Best Settings For Cod Mobile Controller

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Call of Duty: Mobile
developed by TiMi Studios, a subsidiary of Tencent Games, has taken the market by storm since its release in October of terminal year. In various game modes, players are able to experience the known
Call of Duty
(CoD) formula including a Warzone-esque Battle Royale manner. Equally such, it works well for those who want to feel CoD on the road, be it on our smartphones or tablet devices.

Other than in the console market, the device y’all volition be able to play on are far from standardised, so customisation towards your devices needs will exist required. Fortunately, nosotros have merely the guide for y’all to set up your telephone for best performance!

Call of Duty: Mobile Best Settings – Controls

Y’all tin access the settings for
Call of Duty: Mobile
past clicking the cogwheel in the upper right corner of your screen. First, you lot will exist thrown in the Controls panel. Here the best selection for advanced gameplay is to select “Advanced Way”. From there, we suggest to hit another cogwheel next to “CUSTOM”.

One time you lot’ve arrived in that carte, you lot will take the option to select either “ADS” or “HIP”. For every weapon but the sniper rifle, information technology is advised to use HIP burn down. The reason hither is that controlling your aim gets very awkward at close ranges when you’re forced to ADS in outset when firing, making you lot very vulnerable to close up fights when it’south entirely preventable. Given that you don’t take close upward fights with a sniper burglarize, the ADS option works well for those weapons.

Go on in mind that the controls we set hither have to be individually adjusted to all three game modes. Nosotros suggest that you keep all three settings for each game fashion the same to not learn different habits and weaken the charge per unit at which you progress in your musculus retention. The Custom Layout pick is down to your own preferences and y’all will need to customise push sizes and placements depending on your grip method and your device size. A lot of pro players will use both their alphabetize finger and their pollex to navigate controls. For those more inclined to play on the become, while property the phone in your hands, the default settings with adjusted button sizes volition work just fine.

Telephone call of Duty: Mobile All-time Settings – Basics

Call Of Duty Mobile Best Settings

Aim Help – On

There’s actually no reason to non give yourself the slight competitive edge. Belongings an angle with Aim Assist will requite yous a bit more time to accurately react to an enemy turning the corner and will make information technology easier to stay on your target during tracking situations. Switch it off only for the claiming.

Fast Throw Grenade – Off

Not a crucial difference but you will more likely benefit from accurately throwing with the help of the arc than doing a quick throw.

Quick Run (From Prone) – On

We aren’t roleplaying a real military machine state of affairs but are trying to get the best out of our game. No reason to switch this off.

Joystick Auto-Jump – Off

More often than not, setting this to “On” will result in more frustration than being in command of your step at all times.

Fixed R-Burn BTN – On
Stock-still Joystick- On
Fixed Virtual Joystick Brandish Position – Off
Right burn button for fixed perspective – On
Release R-Fire BTN of Shotgun to Hipfire – Off
Hide Decumbent Button (Hold crouch to prone) – Off

These settings maximise screen resource and will help get rid of unnecessary clutter as needed.

ADS – Tap to ADS

This ensures maximum command over your aim and trigger subject field.

Call Of Duty Mobile Best Settings

Display left burn button – On/Off

Slide (While Running) – Tap burrow while sprinting

E’er Sprint – Off

Sensitivity 60-70

Call Of Duty Mobile Best Settings

Gyroscope – Off

For Gyroscope, it needs to be pointed out that some players do play with this setting on. The setting commits your total body to the act of motion, using your phone’s gyroscope to expect around. If you lot’re just hanging out in a public setting or you’re commuting, this is probable to become you some weird looks.

Camera FOV – Depends

Camera FOV (Field of Vision) is one of the sliders that volition near effectively assistance yous with framerate or overheating issues. On tiptop of that, information technology comes downward to personal preference if you’d rather have targets to appear larger or if you want to know more about what’s going on in your outside vision. The style multiplayer maps are set up, small FOVs will suffice while wider ones might aid in Battle Royale, though the frame rate may get an outcome as well. This is a setting you should play around with and see how information technology feels and how your device handles it. Perchance different settings based on game style might brand some sense here.

Call of Duty: Mobile All-time Settings – Audio and Graphics

Call Of Duty Mobile Best Settings

Graphic quality – Depression or Medium

For a solid performance, Low or Medium settings are all-time and may keep your device from overheating – a real business with advanced mobile games on some devices.

Frame Rate – High

Unless you take a dedicated gaming phone, your device volition non have a higher refresh rate than 60hz, even if it is a flagship device. Loftier sets the settings to 60 frames and therefore is a solid setting to keep all around.

Depth of field – Off

Ragdoll – Off

Bloom – Off

Anti-Aliasing – Off

These settings all relate to performance in a major way, helping your device to handle the game at adequate frame rates and temperature.

Real-Fourth dimension Shadows – On

This is the only setting that’south worth keeping on for competitive reasons, allowing you to gain actress information based on the shadows that enemies leave.

Call Of Duty Mobile Best Settings

BR Mode Graphic Style – Realistic

Adjust Screen – Checked

The suit screen setting works well in
Call of Duty: Mobile
with even pro players leaving it checked.


Generally speaking, these settings are once over again up to you. Music might be taking abroad focus from your game and your teammates communication and it is advised to switch it off. One tip in these settings is that for some devices, the voice chat tends to issues out in a weird way. Switching Vocalism Chat and Microphone on and off again oftentimes will ready the issue.

This is it for our
Call of Duty: Mobile
Season nine settings guide. If y’all want to discover out more tips and tricks such as how to choose your sensitivity or customise your loadout for maximum efficiency stay tuned to GGRecon!

Images courtesy of TiMi Studios