Best Sd Card Manager For Android

Compared to iPhone, the most distinctive characteristic of Android phone is SD card. Though you may say it brings you lot many restrictions when using it, you cannot deny that information technology actually helps y’all a lot. First of all, information technology offers you much storage space to store more files than before. Besides, SD card is easy to get and alter. If you want, you can easily alter a bigger storage SD carte du jour. And you are able to access and manage these files on SD card with Android SD card managing director. With SD card manager for Android, y’all not simply can manage all the information on SD card, and likewise transfer applications, move files from your PC direct to SD card. Otherwise, information technology allows yous to backup files from your Android phone. And which Android SD card manager is ameliorate to manage files on Android? This article has introduces 5 all-time SD card managers for Android and their bones usage methods.

i. Wondershare MobileGo for Android

Why we choose
Wondershare MobileGo
every bit 1 of the best SD card managers for Android? The kickoff reason is its powerful features. It allows you lot to preview your files, backup your data including contacts, photos, apps and text letters; manage your storage infinite; transfer applications and files betwixt your computer and Android phone. What’southward more, this Android SD card manager supports a large range of devices including tablet. And information technology lets you import and export your media files and automatically update your contacts and letters. Besides, it has the fast speed to sync and transfer files. Another reason is its simple and user-friendly interface. With its clean interface, you lot tin can easily get what you desire.


  • • Simple and user-friendly interface.
  • • Backup and update your information like contracts, messages, applications, ect.
  • • High running speed.


  • • Does not sync photos itself with Outlook.
  • • Sometimes the connection volition be lost of a sudden.
  • • Cannot receive text messages timely.

Wondershare MobileGo for Android

How to manage SD Menu with Wondershare TunesGo

Step 1: Connect Android phone with estimator

Once yous download and install Wondershare TunesGo on calculator, yous can launch the program to detect Android phone via Wi-Fi or USB cable.

Footstep ii: Manage SD card from left column

Admission to “Files” > “SD Bill of fare” from the left column, y’all tin can admission to all folders and files on SD card on Android phone. Afterward that you can backup or transfer files with the SD carte du jour manager.

ii. Apowersoft Telephone Manager

Apowersoft Phone Managing director
is another first-class Android SD card manager. It non only helps you manage your SD storage space, only also offers you the services of transfer, manage, view, backup and restore mobile files. Y’all tin can hands access all files you want including SMS, videos, contacts, apps, bookmarks, wallpapers, music, files, etc. For transferring files, you are immune to stream files from your telephone or calculator directly to the SD card. And you tin also export files and mange files from SD card. The Android SD carte manager lets you motility single files or the whole folder to your estimator. Sometimes, if you desire to salve your SD storage space, it allows you to delete files from SD card. Otherwise, with the help of Apowersoft, yous tin backup important files to your PC. And at that place are ii ways to connect to this Android SD card manager, via WIFI or through USB cable.


  • • Supports all versions of Android.
  • • Transfer, manage, fill-in and restore files easily.


  • • The running speed is not fast.

Apowersoft Phone Manager

How to transfer files to SD carte with Apowersoft Telephone Transfer

Step i: Connect Android to PC with USB cable or Wi-Fi

Download and install the telephone manger on your computer, and so open the plan and connect your Android phone to PC with USB cable or Wi-Fi.

Step 2: Choose SD Bill of fare Console from the left side

One time you access to the SD bill of fare of Android phone, you tin can manage SD card files with Import, Export, Refresh and Delete menu.

iii. AirDroid

AirDroid is one of my favorite SD carte du jour managers for Android recommended to you. Information technology has a special feature compared to other SD card Android managers. It allows you to manage your SD card with a web browser instead of the traditional interface. So what tin can we do with this web browser? It can add together or delete applications or files from your Android phone. What’s more than, it helps you lot to sync all your data including agenda entries, contacts, photos, multimedia files, and so on. Transfer your files betwixt your Android phone and computer; share your messages, contacts and organize your data easily with information technology. Otherwise, the bachelor infinite on your SD carte du jour and internal retentiveness are constantly presented on that web, and you tin can speedily get your storage space even when your Android phone is not placed nearby. Especially, it tin can locate your phone when you lot lost your Android device anywhere and lock it.


  • • Simple web-based User Interface.
  • • Wireless connection with the SD menu managing director.
  • • Powerful and useful Clipboard role.


  • • No moving-picture show-matching characteristic.
  • • Both need networks on the computer and your Android phone.


How to use the SD card manager AirDroid

Step ane: Connect to AirDroid Server

Once you download and install AirDroid on Android, you lot can launch the plan and tap “Start” to starting time the AirDroid server.

Step ii: Access to spider web browser to manage SD carte

Follow the educational activity of AirDroid to plug the IP address into your spider web browser’s address bar. Subsequently that you can utilise the SD carte du jour manager on browser to transfer and manage Android content.

four. MOBIledit

is one of the most popular SD menu Android manages, which y’all shouldn’t miss. Information technology offers you an easy portal to manage data on your reckoner and transfer files from other types of phones. And this Android SD menu manger lets yous connect your device to PC via USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and IrDA. In one case your phone connects to computer, information technology will detect your device immediately and automatically sync media files, contacts, calendar, SMS messages, and so on. Otherwise, a useful guide helps you exercise the installation and syncing work greatly. And you lot can easily admission the oft used files with the help of
MOBIledit. Moreover, if your phone connects PC with WiFi, you demand to install the
MOBILedit Connector App


  • • Convenient features.
  • • Easily manage files.
  • • Enable to Send, archive, search and print text letters.


  • • Only update phone data on PC.
  • • Expensive.
  • • No Download Center.


How to manage Android SD Card with MOBIledit

Step ane: Connect Android phone to MOBIledit

Merely connect Android telephone to MOBIledit with a Bluish-tooth or USB cable, and and then the programme can observe the Android phone in the left menu. Cull the detected Android telephone and select SD carte.

Footstep 2: Manage Android SD card with MOBIledit

Once you enter the SD card of Android, you might need to enter a Pin code before acquire data from Android telephone. And and so you tin manage SD bill of fare of Android by exporting, importing or deleting files.

5. Mobisynapse

To greatly manage your Android phone and connect to your PC,
is one of the all-time choices among SD card managers for Android. It is a powerful Android SD card manager as well as a utility app for Android devices. Yous can connect your phone to computer through USD cable or WiFi. And information technology allows you to sync Outlook contact details, messages, calendars, reminders, notes, etc. You are able to transfer mobile files between PC and your Android phone. Additionally, it offers a data backup and restoring option too. And there is also a agenda on information technology letting you check the important days.


  • • Smart and simple interface.
  • • Gratis version available.


  • • The free version does not back up auto sync via USB and Wi-Fi.


How to use manage SD card with Mobisynapse

Step i: Connect Android phone to figurer with USB cablevision or Wi-Fi

On your Android device, click “Settings”, click “Wifi network” and brand sure Wi-Fi network is turned on. Then you tin link Android phone and Device with Wi-Fi.

Footstep 2: Manage SD card for Android from computer

And now you can check the content of Android from the interface of the Mobisynapse, y’all tin manage all the files with ease.


If you desire to find a suitable Android SD card managing director, cull from the best options that no i volition make you disappointed. If yous have an interest in transferring files between Android devices, Android SD carte director should exist your best selection, just download the trial version to learn more than particular about the features for the programs first.