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Has your ex blocked you on social media? Blocked your number? Feel like screaming, “My ex blocked me on everything!”? Unsure what to do? We get write-ins nearly this a lot. And it hurts, you lot feel helpless. You desire to notice a manner around it. But what should you practice if you ex blocks yous on everything? Well, permit’s break it all downward. Here’south how to deal with your ex blocking you.

Why Has My Ex Blocked Me?

Earlier nosotros look at what to practise if your ex blocks you, lets first establish WHY your ex has blocked you and what it means.

  • Did y’all end on bad terms? Are they angry? Practise you feel similar there’s a bit of hatred at that place too?
  • Was it a difficult breakdown, and perhaps they’re but hurting? (
    Here, have a read of this – 10 signs they’re pain more than you know.
  • Is this just their way of dealing with things? Blocking an ex later on a breakup is actually a pretty common thing. It makes information technology easier for no contact and to assist you both move on.
  • Do yous recall they could perhaps exist testing yous? Trying to get a reaction? Information technology is a possibility. (
    Here, click here for the signs your ex is testing you.
    ) If this is the instance, don’t rise to it. It’s non the right kind of examination.
  • Your ex could also have blocked you because they’ve moved on and met someone new. They’re therefore trying to protect yous by you lot not having to encounter this – or trying to avert the backfire! (
    Either way, hither’southward what to exercise if your ex moves on rapidly.

In most cases however, if your ex has blocked you on everything it’s because they don’t want to speak to you, and – particularly for socials – they don’t desire to come across what you post, or see your name popping up whenever they share something new.

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At the end of the day, you lot’re no longer together. Information technology tin exist hard enough to readjust equally it is, without the constant reminder of them there…

My Ex Blocked Me On Everything…

So your ex blocked yous on everything, but
could it be a skilful thing?
Well, allow’southward explore.

The Benefits Of Blocking Your Ex On Everything (Or Being Blocked):

1) Less Reminders

Out of sight, out of mind equally they say. Less reminders hateful information technology’southward that TINY BIT easier to finish thinking about them quite as much and get-go to movement on. Information technology stops you

thinking nearly them

equally much, and instead focusing on getting on with your own life.

2) Less Obsessing

After a breakup, it’s so easy to obsess over your ex.

Take they text? Volition they text? What are they up to? Have they posted anything new? What’s going on with them now? And how does that mean that they feel?

You tin can end upwards checking your telephone and their socials 10 times a day (in some cases, no exaggeration!)

It’s not healthy, nor does it assist with your level of

confidence after a breakup
. In fact, the fixation (and then rejection through lack of care / interest) simply knocks information technology down further!

Whereas if you’re blocked on everything, it creates a barrier and stops you from being able to know what’s going on, and therefore forces you to take it and become on with your own life instead.

Although it may be frustrating initially, it’s really only destroying a bad breakdown habit which is a major win!

three) Less Temptation

So you may experience like screaming, “my ex blocked me on everything!”, only call up about it – now they have, at least it takes away the option and therefore temptation to achieve out to them.

They made a clear message past blocking yous. A argument of what they want from hither.

Whether they told you they were going to do it or not, they’ve gone now – only that only takes abroad i more “what if”, because the whole “having contact” option has been taken out of the mix.

It helps with closure, it forces you to showtime to take it.

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Is Information technology Skilful That My Ex Blocked Me On Everything?

So maybe you were surprised when you realised, “Damn, my ex blocked me on everything!”, but can’t you shift the way you come across it to consider that perchance your ex was doing y’all both a favour?

My Ex Has Blocked Me

I Desire My Ex To Unblock Me

Now I’m non naive plenty to call up that we tin share the benefits of why it’s adept that your ex blocked you lot on everything and you will automatically just be like, “oh okay then!”

Correct now, you may still be in fight mode. Yous don’t WANT to be blocked. You lot don’t even really want to exist cleaved upwards. And so your listen may be trying to find means around it.

Merely what’south the options?

  • Message from someone else’s phone / social media to ask your ex to unblock you?
  • Find a loophole with an old email address & electronic mail them on at that place?
  • And I bet we’ve all seen when an ex transfers money into their ex’s account with a secret message equally the reference like, “Please can we talk?”

Merely come on. Articulate your mind. Have a deep breath. And realise: that’s non you lot. You are so much meliorate than that. Don’t lose yourself and your dignity past stooping to those levels.

If Yous Try To Fight It…

I mean think most it, your ex blocked y’all on everything for a reason. Whether you like it or non, you have to have it and respect it.

There must be a role of y’all that all the same cares about your ex so respect their decision, respect their wishes. Don’t make all of this harder than it already is. Not only for them, merely for you, too.

The longer y’all fight it, the longer you prolong the pain. And retrieve – it’due south a bit of a losing battle anyway. You can’t change the fashion a person feels or what they want.

Sp the sooner you accept information technology – the sooner you can get your head effectually it and start to allow get.

What To Practice If Your Ex Blocks You

And so what do yous do if your ex blocks you? Well:

i) Accept it.

Like we said. Don’t try to achieve out or get them to unblock y’all. But leave it. You begging, pestering or pleading will not change this, and even if it did – would it really make a difference?

See, equally much every bit information technology may hurt to hear it, your ex doesn’t want to speak to y’all. They wouldn’t block you if they did. So even if you lot were unblocked, it would but create more than torment and frustration!

2) Don’t try to observe means effectually information technology.

Don’t try to find other ways to “follow” them.
Let’s be fair – in that location’s e’er ways.
Request friends to keep tabs on them, checking through their socials, having other accounts.

Just once more, leave it out. It’s not helpful and information technology’southward certainly non yous. Don’t lower yourself to that level. It will make you get crazy!

3) Cease clinging on to the past.

Final only non least, try not to

cling onto the past
. So you can’t see anything new that your ex shares anymore.

Sometimes, that leads you to get over old photos or old messages… but again, information technology does more than harm than good. So determine to make this the turning betoken – decide to accept this as your ain fresh showtime.

What To Do If Your Ex Blocks You

Will My Ex Always Unblock Me?

Will your ex e’er unblock you? Well, well-nigh probably. In their own time. It could be weeks, it could be months, information technology could be years and – it very well could be not at all.

They may not even think about it. Or maybe they themselves, find the temptation to have a trivial wait at your profile. Information technology’s unlikely they’ll always achieve out yet – unless they want to clear the air.

But this means, fifty-fifty if they exercise unblock you, you’re unlikely to realise.
You shouldn’t realise anyhow, because you shouldn’t still be checking!

So endeavour not to think about this, and definitely don’t wait for it. In your listen, await at information technology like that’southward it – they will never be coming back. Considering they won’t, not in the way you want them to anyway.

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“My Ex Blocked Me On Everything…”

So your ex blocked you on everything. It wasn’t your choice. Maybe information technology wasn’t what you wanted, or something you would do. Simply it’s happened now.

Give it some time, and – I hope you – it won’t seem like such a large deal. Give information technology more than time, and – you very well may be surprised – you lot’ll actually be thankful for it.

Everything may be pain right at present, but information technology volition become easier. Just hang on in there, okay? Take care.


My Ex Blocked Me On Everything