Bmw Bluetooth Audio Not Working Android

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Solution For No Sound Afterwards Installed BMW E60 Android Caput Unit

Are you trying to install an aftermarket BMW E60 Android caput unit of measurement merely no sound comes out from music or video playing while testing? The sound from manufacturing plant radio and CD player works well, just no sound from Android screen. Don’t worry, if you follow instructions provided in this post, you can get sound with this solution.

How To Find Out The Exact Trouble?

  1. Check original AUX

    Firstly you should know that the audio from Android screen transfers to car speakers through original aux way, so if at that place’s no sound, the first thing yous need to cheque is your aux, does your aux work well now? Y’all tin utilize a aux cable to connect your telephone with the aux jack in the armrest or beneath  the radio unit, then play music with your phone, and cheque if the sound from your phone comes out from car speakers, if yes, that means your aux works at present.

  2. Check original 3 AUX wires

    The next step is checking Aux wires from original wiring harness behind the factory radio and CD. Make sure your aux wires match the new aux wires in the same position. Few BMW E60 comes with aux wires in different position or without aux wires from the plug backside the radio. You can bank check our aux wires from our plug as below:

    Our aux wires are with reddish, white, and black color, three wires in a group, you lot tin run across below pic:

    aux wiring diagram

Compare your plug with our new plug to check the 3 aux wires in the same position. If your aux wires are non matched, or your plug does not take aux wires, then you lot can effort our solutions.

This motion picture shows you lot the original wiring diagram from BMW E60 E61 radio module M-ASK and CCC.

BMW E60 E61 wiring diagram

Check connector B, pin#2 is AUX Left audio, pin#7 is AUX right audio, pivot#8 is AUX ground.

So you lot can check if your aux wires are in the position every bit in a higher place. If non, you can move them to the same position as above. While if there’s no aux wires from your plug every bit below:
not have aux wires from e60 plug

If there’due south no sound afterward installation of BMW E60 Android caput unit, here are 2 solutions for you.

First solution:

This is easier, you tin purchase a aux adapter cable from us. So you can connect it directly with your aux jack in the armrest or at the rear of armrest, which means our unit connects to your aux directly without modifying wires.

aux dapter cable

2d solution:

Since you take already known how does the sound work, and know you will demand to connect your aux with our aux wires, you can likewise splice our 3 aux wires from the blue plug and connect them with a aux cable.

aux plug

Splice red, white and black wires, connect them with a cable every bit below. Then connect that cable to your aux jack.
aux jack in the armrest

Feedback from one of our customers in Kingdom of norway:

I sort thing out. Must mods the black, white and red plug from your unit harness into a aux cable. And then connect its to my aux in inn the armrest. I got sound in that way.

For customers in Dublin, Northern California, U.s., shut to San Francisco, we have a recommended store for you. They take already tried and proved the second solution successfully.

What to do if my BMW e60 not accept AUX?

We have another solution for BMW e60 does not come with AUX role. You tin can purchase a small amplifier from u.s. together with the e60 Android caput unit. This small amplifier choice can transfer the audio from our Android e60 unit to your 4 car door speakers, you can bank check it equally beneath:

small amplifier

However, you should
brand sure your BMW e60 does non have fiber optic amplifier.

Considering this minor amplifier does not work with factory fiber optic amplifier.

In lodge to cheque if your e60 has fiber optic amp, y’all tin can endeavor to take out the mill radio/CD unit, and bank check the plug behind, if there are 8 speaker wires from your plug as below, that means your e60 does not have fiber optic amplifier, that’southward not bad, so your e60 without AUX can utilize our small amplifier to transfer the sound.

without fiber optic amp

If you have any questions, you tin leave a comment below or contact united states straight.