Best M1 iPad Pro Tips and Tricks

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Apple surprised everyone with an M1-packed iPad Pro at its ‘Spring loaded‘ event. Apple tree already leads the tablet market with its iPad lineup, and the new M1 iPad Pro is just going to widen that gap. If y’all plan on getting the M1 iPad Pro or have already purchased information technology, check out some tips and tricks for it to get the most out of it.

Best M1 iPad Pro Tips and Tricks

In the current work from home era, Apple expects people to use the iPad Pro with a wireless keyboard and mouse as the prime workstation to get things done. The company did make some pregnant changes to the iPadOS to brand it more desktop-friendly.

i. Unlock iPad with a Space bar

This is a handy play a trick on for those planning to utilize the Magic Keyboard with the iPad Pro. Just double click on the space bar to wake up the iPad screen. If you are already looking at the brandish, then information technology will log you in using Face up ID. The confront authentication works in both the portrait and mural orientation.

two. Invest In a Fast Charger

The 2022 M1 iPad Pro comes with a 20W USB-C charger out of the box. It volition have you around 3 hours to charge the device. The iPad Pro can really charge at speeds of upward to 27W, faster than the 20W charger which Apple tree bundles with information technology.

For convenience, we would suggest yous to buy a 30W Apple tree-certified charger to juice upward the iPad from 0%-100% in around 2 hours. There are actually enough of them available on Amazon for a relatively low price.

three. Employ iPad to Charge Your iPhone

One of the reasons to include the M1 chip inside the iPad Pro is to evangelize class-leading functioning without compromising on bombardment life. On the flip side, you will likely observe yourself in a situation where your iPhone is low on charge. In such a scenario, you can apply your iPad Pro to charge your iPhone.

But connect your iPhone to your iPad Pro using a USB Type-C to Lightning cablevision, and you lot are good to get. In fact, information technology can charge your Nintendo Switch and other USB-C devices using the iPad Pro besides.

4. Connect External Devices

iPadOS 14 now allows back up for external storage drives or SD cards to your iPad Pro. Connect it to the iPad using the Type-C port, and you can access media files using the Files app on the device. This is a dream-come-truthful scenario for all the content creators out at that place.

The M1 iPad Pro actually supports Thunderbolt connectivity, then you can connect high-bandwidth storage devices to it without an result.

connect external devices to iPad Pro

v. Zin/Unzip Files

Gone are the days when you lot needed a third-political party app to zip or unzip files on the iPad. The default Files app allows you to compress or uncompress files on the device.

6. Use Centre Stage During Video Calls

The 2022 iPad Pro comes with a 12MP Ultra-Broad camera lens with a 122‑degree field of view. With that, Apple tree has announced the Center Phase feature that uses the Ultra-Wide camera and machine learning to change the manner y’all appoint in video calls. As you movement around, it automatically utilizes an ultra-wide view to go on you centered in the frame. When others bring together in or exit the phone call, the view expands or zooms in.

The good news is, Center Stage isn’t express to FaceTime only. Information technology works with other video conferencing apps such as WhatsApp, Skype, Google Encounter, and Zoom for an fifty-fifty more engaging experience.

vii. Connect to External Display

Many people are going to utilize the M1 iPad Pro with an external monitor. The USB-C/Thunderbolt port on the M1 iPad can exist used to mirror your iPad Pro’s display or use as a secondary display in selected apps. The GPU inside the 2022 iPad Pro is powerful enough to support upwards to 6K resolution displays.

connect to 6k monitor

eight. Connect PS5 or Xbox Controller

The 2022 iPad Pro M1 is capable enough to run graphic-intensive games with ease. For a amend experience, you tin connect your existing PS5 or Xbox controller to iPad Pro via Bluetooth and savor a flawless gaming experience.

9. Switch to 4G Way to Salvage Bombardment

The latest iPad Pro comes with 5G capabilities. If you live in those areas where 5G is bachelor, it makes sense to employ 5G for faster download speeds. Others should switch from 5G to 4G connectivity from the Settings app to save battery life on the device.

10. Main the Dock Gesture

To reveal the Dock, you now swipe up just a bit from the lesser of the brandish and pause for a sec. This will bring upwardly the Dock. I’ll acknowledge, this is non an piece of cake gesture to get used to. And it’s possible that you might never get used to it. Those using a keyboard can opt for the Command + Selection + D keyboard shortcut.

11. Reveal Control Eye

Control Center plays a major role in the iPadOS. Using Control Center, you lot can access most-used functions such equally Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AirPlay, Camera, and more. To access the Command Eye, swipe down from the top-right section of the condition bar.

12. Use Apps in Divide Mode

The M1 iPad Pro’due south display is big enough to employ two apps side-by-side. When an app is open up, simply swipe upward to bring the Dock. Hold the app and drag the app to the left or right border to pin it there.  Now you lot tin use Twitter and browse Safari at the aforementioned fourth dimension.

apps in split mode

thirteen. Integrate a Floating App

The iPadOS 14 isn’t limited to viewing 2 apps at a fourth dimension. You tin can bring in a third floating app in Slide Over view. Drag in an app from the Dock and driblet information technology on tiptop of the two agile apps. The floating app volition stay on top, and you lot can motion it to the left or the right. Y’all can dismiss it likewise by swiping horizontally off the screen (and bring it dorsum later).

xiv. Elevate and Drop Between Apps

This is another neat trick for productivity gurus out there. When using apps in the split mode, you can drag a text, image, or weblink from one app and driblet it to some other. All Apple tree apps and nigh third-party apps support the drag and drib method.

drag and drop in iPadOS

The play tricks is useful when you are writing a enquiry paper in Word and want to add text and images from the web. Open the Safari browser in the dissever mode and use the elevate and drop method to quickly add media in the Word file.

xv. Master Keyboard Shortcuts

If you intend to use the iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard or any other defended keyboard, it would exist good to know about the various keyboard shortcuts and then that you don’t always take to utilize the bear on screen. You can practise this by holding down the Cmd primal, which will highlight all the supported keyboard shortcuts of an app.

16. Connect  External Trackpad and Mouse

iPadOS has native support for an external trackpad and mouse. The cursor support makes it user-friendly to select and edit text. It as well makes other tasks easier that require more precision than what your fingers can offering.

The mouse and trackpad support isn’t limited to Apple’south Magic Keyboard with trackpad. Y’all can use whatsoever third-party wireless mouse and keyboard with iPad Pro.

apple magic keyboard

17. Tap Apple Pencil on Screen to Speedily Accept Notes

Chop-chop tap on the iPad Pro screen to automatically wake upwards the display and open up a blank note in the Notes app. This mode, you tin can quickly start scribbling without the need to navigate the Notes UI.

18. Customize Apple Pencil Buttons

The Apple tree Pencil has a gesture pad on the side. And it has two actions – a unmarried tap and a double tap. In the Notes app, you can use tap to switch to the erase tool. The best thing is that app developers volition be able to customize this feature. So if you’re in a artistic app, expect for the choice in the app’s settings.

apple pencil

19. Invest in a Wi-Fi vi Uniform Router

The 2022 M1 iPad supports Wi-Fi six out of the box. Fast wireless connections are critical to getting things washed. With Wi‑Fi 6, rest assured that you’ve got the fastest Wi‑Fi available.

2021 iPad Pro launching with the M1 CPU doesn’t mean that it volition run macOS apps. The iPad still runs on the iPadOS 14 that Apple announced terminal year. If y’all are new to iPadOS, make sure to read our best iPadOS 14 tips and tricks to go to know everything about the Os.

Become ahead, apply the mentioned tricks to a higher place, and offset using your M1 iPad Pro with an external keyboard and mouse to make the most out of information technology. Which trick did you discover nigh useful? Sound off in the comments section below.


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