Best Tiktoks To Do With Friends

What’s Trending on TikTok? If you’ve been wondering what the latest trends are on TikTok, look no further. In this blog post, we’ll be going over some of the nearly pop trends correct now that you tin can practice with your friends. Whether you’re looking for a new challenge to try or want to have some fun, we’ve got you lot covered!

There’s ever something new to try with your friends, from like shooting fish in a barrel dance challenges to lip-sync battles. Hither are some of our favorite trends to exercise with friends on TikTok! And so keep reading to learn more. Let’s get correct into the Tiktok challenges!

Funniest Tiktok Trends to Practice with Friends

When it comes to trends, nothing is more popular than TikTok. The app has taken the earth by tempest, and in that location’s no shortage of content to watch. Merely what if yous want to get in on the fun?

We’ve got y’all covered if you’re looking for some funniest videos to do with friends. From singing in public to daring each other to do stunts, there are enough of ways to get your laughs on TikTok. Even celebrities such every bit Jennifer Lopez, Megan thee stallion, Michael le, and Justin Bieber made their own versions with opposite best friends and got maximum bonus points.

Hither are some of the funniest TikTok trends to exercise with friends:

Flip the Switch


This trend is all about daring your friends to do something crazy. The challenge is simple: two people start out doing completely normal activities. Then, they switch places and have to continue the activity in the same manner.

For instance, 1 person could be brushing their teeth while the other person flosses. And then, they would switch places, and the person who was brushing their teeth would have to floss.

The results are always hilarious, and information technology’s a great way to see your friends in a new light. The challenge of Flip the Switch is that information technology’s not e’er easy to do the activity in the same way equally your friend. This tin atomic number 82 to some hilarious results, mainly if yous and your friends try to exercise something that requires coordination.

Defended to the Ane, I beloved


This trend is all almost lip-syncing to a popular song. Simply the twist is that you tin can but utilize one discussion from the song. For example, if the song says “I dear you,” you tin can only say “love.” If the song says “I hate you,” you tin can only say “hate.”

The results are often hilarious, as people endeavor to sing along to popular songs without using any of the lyrics. This trend is a great way to run across how well you know the lyrics to popular songs. Information technology’southward also a groovy fashion to test your friends’ knowledge of lyrics.

The challenge of this trend is that information technology tin exist difficult to find songs that you know the lyrics to. Merely one time you discover a vocal, it’s e’er fun to see how well y’all can do by making short clips the challenge requires.

I Wanna Ruin Our Friendship


This trend is all about daring your friends to do something that will ruin your friendship. The challenge is unproblematic: you take to do something that will make your friend not want to be friends with you. For example, you lot could pour a drinkable on them or throw a cake in their face.

The results are ofttimes hilarious, as people try to do things that ruin their friendship. Simply the claiming is that it’due south not ever easy to practise something that will ruin your friendship.

This tin can pb to some hilarious results, equally people endeavor to do things that are more annoying than really harmful. The corking thing about this trend is that information technology’s a great way to exam your friendship. If you tin can do something that will make your friend non want to exist friends with you lot, yous know your friendship is potent.

The Blinding Lights Claiming


This trend is all near daring your friends to do something blindingly tricky. The challenge is unproblematic: you accept to exercise something then difficult; it’s impossible to do it without being blinded. For example, you lot could try to put on makeup while blindfolded or walk across a room without bumping into annihilation.

The results are frequently hilarious, as people endeavour to do blindingly tricky things. Just the challenge is that it’s non always like shooting fish in a barrel to notice something difficult enough to exist blinding. This can lead to some hilarious results, equally people try to find more complex things than they are.

Savage Claiming


This tendency is all virtually daring your friends to do something so fell; information technology will make them non want to be friends with yous. The challenge is simple: y’all take to do something and then mean; that it’s impossible to be friends with you afterwards. For instance, you could call them out on their biggest insecurity or tell them they’re not good enough for yous.

The results are ofttimes hilarious, as people try to do things that roughshod. But the challenge is that it’s not ever easy to find something fell enough. This tin lead to some hilarious results, as people endeavor to discover more creative ways to be mean.

Tootsie Slide


The Tootsie Slide is one of the most recent trends to come out of TikTok, and it’s super easy and fun to do with friends! It would help if you had a smooth surface (preferably hardwood or tile) and some music. And then, start sliding your anxiety side to side like you’re walking on hot coals. The key is to keep your feet close together and motility them as fast as possible.

The Tootsie Slide is funny because it looks so silly. When you encounter someone doing information technology, yous can’t help but laugh. It’s also a great way to get your friends laughing and having fun together.

Say And so Dance


The Say So Dance Claiming is one of the most pop TikTok trends correct now. It’s easy to do and lots of fun, making it perfect for doing with friends. To practise the challenge, all you lot need to practice is learn the dance steps (they’re non as well complicated) so film yourself doing them. Y’all tin even add your own creative flair to the challenge by coming upward with your own unique moves.

Make sure to include your friends in the video and so that anybody tin come across how much fun you’re having.

99% of the Time


The 99% of the Time challenge is i of the most pop trends on TikTok right now. In this challenge, people endeavour to do something 99% of the time but fail miserably at the concluding second. This normally results in some hilarious fails.

People usually try to do something that is physically impossible, or they just mess upward at the last second. This results in some hilarious videos. Hither’s how to do it!

ane) Choose something that you tin attempt to do 99% of the time. This could be annihilation from trying to eat a donut without using your hands, to trying to stay awake while someone is talking to you.

2) Prepare a video camera and start recording yourself.

three) attempt to practise the chosen task 99% of the time.

4) At the last second, neglect miserably.

v) Watch your hilarious video and share information technology with other users!

Meet the Group


One of the virtually pop challenges on TikTok is the group challenge. In this challenge, a group of friends gather and motion picture themselves doing a funny skit or dance. This is a great way to testify off your creative side and have some fun with your friends.

Get a group of friends together and come up up with a funny skit or trip the light fantastic toe. Once you lot have your skit or dance planned out, film it and mail service it on TikTok. Exist sure to use the hashtag #GroupChallenge so that others can observe your video.

The dandy matter about the group challenge is that it can be as funny or every bit serious every bit you want it to be. It all depends on how you and your friends approach it.

If you want to go along things calorie-free and fun, effort coming upwards with an original video skit that is based on a current trend or meme.


TikTok is a cracking platform for making friends and connecting with others. It tin can exist used to make new friends, reconnect with one-time ones, or just have some fun.

From popular dances, friends check challenges, and others, you can make viral videos with your best friend.

The trends we’ve listed are a groovy fashion to get started on the app and make the most of your time in that location.