Best Xbox Series S/X Games: The top 10 Xbox games

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Xbox Serial Ten


Xbox Serial S

consoles have been out in the wild since late 2022, with the specs, features and exclusive titles rounding out the Serial X to win the

Best Games Console

in the

Trusted Reviews Awards 2022

We’ve been lucky enough to review some of the best games out there for both consoles, with some amazing titles showing off the prowess of Microsoft, and creative third-party games that offering up even more than variety.

In this list, we take tried to include equally many genres equally possible then you tin can notice a new favourite game, whether you desire to fly a plane across the Atlantic ocean, battle zombies in an evil vampire house or take on ane of the best, and about challenging, RPGs out there.

And so, with no more time to waste matter, here are some of the best games you can play on the Xbox Series X and Series S right at present. And don’t worry if you can’t find anything that piques your interest, only make sure to bookmark this page and bank check dorsum soon, as we’ll exist updating this page whenever the next best game comes out.

How we test

Larn more near how we review games

Nosotros play every game we review through to the end, outside of sure exceptions where getting 100% completion, like Skyrim, is shut to impossible to do. When we don’t fully finish a game before reviewing it nosotros will e’er alert the reader.

Forza Horizon 5

All-time sandbox racer


  • Absolutely stunning visually
  • The cars are a dream to drive
  • Loads of varied events


  • Lack of ray tracing in the main game

Forza Horizon 5 is an Xbox console sectional, and if yous want to appreciate how visually stunning it tin can exist, yous demand to check it out on the Series X. The superior console offers up two modes: Graphics and Operation, with the more than powerful option offering up a target of 60fps along with a 3840 10 2160 resolution.

In this sandbox racer, you tin can drive through dusty roads, jungles, desserts and lord’s day-soaked highways, with each of the xi biomes feeling distinct and unique. The story adds to this, with an open up-world exploration aspect that makes the game so easy to become lost in.

With a 5/five star rating and approachable gameplay, it’s not difficult to come across why nosotros’ve put this game equally the number i Xbox game available right now.

Max Parker
Full review:Forza Horizon 5 review

Elden Ring

Best Souls game


  • Behemothic open world to explore, total of things to find
  • Rewarding and punishing combat
  • More content than most players will always demand
  • Open-class development tree that’southward ripe for tweaking


  • Some fights are very difficult

Elden Ring brings in a massive open up-world and a compelling narrative while keeping the infamous difficult combat from FromSoftware’s previous games, Dark Souls. This is ane of the best Souls games out in that location right now and a great pick for anyone who wants to dive into some gruelling but rewarding gameplay.

Playing on the Xbox Series Ten will also hateful that yous’re being treated to 4K at 60fps, and then yous tin capeesh the wonderfully chunky animation and gorgeous graphics that bring this dark and interesting globe to life. There are diamond-encrusted mines and the ancient ruins of an underground urban center to explore, with unique traps and dangers to go on things interesting.

Get to know all of the new gameplay mechanics and items that FromSoftware has included, like the new fully-fledged jump button, alongside the crafting mechanics that adds a whole new level to the gainsay, equally you lot craft arrows and bolts on the wing as you lot’re getting attacked. This is a must-accept game for those looking for a challenge.

Reviewer:Alastair Stevenson
Full Review:
Elden Ring

Microsoft Flight Simulator

A relaxing way of touring the world


  • Sets a new benchmark for photorealistic visuals
  • Arguably the series’ well-nigh outgoing chapter yet
  • Seeking out landmarks across the globe is genuinely thrilling
  • Easy to play with a controller, keyboard and other methods


  • A few technical problems spoil the experience at times
  • Initial loading times are adequately horrendous

Another Xbox console exclusive, the Microsoft Flight Simulator is one of the best simulation games on the marketplace, offering up beautiful visuals of the globe. Another example of a true next-generation experience for the consoles, this is the best way to experience flight without breaking the bank.

This game might not be for anybody; the piloting attribute can be stressful, with complex mechanics akin to real-world aviation. Even so, integrated gaming tutorials will brand this journeying easier for new pilots, and the lack of a campaign mode means you don’t need to be peculiarly expert to savour the game.

Coming in every bit well-nigh more of an feel than a game, Microsoft Flight Simulator is one of the most graphically impressive games on this list, offer up gameplay that’s unique and engaging, this is the perfect choice for anyone who’southward looking to branch out their game library this year.

Jade Male monarch
Full review: Microsoft Flight Simulator review

Psychonauts ii

A puzzle-platfomer for the unabridged family


  • Quirky, fun story
  • Solid puzzle and platforming mechanics
  • Fun for adults and kids akin


  • Retro feeling combat

Anyone looking for a next-gen experience while even so getting their nostalgia ready, Psychonauts ii is the ideal purchase for any fans of the original franchise. This puzzle-platformer is packed with personality, with each world bringing in a wonderfully singled-out aesthetic.

This game is family-friendly and could be enjoyed by older kids and adults alike, with solid level design and stiff platforming mechanics keeping the game engaging.

While this title doesn’t show off the graphical prowess of the consoles like some other games, the quirky humour and innovative narrative make this a rare treat in today’due south mural and a real family favourite.

Alastair Stevenson
Total review:
Psychonauts 2 review

Ori and the Volition of the Wisps

A story-book-esque platforming adventure


  • Much improved combat
  • Epic platforming set pieces
  • Gorgeous story volume world
  • Endearing story


  • Some could debate there’south a lack of challenge
  • Minor functioning bug on Xbox 1 Due south

Ori and the Will of the Wisps launched an upgraded version that was optimised for the Xbox Series X/Series S, with the choice to feel the game in 4K at locked 120fps in vibrant HDR, with a compatible Television receiver.

This sequel to Ori and the Blind Forest takes a new tone, with combat encounters being fast-paced and frantic, with multiple enemies to take on at once. The dangerous story book earth is complimented with charming characters and varying environments, ranging from dark caverns filled with spiders to luscious lagoons.

Ori and the Will of the Wasps is a delightful game that blends its distinct aesthetic and break-cervix combat to create a unique experience, making it a remarkably like shooting fish in a barrel pick for this list.

Ryan Jones
Full review:
Ori and the Will of the Wisps review

Information technology Takes Two

An endearing co-op outing for two players


  • Well told narrative
  • Engaging and constantly irresolute gameplay
  • Jaw-dropping scenery


  • The scene with Cutie the elephant
  • Occasionally less than stellar voice interim

Developed by the same minds that bought us Brothers: A Tale of Ii Sons comes another stellar title called Information technology Takes Ii, which utilises something most games don’t: cooperation. With so few fully fledged co-op games coming out in recent years, non merely is this game astonishing in its own right, but offers a unique experience since you can enjoy this with a friend.

The narrative is unusual for a videogame, focusing on the impending divorce of the 2 main characters. The game takes this couple, May and Cody, through various trails and challenges in an attempt to strengthen their bond, with a massive amount of variety in gameplay.

Not but is this a perfect game to savor with a friend (or a spouse), merely only one of you needs to own it to play online. The original story and inventive metaphors make this game a treat to play and ane of the more eccentric titles on this list.

Thomas Deehan
Full review:
It Takes Two Review

Dying Light two Stay Human

A zombie-slashing joy, with a slap-up parkour organisation


  • Parkour platforming is incredibly fun
  • The open-world city is a cracking playground
  • Your decisions shape the story
  • Bully cast of characters


  • Gainsay is hitting and miss
  • Immunity timer will exist divisive
  • Non scary enough for horror fans

No game collection is complete without a zombie slasher, and Dying Lite 2 Stay Human is arguably one of the best yet on the Xbox Series X console. While decapitating the undead is as fun as it sounds, this action RPG actually shines the brightest when you’re scrambling upwards drain pipes and leaping from rooftop to rooftop. The parkour system is great hither, making it a joy to explore the post-apocalyptic urban center.

At that place’s a not bad story here too, as protagonist Aiden must help out 2 factions that are battling for territory. Your choices will impact the story, and decide the fate of various characters.

Those looking for a actually scary horror game may demand to await elsewhere though, every bit information technology’south defective much bite in this area. But if you scare easily, and just desire to hack at zombies without soiling your pants, Dying Light 2 is a fantastic option.

Ryan Jones
Full review:
Dying Low-cal 2 Review

Resident Evil Village

The all-time horror game on Xbox


  • Creepy setting that oozes temper
  • Fun new survival mechanics
  • Mercenaries mode is a nice add-on for fans


  • Non every bit scary as Resi vii
  • Campaign is a footling curt

Resident Evil Hamlet is one of the best entries in the franchise, boasting HDR graphics then yous can see the gooey mouldy monsters in high definition. Village takes on a first-person view, which amps up the narrative to a more than personal level.

Our protagonist, Ethan Winters, likes to shoot and slash his way through the Bram Stoker environments and gothic towers, with less accent on stealth meaning that you have more chances to tackle these monsters and vampires head-on, which really adds to the scare gene.

If you’re interested in a horror game, this is the best Xbox Serial X and Serial Due south game out there. Non only is in that location a creepy narrative and quirky characters, only claret and gore has never looked this good on these consoles.

Alastair Stevenson
Full review:
Resident Evil Hamlet

Halo Infinite

The flagship shooter on Xbox


  • Hugely enjoyable gunplay, with smashing weapon variety
  • Grappleshot is incredibly fun to use
  • Compelling dialogue and engaging new characters
  • Fantastic multiplayer manner


  • Open-world sections are generic
  • Boss battles tin be frustrating
  • Story’s determination is anti-climatic

Featuring a captivating story with new characters, Halo Space brings in satisfying combat and the introduction of the Grappleshot, so you can whizz across and arena for a satisfying elbow to your enemies face.

Not only is Halo Infinite an Xbox console exclusive, merely information technology supports up to 120Hz in multiplayer mode and a dynamic 4K resolution at 60fps when you play on the Xbox Series 10.

With tonnes of references to previous entries and a plethora of new features, this is the perfect championship for veterans and newbies alike. And since Halo is and so synonymous with Xbox as it is, we tin’t recommend this game any more for anyone lucky enough to own one of the latest 2 consoles.

Ryan Jones
Total review:
Halo Infinite review

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

A fantastic third-person action game


  • Best story of any Marvel game
  • Excellent dialogue captures the essence of the characters
  • Wonderfully detailed planets to explore


  • Glitches make the game experience rough effectually the edges
  • Combat is a bit as well chaotic at times

Anyone unlucky enough to call back the first Avengers game from 2022, don’t panic; Square Enix pulled it back with Marvel’southward Guardians of the Galaxy, with an incredible narrative and quirky characters that receive the attention they deserved on the big screen.

Every piece of dialogue captures each character perfectly, offering upward a multitude of choices when it comes to player agency, with the decisions you brand having a profound result on the story’s upshot.

The frantic and fast-paced gameplay matches the narrative perfectly, with a mix of strategy, shooting and over-the-shoulder brawler mechanics all thrown in for skillful measure. The replayability factor and express joy-out-loud humor ways you will definitely become your money’s worth.

Thomas Deehan
Full review:
Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy review

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