Best Wallpapers For Pixel 6 Pro

Google Pixel 6 Pro with the screen

Eric Zeman / Android Authorisation

We all know that Google makes some pretty awesome wallpapers. The Pixel 6 wallpapers describe a mix of images in pastel hues that focus on the phone’s punch-pigsty display design. The Google Pixel 6 Pro wallpapers change things upwards a bit with floral and much more than elegant designs.

Thanks to folks over at
XDA Developers, we take access to Pixel six Pro wallpapers in light and dark themes, so you can easily download them. The publication got admission to the new Pixel vi Pro wallpapers courtesy of a source who got the phone before launch.

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How to download and set these Pixel 6 Pro wallpapers

Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro Android 12 homescreens

Robert Triggs / Android Say-so

Let’s start by telling you how this works. You shouldn’t just download the Pixel 6 Pro wallpapers you run across beneath for starters. Those pictures take been compressed for the sake of easier brandish and faster loading on this site. Instead, you should
download the uncompressed paradigm past clicking the button below the previews. This will lead you to a website where y’all can catch the full-resolution files.

One time you have the paradigm downloaded, yous need to transfer it to your phone using Google Drive, sending yourself an email, or copying the file over USB or Bluetooth. Once you have the image saved on your handset, follow the instructions below to set it as a wallpaper.

How to set a wallpaper:

  1. Press and concord on to whatever empty infinite on your home screen.
  2. Select
    Wallpaper & style.
  3. Pick
    Change wallpaper.
  4. Go into
    My photos.
  5. Observe the wallpaper you’ve downloaded and option it.
  6. Y’all’ll now be able to modify and move the wallpaper to your preferred position. You tin too choose to have a dissimilar domicile screen and lock screen wallpapers.
  7. Make your choices and striking the checkmark button.
  8. Select whether y’all want to ready the wallpaper to the
    Lock screen
    Abode and lock screen.

Hither are the Google Pixel half-dozen Pro wallpapers

Each colour variant of the Pixel 6 Pro ships with ane of the concluding iii wallpapers as default. This fresh set of Google Pixel six Pro wallpapers consists of pictures of the following plants and flowers photographed by Andrew Zuckerman.

Images included:

  • Cattleya Orchid
  • Echeveria’ Blue Prince’
  • Hellebores
  • Moth Orchid
  • Western farsi Lily
  • Pincushion Protea

Additionally, The Google Pixel 6 series comes with other Pixel wallpapers we’ve seen in the past. Check them out here. We too have a comprehensive post with all the best Android wallpapers from over 90 devices, just in example Google’due south imaging isn’t to your liking.