If yous are ever looking to get an old console and are non sure where to begin, the Playstation ii is the easiest bet. The large selection of games from simply most any genre in being makes it a great choice for whatever games you may exist into, even shoot em’ ups which had lost a lot of its steam by the 6th generation.

The Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, and especially the TurboGrafx-16 were all littered with many amazing shoot em’ ups but as the new consoles were released, focus shifted more towards 3D games rather than second, the genre began seeing a lot less attention. Luckily, the mighty Playstation 2 withal has many great shoot em’ ups with ten of the best being nerveless here and then they tin get some more than recognition!





Problems Princess

was developed past the legendary shoot em’ up creators at Cave who developed other great games like

Decease Smiles


Akai Katana. Mushihime-Sama

is a bug-themed shoot em’ up with enemies resembling butterflies, beetles, and other insects and is set in different locations throughout the forest. The game was later ported over to the Xbox Live Market with enhanced visuals and arranged, novice, and Xbox 360 mode in 2012 as well equally afterwards being ported over to Steam.


received a sequel on mobile phones in 2006 called

Mushihime-Sama Bug Panic.


Silpheed: The Lost Planet

Developed past Treasure and published in North America by Working Designs,

Silpheed: The Lost Planet

is a direct sequel to


Considering it was localized and published past Working Designs, the game comes with a high-quality, holographic volume and cover, similar to their previous releases.


Silpheed: The Lost Planet,

you tin can equip two weapons at in one case, each residing on either the left or correct of your send – each correlates with the circle and square buttons and both can be fired simultaneously with the X button. The game is not quite top-down like other shoot em’ ups but instead, has an angled view slightly behind your ship.


Mobile Low-cal Force 2

While the box art may lead you to believe that you are about to play a game based on the Charlie’s Angels franchise,

Mobile Light Strength 2

, known equally

Shikigami no Shiro

in Japan, is heavily steeped in anime and Japanese civilization.


Mobile Light Forcefulness ii,

when you hold down the burn button your character slows down and all nearly-past items are absorbed. The game also focuses heavily on a take chances versus reward system and will grant the player points when enemy bullets are in close proximity to their character.


Castle Shikigami ii

Castle Shikigami two,


Shikigami no Shiro


in Japan, is actually the sequel to the previous entry

Moblie Light Force ii,


Shikigami no Shiro 1

– confusing, right? It’due south but a small instance of how western developers were afraid that western audiences would appreciate attractive protagonists with swoopy pilus.

Castle Shikigami ii’south

gameplay is very similar to the previous game in the serial but added more than characters, bringing the total number of playable characters to 7. There are 5 dissimilar stages, each consisting of 2 parts with a dominate at the end of each part.


Dragon Bonfire

Dragon Blaze,

developed by Psikoyo,
plays out more similar a bullet-hell than a typical shoot em’ up. Bullet-hells are defined by their massive amount of bullets on the screen that you lot must dodge while also trying to have out your enemies. Each graphic symbol in the game has a standard shot, charged shot, and a bomb, but each character too rides a dragon which can exist dismounted and also used equally a weapon. The dragon does an initial piercing attack then acts as a stationary selection until information technology is called back.




adult past Cavern,
uses 3D models in a 2D overhead world similar to other games from the developer.


is a spiritual prequel to


and was later followed upwards by

Espgalunda II.

Gameplay should experience familiar to any who accept played a Cave shoot em’ upwards in the past. You utilise your normal assault by pressing the burn button and holding down the fire button volition send out a more focused straight-alee attack call the rapier. Like other Cave games, there are many other gimmicks to the gameplay which must be figured out to become the best possible score and do the near impairment.


Gunbird Special Edition

Psikyo released 4 dissimilar compilations which included ii games from legendary shoot em’ up series including

Strikers 1945

I & Ii and

Gunbird I & Two.

Gunbird Special Edition

includes arcade versions of both



Gunbird 2


New features were added including viii dissimilar difficulty modes, multiple view options including letterboxed, vertical, full screen, and horizontal, too as a practice mode for beginners. The


games started off on arcade but the first i was ported to the Sega Saturn, PlayStation 1, Steam, and the Nintendo Switch.

Gunbird 2

was ported to the Sega Dreamcast and Android.


Raiden 3


is a long-running shoot em’ up series adult by the arcade connoisseurs Taito, with the first game coming out in 1990 and seeing release on multiple platforms on the Atari Jaguar and PC Engine.

Raiden III

plays similarly to other games in the series, while also adding new mechanics. The primary weapon has been upgraded to a piercing proton light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation and their missiles upgraded to radar missiles. The wink shot multiplier mechanic was also introduced which rewards players with more than points the faster they destroy an enemy once they have appeared.


R-Type Final

Developed by IREM and made to exist the final game in the series,

R-Blazon Final

takes place following multiple wars confronting the master antagonist of the series, Bydo. Though

R-Blazon Last

was meant to be the terminal game released in the series, information technology was followed upwards past

R-Type Tactics

on the Playstation Portable with a direct sequel called

R-Blazon Last two

set to come out this twelvemonth.

R-Type Final

allows you to choose from 101 dissimilar ships to use, some of which are altered versions of ships that had appeared in the previous titles in the series. New ships are unlocked through a branching system that is accessed in the R Museum, giving the game enough of replayability.


Gradius 5

Gradius V

was developed by Treasure, One thousand.rev, and Konami. Treasure, the developers behind astonishing games similar

Gunstar Heroes



is a group of ex-Konami members who left Konami in the early ‘90s to first their own company.

Gradius V

marks the first time the two (Konami & Treasure) had worked together since they split in the early on 90s.

Unlike previous entries in the series, in

Gradius 5

when y’all lose a life you lot appear in the exact same place y’all had died, where in previous games you lot’d accept to start from the offset of the level.

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