Best Switch Games: The top 10 games to buy for Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo Switch

Switch OLED

and Switch Light are some of the nigh popular games consoles around, offering up portability on top of some of the all-time games we’ve seen in years. Here are all the best Switch games you should exist buying for your portable console this yr.

With some Nintendo exclusives, besides as 3rd-political party titles, the Switch boasts a fantastic library, ranging from blockbusters to social simulation games. This hybrid panel really does have something for everyone.

That’s why we’ve gone through the problem of compiling some of the best Switch games out at that place for yous to bask this yr. And then, without farther ado, hither are our picks for the top ten all-time Switch games.

How we exam

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We play every game nosotros review through to the stop, outside of certain exceptions where getting 100% completion, similar Skyrim, is close to impossible to do. When we don’t fully finish a game before reviewing it nosotros will ever alarm the reader.

Metroid Dread

Best Metroidvania game on Switch


  • Excellent gainsay
  • Great range of weapons and upgrades
  • Jaw-dropping cinematic cutscenes
  • Stealth sections add together diverseness


  • Recycled mini boss battles
  • May be too hard for some

Metroid Dread has perfected the Metroidvania formula, while elevating the series to new heights with rewarding combat and stunning 3D cutscenes that look specially good on the Switch OLED.

This game might not be for everyone; the college difficulty and a lack of accessibility mean that easy-going gamers might be best looking elsewhere. Just anyone who’s been feeling nostalgic and looking for a challenge can step upwards to the plate.

With new stealth segments that add together a level of tension and an intuitive counter-attack system, this game feels gratifying to play and will make the perfect improver to your library, especially if y’all’re looking for a challenge.

Ryan Jones
Full Review:
Metroid Dread Review

Animate being Crossing: New Horizons

Virtually relaxing Switch game


  • Beautiful, adorable and a joy to look at
  • All of its systems are wonderfully deep and rewarding
  • Builds upon everything that came before it
  • Ferociously addictive and remarkably paced


  • There’s simply a certain corporeality of things to do per day
  • Deeper relationships with islanders would be corking

Beast Crossing games normally striking it out of the park, only it’southward saying something that this game is now encroaching on existence two years former and is still one of the best Switch games on the market.

It’s the championship that got many of us through the first lockdown; with updates coming in frequently and content created by the players, at that place is ever something to exist doing on your isle, whether that’south communicable new fish, growing more than plants or trying to pay back your never-catastrophe loan from Tom Nook.

This is a championship that anyone can savour; charming graphics and rewarding but simple systems mean that you can put as much time every bit you want into your island, with the gameplay never feeling like a slog. With pacing so remarkable that we’re still talking near it years later, this is undoubtedly one of the best Switch games you can buy.

Jade King
Total Review:
Creature Crossing New Horizons Review

Mario Kart viii Deluxe

Best racing game on Switch


  • Boxing Mode is a superb addition
  • Plenty of challenge here for all skill levels
  • New assists for beginners work a treat
  • So many tracks and racers


  • Some will desire a brand-new Mario Kart on Switch

With the immediate bonus of portability, Mario Kart viii Palatial is the perfect title for anyone looking for some multiplayer shenanigans. Play it on the Television to experience the stunning visuals with friends, or whip out your Switch on your daily commute to go a few laps in before work.

With the likes of Zelda, the Squid Kids and Isabelle from Brute Crossing, a lot of Nintendo’s love characters are accounted for. Race them through beautiful tracks insanely speedily at 200c, or take a trip to an alternate dimension in Mirror Mode, which flips all the maps backwards for an extra claiming.

Marked as 1 of the best multiplayer games out there, never listen only for the Switch, Mario Kart eight Deluxe is an integral part of anyone’due south game roster and the perfect game to bring everyone together. And it’due south a bang-up time to buy, with Nintendo releasing even more than tracks in the adjacent two years for those who purchase the expansion.

Brett Phipps
Full Review:
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

The Legend of Zelda: Jiff of the Wild

Best open-world game on Switch


  • Beautifully realised and huge open world
  • Very satisfying gameplay
  • Incredible depth
  • It’s tough, but always fair


  • So-and then voice acting
  • Small-scale functioning dips

While we don’t throw effectually the world ‘masterpiece’ all too ofttimes, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild more than earns that title. With beautiful landscapes that polish on the OLED and when the console is docked, you tin get lost for hours roaming the lands of Hyrule.

This version of Hyrule is drenched in darkness, frozen in fourth dimension by the terrifying Cataclysm Ganon. Monsters roam free and citizens alive in fear, making information technology your job to return the globe to what it once was. A plethora of zany and quirky characters help uncover more than about this world, with tons of side quests and missions meaning that you lot’ll never really run out of things to practise.

Coming out as i of the first titles for the Switch, Breath of the Wild is still incredibly popular. And with Breath of the Wild 2 at present in development, it’southward the perfect time to go reacquainted with Link in 1 of his best adventures yet.

Brett Phipps
Full Review:
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Super Mario Odyssey

Best 3D platformer on Switch


  • The all-time Mario has ever been
  • So many nods to the series’ history
  • Hundreds of Power Moons to collect
  • Phenomenal soundtrack


  • Some of Cappy’southward moves require motion controls

We couldn’t do a top x Nintendo list and not include everyone’southward favourite plumber. Super Mario Odyssey culminates in a brilliant mix of old and new, with motion controls making a comeback alongside a new character: the well-loved and well-worn, Cappy.

Cappy takes command over pretty much anything you throw him at, from frogs to dinosaurs to massive totems – there is almost nothing he can’t exercise. While the story isn’t basis-breaking, the gameplay definitely is, with the best level design that the franchise has e’er seen.

Offer a massive amount of variety and humour, with New Donk City coming in as a personal favourite, you can’t become incorrect with a Mario game. Plus, all the hidden collectables and secrets mean you’ll be playing this game for months.

Brett Phipps
Full Review:
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Stardew Valley

Best farming simulator


  • Endlessly fun, addictive and rewarding
  • So much depth to its many mechanics
  • Ambrosial in its writing and presentation
  • You’ll lose dozens of hours tending to your farm


  • Pixelated visuals might not be for everyone

Take a step dorsum from your workday and follow in the footsteps of Stardew Valley, 1 of the most wholesome entries on this listing. Coming in as a like game to Creature Crossing, Stardew Valley puts y’all in the shoes of a young person who can’t accept the corporate grind any longer, and leaves to run their late grandfather’s farm.

Plant crops, explore caves and find your next best friend in your brand new town. With no Tom Nook-equse character in sight, the earth is your oyster, allowing y’all to play this game at your own stride.

With countless options and a delightful soundtrack, this game offers up a new globe for each thespian and is one of the easiest games to lose yourself in. And permit’south exist honest, any game where you can adopt your ain canis familiaris is a winner in our books.

Jade King
Full Review:
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Life is Strange: Truthful Colors

Best branching-story game on Switch


  • One of the serial’ most constructive stories yet
  • Haven Springs is brilliantly realised
  • Graphic symbol design and animation has greatly improved
  • Fantastic soundtrack


  • Enough of glitches popped up during the playthrough

Life is Strange: True Colors offers up Hollywood-esque visuals alongside drama that could work on the large screen. The story-centric focus allows you to shape the narrative through your decisions, which gives it a bully replayability.

The gameplay here is driven by conversations between the player and NPCs, with multiple options available depending on what choices you lot make. Nosotros won’t prevarication, this is an emotional story that packs a lot of punch, making it more akin to starting a great drama serial than a new video game.

Deck 9 and Square Enix definitely took a gamble here, but as one of the virtually refined entries to engagement, we highly recommend this game to anyone out there with a Switch.

Thomas Deehan

Full Review:
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Pokemon Sword and Shield

Great Pokémon RPG on Switch


  • Galar is a vast and inviting world
  • Combat remains as charmingly addictive every bit ever
  • So many new Pokémon to come across
  • Innovates on the formula is some neat ways


  • Visually underwhelming
  • Some of its new ideas feel underutilised

Another franchise that we couldn’t possibly get out off the Best Switch games list; Pokémon Sword and Shield is the fully-fledged console interation of Game Freak’s Pokémon series, and it’s been a long time coming.

Bringing the depth y’all would expect from cadre Pokémon entries, you’ll be placed into the region of Galar, which may await familiar to anyone living in the United Kingdom. In that location is a whole new cast of characters for you lot to meet alongside a bounty of new Pokémon to catch and befriend.

Pretty much everyone that owns a Switch console needs at least ane Pokémon game in their roster, and we can’t recall of a better first than this duo game, packed with quirky graphics and the same silent protagonist we’ve come to beloved. You’ll only have to make sure that you can catch ‘em all.

Jade Male monarch
Full Review:
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WarioWare: Get information technology Together!

Best party game


  • Fresh new take on the WarioWare formula
  • The animation is delightful
  • Tons of replayability


  • Story manner doesn’t amount to much
  • Some characters feel like a hindrance

Fifty-fifty afterwards almost two decades, the WarioWare serial knows how to go on things fresh and weird, as this entry brings in more chaotic microgames that are addictive as they were when we were kids.

WarioWare: Get information technology Together is definitely a different experience from most other games on this list, as it won’t offer up the rich storylines of Jiff of the Wild, but it’s still a remarkably unique and interesting experience that has tons of replayability. It’southward a particularly great game to play with a group of friends!

Nintendo also went to swell lengths to add another layer to this game, called Wario Cup. This feature offers up a brand new challenge every calendar week and so you lot tin show off your WarioWare skills on a global phase. If you’re looking for a party game other than Mario Kart and Super Blast Bros. Ultimate, this is well worth a try.

Thomas Deehan
Full Review:
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New Pokemon Snap

Fun and relaxing Pokémon-themed safari bout


  • Photography mechanics are simple and fun
  • Pokemon animations look fantastic
  • Diverse and immersive habitats to explore
  • Faithful to the original N64 game


  • Limited number of unlockable items results in repetitive gameplay
  • Very little challenge
  • Boss encounters are underwhelming

New Pokémon Snap is i of the virtually easy-going titles on this list, letting you sit down dorsum and snap lots and lots of Pokémon and serving a healthy dose of nostalgia for anyone who’s played the activeness-packed RPG series.

Y’all will be touring through 11 different Pokémon habitats, including forests, deserts, seafloors and volcanos, with Bandi Namco doing a corking job in creating fresh and interesting environments that merit repeated visits.

The fantastic 3D models assist bring these quirky monsters to life, with different creatures even interacting with each other throughout your journeying. While not packing a revolutionary storyline, New Pokémon Snap is the perfect game for anyone wanting to current of air down and feel Pokémon in a brand new way.

Ryan Jones
Full Review:
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