Best Wireless Charger Samsung Note 9

Huawei P40 Pro Plus on wireless charger

There are few things as convenient as dropping your phone on a wireless charging pad or placing it on a stand up to top it off. The convenience of being able to pick upwardly the telephone, reply a call, and plop it dorsum to charge without little with cables can’t exist overstated. Luckily, there is a wide variety of wireless chargers and charging accessories yous tin can become for your phone.

What to await for when buying a wireless charger

As is the case with any accessory, in that location are a few factors to consider before buying a wireless charger.

  • What type of charger do you lot demand?
    The two near mutual types of wireless chargers available now are pads or stands. A pad might be the better option for a nightstand, while a stand volition be peachy on a piece of work desk.
  • How fast does information technology accuse?
    A standard Qi charging pad may take a really long time to fully charge a device. To become the fastest charging possible, a first-party charger is definitely the better way to go. Some third-party chargers offering fast charging capabilities, but that’s mostly for Samsung flagships and iPhones.
  • How many devices do you need to accuse wirelessly?
    Smartphones aren’t the but devices that can be charged wirelessly. Y’all can also drop accessories similar wireless earphones and smartwatches on a wireless charging pad to make sure they don’t run out of juice. Instead of getting multiple charging pads, you tin opt for dual or trio pads that let you charge two or 3 devices at the same.

OEM vs 3rd-party wireless chargers

Nomad Wireless charger 2

Third-party phone accessories usually offering a amend bargain, be it in terms of features or price. Things are unlike with wireless chargers, though. An OEM wireless charger volition probable provide the best experience. This is particularly true for devices that support fast wireless charging. For case, you will only become OnePlus’ fantastic Warp Charge fifty speeds with the OnePlus charger and fast wireless charging for the Pixel half-dozen series with the new version of the Pixel Stand.

Third-political party wireless chargers are playing catch up, and so it won’t be long before there are a lot more options available. For instance, some accessory makers have already released chargers that support Samsung’due south fast wireless charging feature, and a few provide good charging speeds for Pixels and iPhones.

Even if the charging isn’t the fastest, a tertiary-political party accessory will probably have the cost reward. However, it’south important to exist actress conscientious when looking to purchase a charging accessory in detail. A bad charger could cause irreparable damage to your device.

Things to await for when buying third-party accessories

Before you purchase an accessory from a brand y’all’re not familiar with, just be sure to check for the following:

  • Await through owner-submitted reviews via sites like Amazon. Practice these brusque reviews look legitimate? For example, it’s possible they are paid or sponsored submissions if they are vague and poorly written.
  • Wait for oddities. Sometimes product reviews aren’t really for the product yous are looking at! This surprisingly happens a lot with 3rd party charging accessories from obscure brands. A five-star review of a foot massager is not what you desire to see when trying to buy a portable power banking company.
  • Familiarize yourself with the render policy of the product. While a lot of products have return periods, some might only take a replacement window, in which case a refund won’t be possible.
  • We’re here to assistance! We accept a guide for the all-time wireless chargers you tin get, and nosotros will be testing even more options soon. You’ll also find a few of our top recommendations beneath.

Samsung wireless chargers

Samsung DUO Pad

samsung wireless charger duo pad

The Samsung Duo Pad is as good as information technology gets with wireless charging pads. Every bit the proper name suggests, the pad tin can accuse two devices simultaneously. However, the Samsung wireless charger Duo Pad takes information technology a stride further by including fast charging back up. This means that you lot can charge compatible Samsung phones at up to 15W while charging an additional phone or peradventure your wireless earphones on the second pad. If you accept even more devices, you can get the Samsung Pad Trio, but it only gives yous 9W charging.

Samsung Fast Accuse ii.0 wireless charger stand

samsung fast charging stand

If yous don’t have multiple devices to accuse, the Samsung wireless charging stand will do the trick instead. Supporting Fast Charge 2.0, the stand up lets you top off your telephone at up to 15W on supported devices. Additionally, the angled pad works out groovy if you want to glance at the screen while the phone is charging. If your phone doesn’t support fast charging, the wireless charging pad falls back to standard Qi charging speeds.

Samsung two-in-1 power bank with wireless charging

samsung wireless battery charger

Samsung’s 10,000mAh charger is unique cheers to its wireless charging pad placed correct on top. It’south capable of fast charging a compatible Samsung phone all the way upward to 7.5W in wireless mode and 25W when continued via a USB cable. The device is Qi-compatible which means that you should take no issue using this with other phones besides.

OnePlus wireless charger

OnePlus Warp Charge fifty wireless charger

OnePlus Warp 50 Wireless Charging

The OnePlus 8 Pro was the first phone from the company to come up with wireless charging and both devices in the OnePlus ix series and the OnePlus 10 Pro have this characteristic every bit well. OnePlus updated its wireless charger to now allow 50W charging with the OnePlus nine phones, with the aptly named Warp Charge l wireless charger. You lot tin wirelessly charge the telephone at speeds that are only slightly slower than what you’d get with a regular wall charger.

The best phones with wireless charging capabilities

The wireless stand tin can fully charge your OnePlus 9 Pro in merely 43 minutes. This fast charging is bound to create some heat, so the stand comes with an excellent built-in fan. Since you’ll only go 5W or seven.5W charging with 3rd-party options, the Warp Accuse 50 wireless charger is certainly the best manner to go for OnePlus owners.

Google Pixel wireless charger

Pixel Stand up (2d Gen)

Google Pixel 6 in Pixel Stand

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

The Pixel Stand is the all-time option if you’re looking for a wireless charger for the Pixel half dozen, Pixel 5, Pixel 4, or Pixel iii series. You’ll get 10W charging with the Pixel Stand with older devices, but upwards to 23W with the Pixel 6 Pro. Information technology’s non the fastest charger out there, but your telephone will essentially work as a Google Domicile device one time it’s placed on the stand.

The all-time third-party wireless chargers

Anker PowerWave Ii wireless charger

anker powerwave 2 wireless

The Anker PowerWave Two wireless charger is similar to other affordable wireless charging pad offerings with one key difference. The pad sits at an angle and lets you view the telephone’southward display while charging. Information technology’ll accuse sure Android flagships at 15W. With Samsung hardware, the pad enables fast wireless charging to the melody of 10W.

Belkin wireless charging pad

belkin charging pad

The Belkin wireless charging pad is designed to offering upwardly to 15W of fast charging for Samsung, Apple, and Google smartphones that support information technology. Every other Qi-enabled device will be charged at 5W, including Apple’southward Airpods and other truthful wireless earbuds. Since Apple tree doesn’t take a first-party wireless charger all the same, the Belkin wireless charging pad is an fantabulous option to consider.

Frequently asked questions

Qi (pronounced “chee”) is a wireless charging standard that has been adopted by a majority of device makers. There are a few competing standards, merely if the current generation smartphone supports wireless charging, it’s likely Qi-enabled. This universal standard also ensures that yous’re able to charge any supported device with any wireless charger. Yous might non get the fastest charging speeds though.

You’ll have to take a look at your phone’s specifications sheet to make sure that information technology supports wireless charging. Something to remember is that wireless charging remains a loftier-end feature for now, fifty-fifty if that might change before long. These are some smartphones that support wireless charging:

  • Samsung: All Samsung flagships going dorsum to the Galaxy S7
  • Apple: All iPhones going dorsum to the iPhone eight
  • Sony: Xperia ane III, Xperia i Two, and newer
  • Google: Pixel six Pro, Pixel half-dozen, Pixel five, Pixel 4, Pixel 4 40, Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL
  • OnePlus: 10 Pro, ix Pro, 9, 8 Pro

Yous could get a wireless charging receiver so that y’all tin charge your phone on a wireless charging pad. Options like the one from Nillkin slot into the USB-C port of your phone and are thin enough to exist housed under a example. Nevertheless, user experience has varied with regard to how effective using this product is. All the same, if y’all want to add wireless charging to a telephone that doesn’t support it, this is the best way to get.

You tin become abroad with charging your phone with a case simply if the comprehend is relatively thin. A case maker will commonly advertise the fact that wireless charging is supported besides.

Unfortunately not. Most wall chargers notwithstanding provide a much faster charging fourth dimension. Just OnePlus gets close with its Warp Charge 30 wireless charger, but fifty-fifty that is a touch slower.

Only with devices that support opposite wireless charging, like Samsung’s flagships. In this case, you can employ your telephone to wirelessly charge your earbuds, a smartwatch, or another phone.