Can Galaxy Note 10 Screen Record

Screen recording can get quite significant at places where you need to save something of import to watch or to keep a record of. This service has allowed users to be more than vigilant in saving significant moments that they function with within their lives. Many Android phones have been created and introduced into the market, where they featured different tools. However, tools such as screen recorders accept not been a part of many Android devices bachelor in the market. Developers such equally Samsung have introduced this characteristic in their latest smartphones where users tin efficiently create videos of important moments to salvage them for future needs. Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus are two distinct and country-of-the-art phones that can provide an environment to its users for prolific recording, still there are certain pointers that are to be kept in heed while seeking a platform to consume the service. This article introduces you to the variety of tools that are available for screen recording with a guide defining how to screen record on Samsung S10.

  • Function 1. Use ‘Screen recorder’ built-in Samsung Galaxy phones (S9 and afterward)
  • Office two. How to utilize MirrorGo to screen record Samsung S10? (Android 6.0 and higher)
  • Part 3. Tip: How to screen record games with ‘Game Launcher'(most Samsung Galaxy phones)
  • Function 4. Frequently asked questions

Part 1. Use ‘Screen recorder’ built-in Samsung Milky way phones (S9 and later)

Before screen recording was introduced in the market, there was no concept of taking a high-quality video of the screen for saving an instant in the issue that has been occurring across the device. As screen recording was introduced amongst users, many found information technology quite effective in consuming and looked forward to impressive platforms that offered such services. Different developers tried to bring upwards solutions, where many produced skillful applications successfully, and many failed. Over a period of time, it was realized by the brand developers that the service was requested across multiple platforms by millions of users, which led to the creation of born screen recording tools. Samsung introduced their ain ‘Screen Recorder’ over the release of Galaxy S9, which was taken ahead by their next iteration, the Samsung Galaxy S10. The tool developed across this model was more than intuitive and cognitive in utility and execution, although the procedure of utilizing them was quite similar. When discovering the advisable method to employ the Screen Recorder across your Milky way S10, you should always look forrad to utilizing its own built-in service. Thus, at that place is a need to devise a proper step-by-footstep guide explaining its use. To finer utilize Samsung’s Screen Recorder for developing loftier-quality recorded videos, y’all need to follow the guidelines as follows.

Step 1:
You demand to scroll downwards your Galaxy’s screen to admission the Quick Access Panel. Detect the listing of buttons appearing on the screen and attempt to locate the ‘Screen Recording’ icon. If y’all fail to find the icon in that location, y’all need to tap on the ‘Iii-dotted’ icon present on the superlative-right of these buttons.

tap on three dots

Step ii:
This volition pb yous to a new screen after you lot tap on the option of ‘Button Order’ from the driblet-down menu. Over the screen, you volition find a list of different buttons.

select button order option

Pace iii:
The top side of the screen will display the buttons that can be added to the console. The bottom side shows the buttons that are already present across the console before. Drag and drop the ‘Screen Recording’ icon from the available buttons to add it into the Quick Panel.

drag and adjust screen recorder icon

Stride 4:
Revert to the habitation screen and scroll down the S10’s screen to open its panel. Select the ‘Screen Recording’ button from the screen and set upwards the quality of the output video to keep.

Step 5:
Over confirmation, a three-2nd countdown initiates the screen recording. One time you are done with the recording, yous can simply tap on the ‘End’ push button from the tiptop-left corner of your screen.

tap on agree to start recording

In that location are several advantages and downsides involved in using this service, which is provided as follows.


  • Records high-quality content without any downloads.
  • Allows you to tape whatsoever screen within the device.


  • Only offered across a few Samsung models.
  • Operates across Android 10.0 or greater.

Office 2. How to employ MirrorGo to screen record Samsung S10? (Android half-dozen.0 and higher)

In such cases where yous are non acquiring the best from the built-in features of your Samsung S10, or you lot are entangled in a state of affairs where your screen recorder is not in operation, yous can e’er go for a better and resilient pick in the market. In this case, y’all can seek to utilise Wondershare MirrorGo as your getaway software with the selection of having a better experience in using and operating your device during screen recording.

style arrow up

Wondershare MirrorGo

Record your android device on your computer!

  • Record
    on the large screen of the PC with MirrorGo.
  • Takescreenshots
    and save them to the PC.
  • View multiple
    simultaneously without picking upward your phone.
  • Apply
    android apps
    on your PC for a full-screen experience.

people take downloaded it

google play button

To understand the operation of MirrorGo and the process that makes information technology the best choice in the market for your Samsung S10, you need to consider the steps that are offered below.

Step 1: Launch Software

You need to download and install the latest iteration of MirrorGo on your computer and proceed with launching information technology.

Step 2: Connect Devices and Mirror

Post-obit this, you demand to institute a connexion of your device with the reckoner. Connect your Samsung with the estimator through a USB cable and tap ‘Connect’ to allow the contents of the smartphone to exist displayed across the screen of the computer.

connect android screen on pc 1

Step 3: Record Screen

One time the screen of your mobile appears on the estimator, you need to tap on the ‘Record’ button on the right-hand panel to initiate recording. Nonetheless, when you are done recording your Samsung S10, simply tap the ‘End’ push beyond the same console and pb into the folder where the recording has been saved in the computer.

record android screen on pc 1

MirrorGo is a very efficient solution when it comes to using your Samsung S10 across the computer and tape its screen with ease. In that location are several points of dominance when it comes to using MirrorGo as your screen recorder, which is provided as:


  • Record, capture, or mirror your Samsung beyond a PC or an HDTV.
  • Easily record your screen without rooting the device.
  • Allows you to employ your mouse to operate your telephone’southward screen.


  • Practise not offer a Mac version.

Role 3. Tip: How to screen record games with ‘Game Launcher'(nearly Samsung Galaxy phones)

Samsung users can e’er become for some other built-in getaway option for screen recording if they are not having an operating Screen Recorder on their devices. Samsung’s ‘Game Launcher’ is a very effective choice for screen recording for gamers, where they can easily tape their gaming experience with this platform. This application, still, is restricted to operate and tape across dissimilar applications only. To easily use the services of Game Launcher across your Samsung S10 to record whatsoever game or an application to share information technology beyond dissimilar platforms, you demand to focus on the steps provided below.

Step 1:
Open your Game Launcher and swipe upward the screen to access the ‘Library’ window. Over the window, yous need to tap on the three-dotted icon present on the meridian of the Library.

Footstep two:
Select the choice of ‘Add Apps’ to open up the list of all applications available beyond your smartphone. Select the application you wish to record and tap ‘Add’ to add together it in the library of your Game Launcher.

add apps in game launcher

Step iii:
Once added to the Library, you need to tap on the specific application by accessing there and let the application start. Once information technology is started, tap on the ‘Game Tools’ icon nowadays on the lower-left corner of your navigation bar.

Step 4:
With the list of dissimilar options available, tap on ‘Tape’ on the lower-right corner of the screen to begin recording. Once you are done, simply tap ‘Finish’ on the lower-correct corner of your screen.

tap on record icon to start recording

Part 4. Oft asked questions

4.ane How long of a video can I record on my phone?

Videos with a high-resolution setting usually finish recording after ten minutes of recording time. However, choosing a lower resolution setting may extend the time flow.

4.2 How much space does a screen recording take?

The size of the screen recording file ranges from 3 MB to 18 MB for 15 minutes of recording time. The size is finer proportional to the resolution settings.

4.iii How do you transfer video from telephone to computer?

If you are using MirrorGo for this example, you need to only ready a save path and lead there to find all your recorded videos saved at that path.


The article has particularly featured the most appropriate methods that are available in the market to provide the Samsung S10 users with procedures to record their screens efficiently. Yous need to go through the commodity to get to know more than about the methods discussed.

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