Bissell PowerClean 2X Review: Powerful cleaning for all situations

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Powerful enough to bargain with the toughest of stains, the Bissell PowerClean 2X has both a floor caput for large areas and handheld tools for tackling spots on both carpets and upholstery. This carpet cleaner is like shooting fish in a barrel to employ, well priced and, nearly importantly, brings carpets back to their best. The just minor complaint is that the castor coil can’t be easily removed for cleaning.


  • Like shooting fish in a barrel to use
  • Handheld tools add flexibility
  • Cleans brilliantly


  • Tin can’t remove roller for cleaning
  • Loud

Key Features

  • Type
    An upright carpet cleaner, information technology comes with a plug-in hose and handheld attachments for spot cleaning, too


Well-nigh carpet cleaners tin deal with full general muck pretty well, but removing tough stains or dealing with specific stains on stairs, for example, requires a model with flexibility. And the Bissell PowerClean 2X is exactly that – an upright carpet cleaner for dealing with big areas, but i that comes with a handy hose attachment to enable more focused cleaning for particular areas.

In terms of both price and performance, the Bissell PowerClean 2X is splendid; simply it could be a little easier to make clean up at the end.

Design and Features

  • Split up detergent and water tanks
  • Plug-in hose and handheld attachments
  • Rollers can’t exist removed for cleaning

The Bissell PowerClean 2X looks much like other carpet cleaners. At its base is a fixed floor caput with a rotating castor, whose potent bristles are designed to agitate dirt from the carpets.

Bissell PowerClean 2X floor head

You can’t hands remove the brush roll from the cleaner, which is a shame, since it can become dirty and chock-full with hair.

Tip the PowerClean 2X back, and I was able to access the roller to cut abroad hair and wipe abroad clay with a cloth. Removable rollers would take made the job far easier, though.

Bissell PowerClean 2X dirty roller

Using the Bissell PowerClean 2X is easy. The iv.vii-litre tank on tiptop holds a mixture of h2o and detergent. In that location are marks on the side of the tank for Express Clean and Deep Clean options, and both accept water-fill and detergent lines, so you’ll always get the correct mix.

Bissell PowerClean 2X detergent tank

Bissell provides a 1.9-litre h2o tank for muddied water. On an average clean, and then, you’ll need to empty and clean this dirty tank a few times for each fresh-water/detergent tank. Thankfully, the process of removing the tank and elimination its contents is easy enough.

When empty, the Bissell PowerClean 2X weighs v.6kg; total of h2o information technology’s simply under 8kg. That’s pretty lite for a carpet cleaner – and, remember, this is a product designed to be used on the flooring, so you won’t have to elevator it often.

With the tanks in place, information technology’s unproblematic to become going with the Bissell PowerClean 2X. Just turn information technology on, and then select the level of clean y’all want: Deep or Express. The difference between the ii comes down to the water used, with an Limited clean using less and leaving your carpeting’s dryer. Bissell says that, using this mode, carpets tin can exist dry out within 45 minutes – although the fashion of rug and ambient temperature will also have a part to play.

Bissell PowerClean 2X cleaning switch

To employ the machine, squeeze the trigger to release the detergent, and then let go and run the Bissell PowerClean 2X cleaner over the same surface area a few times to suck up excess moisture and dirt. The 8m power cable means you’ll hands be able to tackle a room without having to change sockets.

Bissell PowerClean 2X detergent trigger

The above is similar to how the majority of carpet cleaners piece of work, simply the Vax Platinum SmartWash Carpet Cleaner makes life easier withal, using auto dosing of the cleaning detergent.

As usual, there will likely exist areas that show catchy to reach with the primary flooring caput, or tough stains that crave a bit more effort. For those, the Bissell includes a plug-in hose that slips into the slot just above the floor caput.

Bissell PowerClean 2X hose plugged in

This hose accepts both a crevice tool and castor zipper, enabling you to tackle tough stains, specific areas of mess or fifty-fifty upholstery and chairs. These handheld tools add flexibility to the Bissell PowerClean 2X.

Bissell PowerClean 2X hose and accessories


  • Quite loud
  • Tackles stains easily
  • Handheld tool makes tough stains like shooting fish in a barrel to tackle

To examination the Bissell PowerClean 2X, I used it on a variety of stains. First, I started with my rug tiles, which get dirty from deliveries coming in and out of the lab. As yous can see from the images below, these started off pretty grubby.

Following an initial clean, you lot can see that the cleaner has made a deviation, with the bulk of the mud removed and the tiles almost back to their all-time. Subsequent cleaning over the next week managed to go these almost every bit adept as new.

Bissell PowerClean 2X dirty carpet tile
Bissell PowerClean 2X clean carpet tiles

I so spread ketchup onto a test carpet and let it dry. Running the Bissell PowerClean 2X over the mess managed to lift much of the stain, although there were some traces remaining.

Bissell PowerClean 2X dirty ketchup stain
Bissell PowerClean 2X ketchup stain after floor head has tackled it

To tackle what remained, I could have kept pushing the cleaner over the stain – but this is inefficient, and could take a long time. Instead, I used the hose and brush attachment. Manual agitation combined with the power of the carpet cleaner cleared the stain hands.

Bissell PowerClean 2X clean carpet after using handheld tools

If there’s a downside to this carpet cleaner, information technology’s that it’due south very loud, with sound peaking at 93.1dB in utilize. Fortunately, wearing a pair of headphones did manage to fade the racket somewhat, plus this isn’t the kind of appliance you’ll need to use all of the time.

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Should you purchase it?

If yous desire a quality carpet cleaner at a good price, one that comes with the option for spot cleaning, likewise, and so the Bissell PowerClean 2X is a brilliant option.

If you want a machine that itself is easier to clean, or one that automatically doses detergent, you may want to wait elsewhere.

Final Thoughts

The Bissell PowerClean 2X’south straight contest is the Vax Platinum SmartWash Carpet Cleaner. I plant the latter a piffling easier to make clean, prefer its auto-dosing characteristic, and the fact that it has a divide detergent tank. The Vax cleaner also has a more than powerful rotating handheld cleaner for tackling tough stains. All the same, it’s a lot more expensive than the Bissell PowerClean 2X, and not that much farther ahead in terms of functioning.

If you want value and the option for handheld cleaning, and so the Bissell PowerClean 2X is a great purchase. If y’all just desire a lower-toll traditional carpeting cleaner, then the standard Bissell PowerClean is a great choice. Otherwise, read my guide to the best carpet cleaners.

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What attachments does the Bissell PowerClean 2X come with?

It has a motorised flooring head, plus ii handheld tools – a crevice tool and brush.

Can you tackle spot stains with the Bissell PowerClean 2X?

Aye, thank you to the handheld tools, y’all tin make clean stairs, spot stains and upholstery.

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Bissell PowerClean 2X

93.i dB

Total specs

United kingdom of great britain and northern ireland RRP


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Bissell PowerClean 2X



250 x 440 x 1143 MM

5.4 KG




Rotating floor head, crevice tool, brush

4.7 litres

Express Make clean, Deep Clean

2 (washable)

600 W

Carpet cleaner

1.ix litres


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