Can I Delete A Tiktok Video

Thanks to TikTok’south algorithm, it’s go extremely easy for just virtually whatever user to accidentally go viral in an instant, bringing in millions of views in a couple of days. While this is the dream for many, others on the app aren’t hoping to make a career out of the videos they postal service. If y’all’ve constitute your videos getting more attention than y’all’d planned, it can be easy for that to go overwhelming. If this happens, one solution is to delete the video — hither’s how.

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How to delete a video from your TikTok account.

Before you delete a video, it’s of import to note that TikTok’s delete role doesn’t piece of work like Instagram’s archive characteristic. You can’t delete a video from your account so undo it later.

That said, if y’all’re sure that you want to delete a video from your TikTok account, it’s actually actually simple. To do this, select the video from your feed that you lot wish to delete and select the three dots in the lower right corner (the share button). Scroll through the second row until you see “Delete.” Tap this and ostend.

The delete button on a TikTok video

Source: TikTok

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Yous can, of course, reupload a video. TikTok has the pick to automatically save a version of the video to your photographic camera roll when you post it — which is super helpful if you’re worried it may not stay up for long.

When you re-upload the video from your camera roll, it’ll come with the watermark including your username. Of grade, deleting and re-uploading a video does non carry over the likes and comments from the previous video, and so exist mindful before deciding to delete.

You can also change the settings as to who can meet your video instead of deleting it.

Before you decide to delete your video for good, there’due south also a few options you can cull from to limit who tin can see the video you’re thinking most removing. TikTok offers plenty of ways for users to arrange the privacy of their videos. Videos can be public, private (meaning simply you can see information technology), or for mutuals merely. If you have a private business relationship, then any video you post will simply exist available to those who follow you.

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TikTok privacy settings

Source: TikTok

To suit the settings on whatsoever one of your TikTok videos, all y’all accept to do is select the video from your profile, select the three dots (or the share button, if the video has already been shared), and so scroll through the 2nd whorl until you run across “Privacy Settings.”

When you click this, you lot plow comments, duets, and stitches on or off, besides every bit choose who tin see your video. Select “Who can watch this video,” and select from the options available, depending on your preference.

Should you choose to make a video visible to merely you, you can make information technology public again at any fourth dimension and it will notwithstanding circulate on the For You lot page, as well as keep the likes and comments intact. Your views volition exist reduced to naught for the video until y’all make it public again.