Looking at the nighttime YouTube videos tin can exist troublesome as doing so may not be a comfortable feel. Without turning upwardly YouTube video effulgence, yous may not enjoy the video completely.

Imagine watching some instructional videos on YouTube having a dark color scheme; the whole purpose of the video will be destroyed equally viewers will non exist able to follow them completely. While increasing YouTube video brightness is possible, many people do non know most this. There are various tools and Google Chrome extensions available that can assist you turn up the effulgence of your YouTube videos.

  • Office one: Is At that place a Way to Turn upward Brightness on Uploaded YouTube Videos?

  • Part 2: How to turn up Brightness of Videos?

    • Method 1: Using iMyFone Filme

    • Method 2: Using a Chrome Extension – Suit Video Effulgence

    • Method 3: Using an Online Tool – Kapwing

  • Role 3: FAQs well-nigh Adjusting Video Brightness

Is There a Manner to Turn up Effulgence on Uploaded YouTube Videos?

Increasing uploaded YouTube video brightness is not possible now every bit YouTube has disabled this characteristic. Nevertheless, increasing the video brightness is possible before uploading the videos on YouTube. There are numerous tools available to practise this; even so, the preferred method and tool of increasing the brightness vary from individual to private. iMyFone Filme and Kapwing allow you to adjust the effulgence of the videos before uploading on YouTube. In contrast to that, Adjust video brightness is a Chrome extension with which you can increment the brightness while streaming the video in a matter of a few clicks.

How to Turn upwardly Brightness of Videos?

Method one: Using iMyFone Filme:

iMyFone Filme is a video editor for anybody no thing you are a beginner or professional. It has diverse features and helps you edit video easily and fast. Using iMyFone Filme is ane of the piece of cake to utilize video editing tools. It gives yous the following features.

Whether you want to cutting, trim, split, rotate, increase or decrease the speed of your video; everything is possible with iMyFone Filme.

From blitheness to transitions, from calculation text to music and phonation over, this tool will help you lot in adding arable effects and resource to your video.

You lot can preview the effects added to your video immediately subsequently adding them. Not just this, but this software also gives a
ane-month free license
with which you can explore the software completely before using it farther.

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Video Tutorial of Brighting A Video Using Filme

YouTube Video

To increase the YouTube Video brightness using this tool, follow these steps.

  1. To open the editing manner of the video, double click on the video or click the editing button after selecting the video.

    edit video clip

  2. In the editing window, y’all will see different options, and brightness will be i of them. Move the scroll bar and increase the YouTube video effulgence with ease from hither.

    adjust brightness filme

Method ii: Using a Chrome Extension – Adjust Video Brightness

This is one of the easiest methods for those having no hands-on experience of using different video editing softwares for YouTube. All yous accept to do is to install a chrome extension “Adapt Video Effulgence,” and accommodate YouTube video brightness from there hands in a matter of a few clicks. Follow the post-obit steps to adapt YouTube video effulgence hands.

  1. Firstly, yous take to open YouTube and click on the video for which you lot want to increment the effulgence.

  2. The icon of the extension will announced in the top bar from where you can open the extension. In one case you open the video, click on the icon of the extension to open it.

  3. Once done, you will come across the horizontal whorl bar widget on which you can drag the scroller to adjust the YouTube Video brightness co-ordinate to your needs.

    adjust youtube video brightness

Congratulations, you are good to get. At any stage, if yous remember you have to reduce the brightness of the video once more, you can easily do it by going back to the extension’s widget and adjusting the brightness from the roll bar.

Method iii: Using an Online Tool – Kapwing

Kapwing is i of those tools that is made for inexperienced users having little cognition of the software. You tin can easily adjust the brightness, saturation, and opacity of any video using this tool. It all happens in the Kapwing online video editing studio, where you can edit the video according to your requirements. Let’due south walk through the steps to see how information technology happens in Kapwing.

Upload Your Video:

Get-go of all, you have to upload your video to the Kapwing studio. For this, you can either upload information technology from your computer or just copy and paste the link of your YouTube video to the Kapwing studio, and you are skillful to go.

Adapt Panel:

Open the Adjust console with the adjust button to increment the brightness of your video. Here you volition take the option to adjust the brightness from 0 to 100, with 100 being the brightest. While doing this, you can view the adjusted brightness of the video in the left panel. So, you can come across which brightness is perfect for y’all.

adjust youtube video brightness 2

Publish and Share:

In one case yous are done adjusting your video’s brightness, click publish. You tin download the video and even share it on any platform of your choice.

adjust youtube video brightness 3

FAQs almost Video Brightness:

Q1: Can yous brighten YouTube video?

YouTube has disabled the feature to suit the effulgence of a video. However, increasing the brightness of your video earlier uploading is possible and tin be done hands with different tools. While there are gratis tools available for this purpose, using paid tools is also a good option as they requite more editing options to you.

Q2: Why are my YouTube videos so dark?

Dark YouTube videos can have diverse causes. Ane of the master reasons for the dark YouTube video is that the video is being shot at a place having less light. The quality of the camera likewise affects the color scheme of the video. Whatever the reason is, the expert news is that you can adjust YouTube video brightness co-ordinate to your needs easily.

Q3: Is there any app to burnish video?

There are several tools bachelor in the market place to brighten up your YouTube video. iMyFone Filme is ane of those tools with which you tin increase YouTube video brightness along with doing other editing. Similarly, you can too increase it with Kapwing. In that location are some Google Chrome extensions also available for the said purpose.

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