Cambridge Audio Melomania Touch review: You’ve got the touch?

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The Melomania Touch are 1 of the all-time-sounding budget earbuds, but problems with the touch controls diminish the user experience. They come recommended (merely) and hither’s hoping whenever the iind
model appears that the problems are rectified.


  • Entertaining, melodic sound
  • Premium looks
  • Long battery life
  • Visually distinctive app


  • Inconsistent touch controls
  • Pairing with device can get AWOL


  • UK
    RRP: £129.95

Key Features

  • High Performance Sound Mode
    Uses Cambridge Audio’s hi-fi expertise to boost audio at the expense of bombardment life

  • Transparency Mode
    Filters outside sounds into the listener’due south ears

  • Melomania app
    Features equaliser settings, affect control customisation and Transparency mode control


Cambridge Audio’s Melomania range of earphones have enjoyed success by bringing high quality sound to the lower reaches of the true wireless market. Beginning came the original Melomania 1 in 2022, and the ranks have swelled since with the Melomania Touch and Melomania 1+.

Odd proper noun bated (melomania means honey of music), the series has catapulted Cambridge Audio – a company all-time known for its hi-fi DACs and amplifiers – into the true wireless reckoning, merely in that location have been awkward moments.

The Melomania Touch went on sale early in 2022, but suffered from teething bug; inconsistent controls, connectivity issues and an unstable app. A few updates and several months later, have the Bear on realised their potential?


  • Slick, premium pattern
  • Expert fit and seal
  • Controls can be glitchy

The bullet shape of the Melomania 1 serial is replaced past a more than conventional expect, and it’s an appearance that’south one of the more than stylish around the Touch’s price.

Similar to Stone Jaw’due south Avant Air, the Touch looks like it’s worth more than it actually is with its glossy finish (white or black) and teardrop shape. The wing-tip allows for greater stability in the ear, and the seal created means outside disturbances are reduced effectively.

Cambridge Audio Melomania Touch earbuds

Each earbud weighs less than 6g, and they’re comfortable to wear over extended periods. Would I use them as a pair for practise? I’d prefer a more rugged design and the Touch’s fit does loosen after a while merely you feasibly could, with their IPX4 rating protecting them from drips and drops of sweat.

With no physical buttons like the Melomania 1+, these Melomanias utilize bear upon controls (hence the name). It’southward a problematic area for the Impact as the earphones exercise not always recognise inputs (sometimes information technology’s ane earbud, sometimes both). On another occasion the volume spiked up and downward like that High Striker game you see at the circus.

Cambridge Audio Melomania Touch case

Plonk them back into their case and back out and the issue is resolved, but you tin never tell what gremlins might rear their heads when using the Melomania Impact. Quite a few times I’ve ended up just taking my smartphone out, which defeats the point.

The matching example is rated at IPX4, covered in a soft, premium microfibre leather that’s sure to please vegans. Aside from the sometimes sketchy controls, the Melomania Touch’s design is an appealing mix of ergonomics, appearance and experience.


  • Plenty of battery life
  • Decent Transparency mode
  • Helpful, well-designed app

With High Operation mode on by default, stamina is 7 hours each earbud and 33 in with the case. Switch to Low ability mode and battery jumps to nine in the earbuds and fifty in total, which equals the Melomania 1+.

Yous tin can switch between High Performance and Depression power modes in the Melomania app, just the process takes five minutes (the earphones require a software update to waltz between modes). Neither fast- nor wireless charging are included, so a total recharge takes a languid ii hours.

The Melomania app is well decorated and feature rich, visually showing how much battery is left or listing the Bluetooth codec the headphones are streaming in. You tin flick between having Transparency style on and off, with a slider you can push button from 0 to 100% to choose how much sound to filter through. With Transparency on some noise is noticeable just in awareness terms there is enough clarity to take in your surroundings.

Melomania Touch app

In that location’s a 5-band equaliser to adjust bass, mid-range and treble, along with other presets (Immersive, R&B and more). Lose the earphones and there’s help with the “Find My Earphones” characteristic – you’ll need to fix permissions as to either “Always On” or when the app is open up to enable information technology.

If that’s non enough, you can turn the bear on controls on or off. Performance of the earphones covers everything from playback, rails skipping, book and taking calls, while you can also call up a phonation banana and activate Transparency style. Run into trouble and there’southward an app-based User Guide to aid with any issues. There is no automobile-pause tech included.

Cambridge Audio Melomania Touch earfins

Bluetooth connectivity is 5.0 and these earphones prove sticky enough when used in decorated areas, though on occasion they accept disconnected directly after pairing. At times they’ve paired to my smartphone when all the same in the example. That has happened before with other earbuds and I don’t quite empathize why.

SBC, AAC and aptX are the supported Bluetooth codecs. The microphones in each earbud use Qualcomm’s CVC (Clear Vocalisation Capture) dissonance counterfoil for clearer telephone call quality. Siri and Google Banana are the vocalization aids of pick, simply if your phone supports Alexa, the Melomania Touch tin can call her upwardly besides.

Sound quality

  • Energetic and entertaining
  • Capable with many genres
  • Proficient balance across frequency range

A few years agone, the sound quality of budget earbuds always seemed to exist tarnished by the fact that they were inexpensive, only that’due south no longer the instance. You don’t have to spend over £200 to become a reasonable sound experience, and the Melomania Touch are a practiced case of that.

They have a sound that’s immensely likable from the beginning, one that’s clear, detailed and spacious, avoiding the congestion and small soundstage that ofttimes afflicts true wireless earbuds around this cost.

Cambridge Audio Melomania Touch earphones on case

Clarity and particular are high points of the Touch’s performance, instruments divers with a fair corporeality of stardom in Windsor Garden from the Paddington 2 soundtrack. They’re also spread across the soundstage to create a convincing sense of space, forth with an equally convincing sense of tonality, every bit the instruments and backing voices play off each other.

They offering skillful dynamism and energy when needed in The Chemical Brothers’ Quayside Synthesis, happy and composed with fast tracks or tiresome tempo mood pieces. The Touch’s versatility is welcome, their shine and balanced tone across the frequency range ensures they’re happy with all kinds of music genres.

Cambridge Audio Melomania Touch in case

The summit end of the frequency offers a refined sense of clarity and particular that’s absolutely fine for the cost. I’d describe the midrange as fairly solid, merely in the weighty sense of the give-and-take rather than thick and ill-divers. Bass response is besides weighty, offering more depth and power than the Google Pixel Buds A-Series.

Their sense of dynamism is well-judged (just nudge the book up a little) and the Touch put in a decent shift in terms of their rhythmic power. Add a knack for smoothly rendered vocals and the Melomania Bear on offering the kind of performance I expected from Sennheiser’s latest entries in their CX serial.

The Melomania Touch thoroughly appoint with their performance – there’southward no doubting their musical power. They’re easily one of the all-time-sounding budget earbuds.

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Should you buy it?

Buy them for their impressive audio
The Melomania Impact are a versatile, easy-on-the-ear pair of earphones that are ane of improve-sounding options at their toll. And right at present, you can get for less than £100.

If touch on controls get out you frustrated
The Melomania Affect are about undone by their inconsistent touch on controls. Giving how iffy they can sometimes exist, the Touch inadvertently make a good instance for wanting physical buttons

Final Thoughts

The catchy affair about evaluating the Melomania Touch is that there are plenty of things they exercise well, and one attribute that irritates. They can be maddeningly inconsistent in terms of on-board usability but too terrifically good in terms of the audio. Information technology’s a Jekyll & Hyde performance at times.

If it weren’t for their bug these would rank right upwardly there with the Lypertek PurePlay Z3 2.0 and Edifier NeoBuds Pro as ane of the best budget offerings. Lovers of music volition be entranced past these earphones, although you’ll have to take the good with a bit of bad.

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Does the Cambridge Audio Melomania Touch support wear detection?

No, there’southward no auto-intermission when the earbuds are removed from the ear

Do the Melomania Impact support active dissonance counterfoil?

No ANC is supported on this model, though there is a Transparency mode for letting audio in.

Full specs

Britain RRP


IP rating

Bombardment Hours


Release Date

Driver (south)

Frequency Range

Cambridge Audio Melomania Bear upon


Cambridge Audio





7mm Graphene

– Hz

Jargon buster


Qualcomm’south aptX codec can support college quality audio than Bluetooth alone.


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