Can Android Receive Gifs From Iphone

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  1. Deelynde

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    I just love the live message app just not all seem to be able to receive it. I’ve sent it to two iphone users who did get it but so two other iphone users did not. Anyone know why some can’t receive a GIF (and it’south non a large file problem). Thanks in accelerate

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  2. chuynh1109

    I’grand having the same problems

  3. marctronixx


    Nosotros’re they on the same carrier? We’re the phones on the latest firmware?

    Did they utilise the stock app or 3rd party?

    What carrier are Yous on? Could be an issue betwixt the carriers.

    Mayhap it’s something that will get ironed out in an OTA. The telephone is however non officially released withal…

  4. Deelynde

    Thread Starter

    They were all dissimilar carriers than me (I’grand Verizon, they’re ATT). One received the gif but two didn’t. Out of the two that didn’t, ane was a brand new Iphone the other an older Iphone. Sure they are all using the stock app.

  5. chuynh1109

    Found my result to exist textra. If I use the stock Sammy app it works

  6. Deelynde

    Thread Starter

    I’m using the Verizon app. That’south where it works sometimes and sometimes not

    Well that worked for me too, merely I don’t similar the stock app. Are we supposed to switch back and along to ship GIF’s?

  7. chuynh1109

    I don’t like the stock app either. I don’t use the live message frequently enough, and so when I exercise use it I’ll practice a quick switch

  8. Deelynde

    Thread Starter

    Estimate I’ll practise that also, thank you for your help

  9. marctronixx


    Yep that’s the reason I sparked discussion on carriers and apps. I read on other forums that some also were experiencing the same issues and information technology was based on intercarrier problems or using 3rd party apps.

  10. I think information technology’s a conversion error with whatsoever app is RECEIVING information technology. For case, my live messages work groovy with Facebook Messenger, but they don’t piece of work with Chomp SMS: all my recipients get is a static image. I suppose information technology depends on the user you’re sending to.

  11. marctronixx


    im on whatsapp. hitting me upward and lets see…

  12. Deelynde

    Thread Starter

    Well the person that couldn’t receive information technology when I used Verizon messaging did receive it when I sent from stock app. Then guessing 3rd political party app problem

  13. chuynh1109

    Was reading somewhere that it has to do with file compression size

  14. I would have NO Trouble using the stock messaging app if information technology offered a dark theme. I apply Cool Theme with Chomp and don’t like that blinding white background. I don’t think there’south an option to fix that unless I theme the whole phone, which is something I take no interest in.

  15. evohicks

    Oasis’t got the phone notwithstanding lol

  16. Y’all can alter the background of the stock message app. Merely tap the three dots on the top right of the main messages screen and go to settings, backgrounds. You can choice annihilation from your gallery.

    Back in the day, yous could too change the text bubbles color and shape, only I don’t see that choice anymore.

  17. Awesome idea: I went searching for Dark Background, grabbed a couple of good ones, and DONE


  18. It’s been a minute since I logged into this forum! Simply replaced my Note iv with the eight and I love it so far! Merely result and then far is sending animated messages through text. I’ve tried the native app and about 4 from the play store and no luck. I’m on Verizon if that makes a difference.

  19. What kind of trouble? Is it that you lot can’t add together the gif to the text box? In that example, y’all can employ Google messages app, or textra and many others. They allow you to ship gif’s no problem.

    If you are about to add together to to the text box, but information technology doesn’t ship, bank check your apn settings brand sure that they are correct.

  20. I can add information technology to the text but information technology won’t ship. It stalls out every fourth dimension and is accounted undeliverable. Super annoying. Maybe something with the network?

  21. marctronixx


    are yous sending to multiple carriers (sprint, tmo, etc) or just one person/carrier?

    are you cartoon these gifs using snote/spen or using stock gifs on the app?

    you mentioned you tried different apps, did you endeavour textra and google messenger?

    can y’all RECEIVE gifs from the person you are attempting to transport to?

    did you utilize a backup from your sometime phone to be synced with your new phone or did yous set it upward from scratch?

    is this the offset day of using the phone? if non , were yous ever able to send gifs?

    are you using an old SIM or did you lot get a new sim?

    are you sure the sim is provisioned properly through verizon?

    did y’all use the verizon messages app?

    if you experience its network related, we would non know hither. best to reach out to verizon directory.

  22. are y’all sending to multiple carriers (sprint, tmo, etc) or just one person/carrier?

    Multiple carriers. Verizon and AT&T

    are you drawing these gifs using snote/spen or using stock gifs on the app?

    Both. Neither will become through.

    you mentioned y’all tried different apps, did you try textra and google messenger?

    I’ve tried the stock Sammy app, Verizon, what’sapp, handsent and messenger

    can yous RECEIVE gifs from the person you are attempting to send to?

    Not sure I’ll have a friend try and go back to you.

    did you use a fill-in from your erstwhile phone to be synced with your new phone or did you set it up from scratch?

    Set upwardly from scratch

    is this the beginning twenty-four hour period of using the phone? if not , were you lot always able to send gifs?

    I’ve had the phone about ii weeks. Was able to ship them for the first few days and then it simply stopped.

    are you using an old SIM or did you get a new sim?

    New. The one from my iv is much larger.

    are you sure the sim is provisioned properly through verizon?

    That there is the million dollar question. I’m wondering if that could be the trouble!

    did y’all apply the verizon messages app?

    I did effort information technology out offset. When things went haywire I tried out the others.

    if you lot feel its network related, we would not know here. all-time to reach out to verizon directory.

    That’s what I was thinking. But idea I’d see if anyone else was having issues.

    Thanks for all of your assistance! This forum is the all-time!

  23. marctronixx


    Appreciate y’all taking fourth dimension to respond. Just helps that we are all on the aforementioned page.

    Worth a shot to try textra and google messenger.

    The fact that you were able to send these gifs before only no longer, may suggest an effect on your plan or a setting on your phone may be off. Gifs are MMS messages and are sent out differently than standard treat messages.

    It is likewise worth it to see if y’all CAN receive gifs.

    I’thousand surprised yous can’t send so through whatsapp! Did y’all endeavour sending using Simply WIFI (turning off the cellular radio) ?

  24. Thank you once again for all your help! I checked my settings and the but thing I changed was adding my messaging app to the unmonitored list in the Battery menu. That seems to have washed the trick. I was able to successfully send gifs to 3 different people on ii networks using both wifi only and information only. I was able to receive them besides. I’ll test it out over again during peak hours and meet if they go through. If information technology works I’ll update hither then we tin can mark the thread solved.
    Thank you over again!

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