Blocked Text Message Copy And Paste

Although text messages have go one of the near effective and efficient ways to communicate, sometimes they can be irritating. So, sometimes you may non accept the free energy to respond to all text messages, including the irrelevant ones. One of the most constructive ways to disregard the texts without coming off as rude is to respond with a fake blocked text bulletin.

This commodity offers you a list of 24 faux blocked text message ideas that you can use to respond to bothersome texts.

Why You Need a Fake Blocked Text Message


Smartphones have become the easiest manner of connecting with our loved ones. However, they’ve been infiltrated by online fraudsters and spammers who volition send you lot non-finish text messages trying to con you or sell things you’re not interested in.

Unfortunately, these people will keep to send yous messages without any regard for your well-being.

This can exist stressful, especially if the texts are chargeable. But you tin put a stop to the unwanted texts by sending a fake blocked text message.

Although information technology’s possible to block the senders, sometimes the texts are sent by colleagues or relatives who yous don’t want to block. For case, your friend or workmate could be sending you inappropriate texts when you lot are likewise busy doing something of import.

Since you lot don’t want to lose their number or finish receiving messages from them, yous tin ship them a false blocked text bulletin just to get them off your back for the time being.

Yous tin too send a fake error text bulletin to your friends and loved ones just for fun. Information technology’s a great manner of messing with them in a fun mode. You’ll show them your other humorous side.

24 Fake Blocked Text Bulletin Ideas


There are different means of creating a fake blocked text message. For instance, y’all can copy and paste arrangement-generated text messages. Here are some examples of organisation-generated text messages that yous go when you text someone who has blocked you.

Examples of Arrangement-Generated Fault Messages

i. Fault 20002: Y’all accept been blocked past the intended recipient of your message.
two. Message Not Sent: You are trying to attain [XXX-XXX-XXXX].
iii. The Verizon Wireless Customer You are trying to reach is being checked for trouble #055112.
4. Message Error: The recipient has blocked all incoming SMS from [Insert phone number].
5. Fault 104 #Blocked Message: The message you were trying to transport to [Enter Target Number Here] is not delivered.
six. Service Fault 409: The subscriber [Your Phone Number] has blocked all incoming text messages from [Insert prank target telephone number].
7. [ATT Bulletin CENTER] Message blocked–You will be charged $01 for this notification.
viii. We’re deplorable, but the phone number yous are trying to text has been blocked by Verizon Wireless Services.
ix. Fault 404: Your SMS has not been delivered and blocked for 24 hours.
10. Bulletin Error: #the number you accept reached is not in service.

Examples of Syntax Error Letters

Y’all can as well send them a “Syntax Error” message to prevent them from sending you as well many irrelevant messages. This type of fault message volition serve equally a alarm to the sender. Here are some examples of syntax messages.

11. [msgerror] This recipient is blocking your number due to spam. Please contact your Mobile Carrier for more information.
12. Error Lawmaking: E-1301: Your number has been blocked past the recipient &bulletin%blocked/ “This message cannot be sent”.
thirteen. Mistake message blocking is active on t-mobile.
14. [errormessage] Block electronic mail text messages AT & T.
fifteen. Error112: This user has blocked you.

Examples of Your Own Error Messages

If you tin can’t access a organisation-generated text message for your fake blocked message prank, you can write your own. However, this tin can be a flake of a challenge considering you need to make the text believable. Then, you have to find the right words to make your fake fault text convincing and real. Use right sentence structure and punctuation.

Fortunately, there are several online templates that you can use to draft your ain fake error text message. You but need to copy and paste the template into your text editor and edit it to include details of the person you’re sending it to.

The benefit of using templates is that they look legit and information technology’s very easy for the recipient to believe them. Here are examples of drafted fault messages.

16. SERVICE Mistake 305: Message delivery failed. Further letters will exist charged to your business relationship.
17. Msg 2106 – The destination number is not in the correct format. Delight right the format and try again.
18. Msg 2108, 2109, or 2111 – The recipient you are sending to has chosen not to receive letters.
xix. Msg 2110 – The client y’all are trying to text is temporarily out of service.
xx. Msg 2114 – Message sent using an invalid number of digits. Please resend using a 10-digit number or valid short code.
21. Msg 2120 – Y’all are not allowed to transport text messages.
22. Msg 2124 – The message sent to recipient number <number> on <date> at <time> has expired and was not delivered. Please attempt once again.
23. Msg 2128 – The bulletin could non exist delivered due to a temporary network error. Please try later.
24. Msg 2133 – You received this message because you lot sent a text to a number without the surface area lawmaking or used an invalid short code or you are blocked from using this service.

4 Tips for Your Fake Blocked Text Bulletin Prank


While blocking someone who’southward texting you ceaselessly with irrelevant letters will get them to terminate, sometimes all yous need to stop the messages immediately is to reply with a fake error bulletin. Here are useful tips on how to transport a fake blocked text message.

1. Drafting a Convincing Error Message

Replying to an abrasive text with an mistake bulletin that looks similar an automatic response will finish the sender from sending more texts to you because they’ll presume y’all’ve blocked their number.

Nobody wants to waste their time and money sending texts that don’t go through. The trick here is to make the error message announced real.

If the start error message doesn’t stop them from bothering you with texts, yous should copy and paste the same mistake bulletin equally your respond. You lot can fifty-fifty warn them that further messages will be charged to their account.

2. Bombard Them with Error Letters

When someone annoys y’all with loads of text messages, the best response is to give them a taste of their own medicine. Blow their phone up with tons of fault messages.

Although this might be plush if the messages are charged to your business relationship, it’s the best way to annoy your tormentor. You can even jam their cellphones past sending them hundreds of messages at once.

3. Enquire for Help

If your tormentor doesn’t stop pestering you lot with stupid messages, you should ask for help from your friends and family members. Y’all can bring them on board and put all your texting resources together to serve the groovy a taste of their ain medicine. Ask them to send the bully the same error message instantaneously.

4. Transport Random One-Letter Texts

You lot can mess with their head even more past dividing the false error bulletin into several text messages, with each text carrying a single letter. They won’t know what happened, and it will have them a long time to put together the bulletin.