPhone 13 Pro. Instead, you can set up up any other supported third-party spider web browser like Chrome or Firefox as the default i on your new iPhone.

To do that, swoop into the
app on your iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro and select the app that you desire to brand the default. So, tap
Default Browser App and specify the app as the default.

26. Track Your iPhone Even When Switched Off

Thank you to an improvement from Apple in iOS 15, you’ll be able to track your iPhone thirteen or iPhone 13 Pro even when information technology is powered off. This will ensure that you can track your iPhone even when it is stolen or it has run out of battery.

What’s Your Favorite iPhone thirteen Trick?

The list higher up is exhaustive by no means, so don’t forget to explore each nook and cranny of your iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro. If you lot find something unique, practise share it with us in the comments section below. Meanwhile, you may want to check our top 35+ iOS 15 tips and tricks for even more than ideas on what you can exercise with your new iPhone.


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