Best Wireless Headphones For Pixel 4

(Last Updated On: July xx, 2022)

Google tin never disappoint us in bringing the best for its users; it has always been up to the marker in serving us worldwide with numerous services, including its search engine, applications, tablets, phones, laptops, etc.

It has expanded itself vastly in diverse means and is making our lives easier. Google began its pixel telephone market in 2016; since then, it has released a broad range of Pixel series. We take compiled some of the all-time wireless earbuds for pixel iv in the commodity. We suggest you carry on reading and have a look at them.

Amidst the Pixel smartphones,’ Pixel four’with 5.7 inches display screen was launched past Google in Oct 2019 in three different colors; white, black, and orange with a soft matte terminate, which protects from fingerprint marks and scratches.

The aluminum frame and Gorilla Glass five are used to build the outer core of the telephone. It has a storage of 64GB and 128GB with a retention of 6 GB RAM and comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor.

It is one of the nearly innovative phones with multiple new exciting features. Information technology also has few customized features that can attract iPhone users with the same iPhone unlocking organization with facial recognition and IOS animation smoothen display of 90Hz screen.

The battery is 2800 mAH, unremovable with fast and wireless charging. Moreover, the height radar sensor of Pixel four is exceptionally reliable for hand gestures. This radar projects a bubble when one enters or exits, so when your paw is inside the bubble, by the time yous are picking upwardly your phone, it is already reading your face and logging y’all in with the aid of an infrared and face-unlock sensor.

Every bit the most demanding phone characteristic present is the camera, then how come Google Pixel four tin can stay backside? Yous will discover a square camera bump with 12 MP Dual Pixel and 16 MP Telephoto.

The motion-picture show quality is absolutely amazing; it has excellent dynamic range, perfect sharpness, and contrasting details. In the dim light, this phone takes the lead with clearer and brighter images. It has a way called ‘astrophotography’ which allows clicking better sky shots at nighttime time. Even in real-time processing in the viewfinder, what y’all encounter on screen while taking the pictures is exactly how your photo looks later beingness clicked, which is undoubtedly a rare characteristic to exist institute.

If you are addicted of listening to songs and doing other activities along, Pixel 4  can be beneficial because you can apace get on to your adjacent or previous song tracks by swiping up back and forth just by your hand gesture. Besides, Pixel 4 supports both GSM and CDMA bands, which is why it is widely compatible with all United States networks.

The merely drawback you will face is that the box pack of Pixel 4 doesn’t come up up with earbuds, but nothing to worry almost; you tin can e’er purchase your favorite earbud according to your likes and dislikes. But remember before buying, you lot should consider few essential things that might help you to own the best earbud for you lot:

  • The shape and size of the earbud are critical, and it must fit into your ear well so that information technology doesn’t fall off mistakenly.
  • Attractive and appealing blueprint, if you are somebody who is into the appearance of the accessories that you use, then you must look for the device which looks elegant and smart
  • It must non be besides heavy that it causes hindrance in wearing it and gives earaches. Otherwise, the weight on your ear can exist excruciating and irritating.
  • Information technology should support a skillful connection range
  • The long battery timing, so you don’t need to worry about its charging. The ideal bombardment fourth dimension should be of 4-five hours.
  • Non to compromise quality over toll. Information technology volition be more beneficial to buy a quality earbud than buy the cheaper i with less durability. It’s a coin-saving investment so become for quality and non the toll.


Do you have pixel 4, and yous are looking for the most compatible earbud for it? Than cheers. The following are the three different earbuds listed beneath that can pair upward the best with your Google Pixel four without whatsoever hassle, at present that’s up to your preferences that which one matches your selection. Lets notice out:-

Best Wireless Earbuds for Pixel 4 (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
Bose SoundSport ane.ii x one x 1.25 inches 0.64 Ounces Cheque Price
Bose QuietComfort i.99 ten 3.42 x one.34 inches 0.31 Ounces Check Price
Huawei Freebuds Pro ane.02 x 1.17 x 0.85 inches 2.12 Ounces Check Price


Bose SoundSport is another variation of Bose, specially designed for people who are into sports, physical activities, and regular workouts. Information technology comes up with three different pairs of Stay hear and Sports tips (small-scale, medium, and large) to give a comfortable and secure fit. If you lot remember what is Stay hear, information technology is basically an integrated winged structure to provide a safe and secure fit to the ear, which is needed for sportspeople and people who work out, and its very necessary for them to maintain focus over their work rather than worrying nearly their loosened earbuds.

It is available in blackness, blue, or gray/yellow color. When SoundSport Free is pulled out from the case, it automatically turns on; yous don’t need to press any push button. In that location is a multi-functional push button on the correct earbud at the center that can command everything; with a unmarried tap, you can pause and play music; with double or triple, you can skip or shuffle.

If yous concur that same button for one second, it can bring up Google Aid or Siri. The left earbud has a push button that can shuffle between seven devices simultaneously. Anyhow pressing that push button takes a bit of effort. Despite this, it has the pick of mono audio that ways your call is only audible through the correct earbud and the right i as well has 2 microphones for picking up voice calls.

It claims a battery life of 5 hours with a single accuse and no wireless charging. Information technology has the same IPX4 splash-resistant rating, just like the Bose QuietComfort, just with a smaller and lighter size, making it feasible to bear while doing exercise and sports. They comprise a very nicely balanced and punchy bass with outstanding high-resolution sound quality. It has Bluetooth technology (five.1) that transmits your music effortlessly from your phone to your earbuds, so your music is unstoppable even when your phone is in your gym purse. But the Bluetooth button is present inside the case instead of the earbuds.

Pros Cons
Ideal for physical exercises No wireless charging case
More than comfy and stable
‘detect my bud’ feature to notice phone


SoundSport free earbuds are the perfect match with Pixel 4. The basic design and all other useful features makes them better from other like earbuds in the same toll tag.


Bose QuietComfort

Bose has a massive proper noun in the audio world and is doing business in headphones, earbuds, speakers, and audio sunglasses. The surface of Bose QuietComfort is a true wireless nutshell, fabricated up of silicone and no hard plastic, and so whatever part gets in contact with your ear feels the softness of silicone. Information technology has an umbrella-shaped nozzle for a comfy fit to the ear, perfect for an extended traveling menstruation. Its box pack comprises a pair of earbuds fitted with small and big ear tips, a charging case, and a USB-C (A to C) 12 inches charging cablevision.

They have racket counterfoil features with customized cancellation settings, including transparency fashion, which can exist set but by tapping your left earbud past the touch control – resulting in much ameliorate audio and better detailing along with bass. Using Bose music app, y’all can set the noise canceling effect from 0 (no dissonance canceling) to 10 (maximum noise cancelling.

Furthermore, Bose QuietComfort is also suitable for calling; they reduce sounds around you during the calls, providing clear conversation between the caller and receiver. You lot can fifty-fifty use a single bud at a fourth dimension, either right or left, co-ordinate to your convenience. Whenever you pull your one bud, the other one automatically goes into transparency fashion.

You get up to 6 hours of bombardment life with a single accuse. The buds are sweat and water-resistant, which makes them durable. They take a splash resistance rating of IPX4. Information technology has wireless charging capabilities with a quick charge characteristic that gives you actress ii hours of battery life with 15 minutes of charging, making up 18 hours of charging in full. The front end case has a row of LEDs that shows how much battery life is inside.

Pros Cons
Super-comfortable Large charging case
Soft and well-shaped silicone tips
Good resistance of sweat and h2o


Whe we talk well-nigh quality sound and user friendly pattern and comfort, nosotros cannot ignore the Bose QuietComfort as it comes with all necessary features that user want in a quality earbuds.


Huawei Freebuds Proactive

Huawei is a well-known worldwide visitor and is famous for manufacturing high technology products and producing innovation in their phones, PC, tablets, wearables, headphones, speakers, earbuds, and other accessories. They launched Huawei Freebud Proactive in 2018, which has unique styling and three color options: carbon black, ceramic white, and silvery frost. They accept an impressive punch of modest size and price tag.

The Huawei Freebuds Proactive box pack contains a pair of earbuds, 3 sizes of silicone ear tips, a wireless charging case, and a USB-C charging cable. The shape of the bud is a bit curvy, helping them get fixed in the ear quite neatly. It has the advantage of playing a dual office in charging, every bit it has wireless and wired connections both.

The wired charging can exist done using the USB Type C. It approximately takes 40 mins for the earbuds to get charged and has 7 hours battery life and thirty hours with a charging case. The LED lights present within and outside the case change their color depending on much bombardment is left in the earbuds and example. The impact controls are incredibly user-friendly, which can exist used to turn up the book, reply calls, or pause music.

Commonly, earbuds accept some sound leakage that doesn’t allow the complete cut-off from the globe. But, when you talk almost Huawei Freebud Proactive, it carries the active dissonance cancellation feature, which helps significantly make telephone calls with excellent vocalization quality. It also simultaneously supports Bluetooth connections with dual devices.

It consists of three automatic ANC modes can conform your surrounding and can exist controlled past your paw gestures:  ultra-mode, for blocking out sound while you travel; cozy mode for lowering the loud sound in quieter places like workplaces and libraries and the full general way for maintaining the peace in busy areas similar stations, markets, etc. Overall, the sound quality it gives is absolutely excellent with superb dynamics.

Pros Cons
Platonic for people who want a complete cut down from the globe Little difficult to remove earbuds from its case
Awareness mode available to reconnect with the surrounding Need some do for getting a hands-on bear on command
High accuracy in-call noise cancellation and picking up voice


Proactive ear buds from Huawei are the top quality earbuds in the market place. The overall blueprint, color, sound quality, dissonance counterfoil, and all features are upward to the mark.

Final Verdict:

The Google Pixel iv is an infrequent telephone in terms of its internal components and high-quality camera, which fulfills the demand of today’s generation. The usage of this phone tin can exist more enhanced if you complete your set by buying an earbud. The above mentioned were the three majorly compatible earbud devices that tin can pair upwards perfectly with your Pixel 4.

The earbud market has go vast now, and most people prefer using earbuds rather than headphones or earphones because the majority don’t like the weight that headphones put on their ear and head both, plus wire entangling is such a mess. At present it’due south over you, what features you are looking for when ownership, only information technology must be as per your usage and requirement.

Therefore, it’s always a smart idea to surf the internet and look for something that matches your needs rather than buying something without doing whatsoever homework and wasting your money. Don’t forget to expect for earbuds that have adept compatibility with your phone. Additionally, you lot need to prioritize a few more features like long battery health, comfort, sound quality, and dissonance cancellation.

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