Black Clover Season 1 Episode 50

Black Clover


Season ane

three Oct. 2017

Asta and Yuno

Introduction of Asta and Yuno and magical globe of Black Clover. Asta struggles to awaken his magic while Yuno achieves glory.

x Oct. 2017

The Boys’ Promise

The grimoire that Yuno received was a legendary grimoire with a 4-leaf clover. A bandit named Revchi comes to steal it, and Asta comes to Yuno’s rescue.

24 Oct. 2017

The Magic Knights Entrance Examination

Joining the Magic Knights is the first step on Asta’s and Yuno’s path to becoming the Sorcerer King. But does the magicless Asta even stand a chance?

31 Oct. 2017

The Path to the Sorcerer King

The grueling test is over, and the Magic Knight captains choose the most promising examinees to bring together their squads. At least Yuno has what it takes…

vii November. 2017

The Blackness Bulls

Asta must consummate a crazy hazing ritual of sorts before he’due south officially accepted into the canaille Blackness Bulls team. Yuno meets with the Golden Dawn.

14 Nov. 2017

The Other New Recruit

Magna gives Asta a whirlwind tour of the Blackness Bulls’ weird and wonderful hideout, including an introduction to the other newest fellow member of the squad.

28 Nov. 2017


Something’s not right in Saussy Village: it’s enveloped in a magic mist obscuring the nefarious goings-on within. Asta, Noelle, and Magna investigate.

five Dec. 2017

Those Who Protect

After Asta, Ragna and Noe go beyond their limitations they finally defeat the bandits.

19 Dec. 2017

The Magician King Saw

All eyes are on Asta equally he and Sekke race to capture a purse-snatcher. Meanwhile, Yuno’s beginning Golden Dawn mission takes him to an unexpected place.

26 Dec. 2017

The Wizard King Saw, Continued

Yuno never expected his final-minute detour to involve such tragedy. It’southward upward to the Golden Dawn to get to the bottom of their mission’s many mysteries.

9 Jan. 2018


Asta and Noelle are charged with exploring a newly discovered dungeon total of magical traps. Their leader, the battle-mad Luck, is less than helpful.

xvi Jan. 2018

The Diamond Mage

Of a sudden the dungeon is host to several teams racing through traps to the treasure waiting in its depths–including a noted mage from an enemy nation.

23 January. 2018


Asta, Yuno, and their squadmates must take on daunting foes on their way to the eye of the dungeon, but Luck remains dead set on fighting all alone.

30 Jan. 2018


The Diamond Kingdom’s hugger-mugger weapon wields more powerful magic than anyone has seen. The Gilt Dawn team is all but decimated. Can he be defeated?

6 Feb. 2018

Memories of Yous

The Clover Kingdom’due south Magic Knights attain the dungeon’s treasure hall, only another daunting boxing keeps them from reveling in their victory for long.

13 Feb. 2018

Destruction and Salvation

The dungeon itself turns against the Magic Knights as they fight to escape–and to keep a desperately wounded Asta live. Mars remembers how he came to be.

twenty Feb. 2018

Associates at the Royal Capital letter

Asta and Noelle visit the royal capital to report on the dungeon mission, merely get roped into something else entirely with their Golden Dawn friends.

27 Feb. 2018

Capital Riot

The majestic capital is under siege! The Magic Knight squads must set aside their quarrels and come up together to defend the Clover Kingdom and its people.

half dozen Mar. 2018

Wild Magic Dance

The all-time of the Magic Knights–plus Asta and Noelle–fight the hordes of undead beseiging the purple capital. Noelle suffers a crisis of confidence.

20 Mar. 2018


Rades wasn’t the only invader–and the others are more than powerful, their sights set up far college. The Magic Knights fall victim to a Spatial Magic spell.

27 Mar. 2018


What has become of Fuegoleon Vermillion? Yuno struggles to recover from his boxing with the witch, while Asta’southward cursed wounds threaten to do him in.

3 April. 2018

Wounded Beasts

The masterminds behind the invasion reveal themselves, though their motivation remains unclear. Asta spends quality time with i of his heroes.

ten Apr. 2018


The Sorcerer Male monarch, Julius, displays his power against enemies, and rescues Asta in the procedure.

17 April. 2018

The One I’ve Set My Heart On

After some debate equally to who to ask, Finral invites Luck and Asta to join him for a Mixer with 3 lovely ladies, to become more than acquainted. Meanwhile, Noelle follows them to the tavern and gets a job every bit a worker merely to spy on them.

24 Apr. 2018


Sometime friends and fellow squad members reminisce about Asta: his apprehensive beginnings, his craziest battles–and underlying it all, his called-for ambition.

1 May 2018

The Mirror Mage

The Black Bulls get a day off, which Gauche spends visiting his beloved sis Marie. Then a mysterious tragedy befalls the village–is Marie safe?

8 May 2018

Pursuit over the Snowfall

Asta and Gauche scour the countryside in search of Nean’s children, who have fallen into the clutches of a ruthless monster thirsty for their magic.

15 May 2018

Three-Leafage Sprouts

As expected, there were bigger baddies behind the abduction of Nean’south children. Luckily Sister Theresa is on hand to join the fight for their freedom.

22 May 2018

To Help Somebody Someday

Gauche reflects on his past as he struggles with protecting Marie versus helping Asta in his downhill battle against Sally’southward mutant magic monster.

29 May 2018

Calorie-free Magic vs Night Magic

Fill-in arrives for Asta’due south showdown against the leader of the Eye of the Midnight Dominicus. Asta must button by his limits to pull off a tricky technique.

5 Jun. 2018

The Light of Judgment

The Black Bulls seem to exist on the losing end of an ballsy clash between two highly gifted magic users. Gauche has an idea that could turn the tables.

12 Jun. 2018

Three Eyes

Iii elite members of the Eye of the Midnight Lord’s day pay a visit to their comrade Licht, prepared to brand Yami and friends pay for what they’ve done.

xix Jun. 2018

The I with No Magic

The Third Eye battle rages on, now with three talented Magic Knight captains providing backup. Licht reveals an intriguing tidbit most Asta’s gear.

26 Jun. 2018

The Magic Knights Helm Briefing

The Wizard King calls a meeting of the Magic Knight captains. Asta has barely enough time to recuperate before being summoned to the royal capital.

3 Jul. 2018

Three-Leafage Salute

There’due south a traitor among the captains! Marx’southward spell reveals who’s been collaborating with the Eye of the Midnight Dominicus. Julius considers his next motion.

ten Jul. 2018

A Black Beach Story

The Black Bulls relax at the beach as they set up for their secret mission. Noelle’south showing off her new swimsuit–if Asta would pay whatever attention.

17 Jul. 2018

The Water Girl Grows Upwardly

Noelle’s magic is indispensable for the fight ahead. A new friend has some tips to help amend her magic control, just Noelle has a long style to get.

24 Jul. 2018

The Underwater Temple

The eccentric high priest of the Underwater Temple makes it crystal clear that the Black Bulls won’t get their hands on the magic rock that hands.

31 Jul. 2018

Temple Battle Royale

It’south the misfit magicians of the Black Bulls upward against the fearsome fish-masked Temple Mages. Noelle faces a surprising foe, and Asta uses his head.

21 Aug. 2018


The Blackness Bulls and their new Underwater Temple friends pull out all the stops to accept downwards Vetto, but there’due south far more than to him than meets the eye.

28 Aug. 2018

The Only Weapon

Vanessa and Finral find inspiration as a tattered remnant of Blackness Bulls bands together to tackle the mighty Vetto–who shows no sign of slowing down.

iv Sep. 2018

Despair vs. Hope

Finral and Vanessa reflect on their pasts while guiding Asta’due south attacks, but they’ll need to change information technology upwards to keep the hirsuite fiend Vetto on his toes.

11 Sep. 2018

Across Limits

Asta’s never-give-up attitude has a bear upon on his young man Blackness Bulls. Vetto recalls his youth, while Yami comes to a realization and takes action.

18 Sep. 2018

Stop of the Battle, End of Despair

The Blackness Bulls recover after their fight against the Eye of the Midnight Lord’s day took everything out of them–literally. Asta gets himself back on rail.

25 Sep. 2018

Proof of Rightness

The Clover Kingdom can barely breathe a sigh of relief before the border village of Kiten is attacked by the Diamond Kingdom’s near fearsome generals.

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