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Some people accept notes by hand, and some people accept notes on their laptop or pad.

At Dayspring Pens, we’re big fans of the former method.

Studies prove that taking notes by hand rather than on a calculator increases your chapters to think data.

Information technology makes sense: writing is a more involved and complex activity than typing on a keyboard.

Only if you’re like united states, you don’t desire to simply utilize any onetime pen. You’ll demand something a scrap more than sturdy and permanent than a plastic Bic pen.

That’south why we’ve put together this listing of the all-time luxury pens for notation taking.

Permit’due south take a wait!

The vii Best Dainty Pens for Taking Notes

What are the best luxury pens for note taking?

Hither’s our shortlist:

  1. Parker Jotter Click Gel Pen
  2. Dayspring Pens Richmond Ballpoint Pen
  3. Baron Fig Squire Rollerball Pen
  4. Airplane pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen
  5. Cross Tech3+ Multifunctional Pen
  6. Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen
  7. OHTO Dude Rollerball Pen

But let’south take a closer look at each of these pens ane at a time!

one. Parker Jotter

The Parker Jotter is a archetype pen (Y’all’ve probably seen it once or twice in 1 of your favorite movies or television shows).

Just what makes it so bang-up for note taking is its size, weight, and click-activeness.

It’due south on the shorter side of pens, so it feels like a pen you can really get to scribbling fast with.

It’due south actually lightweight for being made of mostly stainless steel. Information technology has a really prissy solidity with zero rattle similar most other click pens.

And the click is just really satisfying if you’re compulsive like me.

I mean, it’s in the proper noun.

Effort THE Jotter.

two. Dayspring Pens Richmond

Dayspring Pens Richmond in Hand over Notepad

One of the newest additions to the Dayspring Pens line, the Richmond combines a slimmer barrel, streamlined aesthetics, and uncomplicated, functional mechanics.

The Richmond is really sturdy, and because it’due south a ballpoint information technology can write on pretty much whatever surface and won’t run out of ink for a long time.

Overall, it’s an affordable luxury gift pen that writes similar a dream.


three. Baron Fig Squire

This pen has been all the rage lately, showing up at #1 on

The Strategist’s top 100 listing

We think these are beautifully designed rollerball pens with actually minimalist design that still stands out.

They’re perfectly balanced which makes them as fun to fidget with as they are to write with.

The stainless steel body gives it a actually expert solidity, and the twist-action machinery is really satisfying.


4. Airplane pilot Metropolitan

Our squad has fallen completely in love with Metropolitan over the terminal year.

It’s one of the most affordable loftier-quality fountain pens on the market place, and it writes ameliorate than about pens that are double or triple its price.

One of the things I really similar is how springy the nib is without really but bending right dorsum and/or breaking. It’s such a dainty quality in a fountain pen and makes writing really enjoyable.


5. Cross Tech three+

Cross Tech3+ Multifunctional Pen for Note Taking

This multi-functional twist-action pen features a black ballpoint, a ruby-red ballpoint, a mechanical pencil, and a stylus writing tip for touch screens all in one pen.

The power to switch between the blackness and the cherry-red pen instantly makes it perfect for grading papers!

With every twist of the pen, the writing tip cycles between the ballpoints and the mechanical pencil. The stylus can be attached to the cap end of the pen.

All this makes the Tech3+ an all-in-one pen, saving you both coin and time.


half-dozen. Kaweco Sport

The Kaweco Sport has receiv
ed a lot of attention over the last couple of years.

It’s a wonderfully fun pen with a lot of character and functionality.

I love the unique cap size that seems to swallow the whole pen, only gives information technology proper size when posted on the back cease.

Without the posted cap, the pen is quite small, but it makes for a quick, effortless piddling writing instrument.

The beak is really high quality, but I recommend getting the medium sized one which has a smoother draw than the small nib.


7. OHTO Dude

The OHTO Dude rollerball has been one of my favorite everyday acquit pens over the last twelvemonth.

It’s got a really cool barrel design that transitions between a traditional round butt at the back to a hexagonal shape in the middle of the barrel and the cap.

Despite its unconventional barrel shape, this pen posts its cap satisfyingly.

Rollerballs similar the Squire and the Dude are not bad because they have h2o-based ink that makes a really bold line, and they draw across the folio super smoothly.

The drawback is, unlike ballpoints, they tin can’t write on smooth surfaces, and the ink tends to sink into the folio pretty deep, so if y’all have thin paper, just be aware.

That said, I really honey the Dude, it’s easy to employ and super smooth, then I’m happy to recommend it for taking notes.


Often Asked Questions

Why have notes by hand?

Taking notes by hand cuts out a lot of room for


on your laptop, phone, or tablet. Your sketchpad doesn’t usually ring with notifications on the regular. Plus, taking notes by hand forces you to tiresome down and use your torso, to think about the words yous’re writing down more than you would only typing.


also prove that your capacity to recall data increases when you take notes by hand.

What kind of pens are best for note taking?

While I similar rollerball pens because I notice them smoother, I think objectively ballpoint pens are the best. They

don’t smudge

equally much as other pens, and they can write on slick surfaces.

Merely really, you just take to observe a pen that works, that unlocks the best written report habits in you.

What’s the best pen for students?

From the list in a higher place, I think the Baron Fig Squire is going to be a crowd favorite for students. It’s just likewise absurd and so functional.

What’s the best pen for professionals?

I recall the Jotter is going to be the all-time move for professionals. Information technology looks astonishing, and information technology can absolutely floats across a page.

Don’t take it from me. Trust the 2 greatest corporate professionals on TV: Don Draper and Dwight K. Schrute, who are both Jotter users.


That’s all for our list of the all-time luxury pens for note taking.

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Before you get, tell us what pen you use for note taking in the comments below!

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