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Can I Engrave My Macbook Air

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From innovative hardware to bazaar stores, Apple tree is famous for creating personalized client experiences. In fact, Apple has even given us a unique option to make sure our devices are truly i of a kind through custom engraving.

When buying some devices on the official Apple tree online store, Apple tree gives you the choice to engrave your device at checkout for free. But, should you take this option?

How Does Apple tree Engraving Work?

Apple devices are engraved using loftier-powered laser engravers in the manufacturing facilities, which is why this pick is only available for the online Apple store. Hither are all the devices that Apple tree currently offers free engraving for:

  • Apple Pencil (second generation)
  • iPad (all models)
  • iPod touch
  • AirPods

If yous wonder why iPhones and MacBooks are not on this list, there are ii possible reasons: device cloth and demand.

Some Apple devices are made from glass, such as the iPhone 12, which is harder to engrave than plastic or metal. Similarly, other devices are likely to accept far lower engraving demand, similar the iMac, or may only exist too inconvenient to efficiently engrave on a large scale.

What Tin can You Engrave on Your Apple tree Device?

Apple lets you engrave a combination of numbers, letters, or symbols. For AirPods lovers, Apple tree fifty-fifty allows users to engrave cases with emojis.

In that location are 30 emojis available for engraving. These include a fist bump, robot, alien, unicorn, all the zodiac animals, and even the poop emoji. In comparison to regular characters, emojis are engraved in a larger font.

The number of characters you can engrave varies for each Apple device. For iPads, Apple tree lets users add up to 34 characters per line. The second-generation Apple Pencils tin can only exist engraved with up to xv characters.

With these options, it’southward no wonder that and then many people have decided to engrave their Apple devices. Only, why exactly practise they do it?

The Pros of Engraving Your Apple Device

At that place is a reason why Apple continues to offering engraving options for gratis. Here are some of the biggest pros to engraving your Apple devices.


In an historic period of mass product, personalization is a way for you to be a little more unique. With thousands of iPads on the market, many Apple lovers savour standing out from their peers.

Whether it’s writing a nickname or a funny quote, showing a little personality with an engraving is a bully way to differentiate yourself.


Sometimes, y’all need to remind people why they should thankful to have you around. Gifting an engraved Apple tree device is ane way to make sure that they always call up you.

For many generous gift givers, remarkable moments can only be made better with a customized engraving.

Avoid Mixing Up Devices

When it comes to Apple-loving households or offices, mix-ups for pocket-sized things like AirPods or Apple Pencils happen a lot. In fact, if yous haven’t customized your cases, at that place’s a take a chance that you lot may not be able to tell which device is yours.

For this reason, some people catch the opportunity to engrave their device and so that no one accidentally takes it home.

Protect Devices From Theft

For more practical reasons, many people also engrave contact details on their devices. Due to its perceived lower resale value, engraving as well lessens the likelihood of your device being stolen and re-sold.

Additionally, engraving also helps expert samaritans know how to return it to you.

The Cons of Engraving Your Apple Device

While there are some advantages to engraving Apple devices, here are the common reasons why another people don’t bother engraving their devices.

Slower Delivery Time

Comport in mind that making use of the Apple engraving option will increase the atomic number 82 fourth dimension of your device commitment for at least an extra one to 3 days. During particularly high-need seasons, the additional processing time for engraved devices can go up to weeks at a fourth dimension.

Example Blocking

While Apple products are known to exist durable, many cannot survive an intense fall. For this reason, many people regularly invest in cases for their Apple devices. With cases blocking the original body, some people don’t meet the indicate of waiting a few extra days for an engraving that volition likely stay hidden.

iPhone Case

Lower Resale Value

With Apple devices sometimes lasting a lot longer than we expect, many people wait to trading in or re-selling their devices before they upgrade. While Apple accepts engraved devices for its Apple Trade-In, you are much more likely to get a better bargain selling a second-manus Apple device directly.

Unfortunately, engraved devices are often harder to sell, especially if they have your proper name.

Is Apple Engraving Permanent?

If you’re wondering whether there’s a way to get rid of your ex’southward proper name on your Apple device, you can always ask Apple tree to replace the engraved parts for an out-of-warranty fee. It is also worth noting that Apple tree discontinued engraving for replacement iPods in 2020.

However, at that place may be a limit equally to when Apple will nonetheless upshot costless engraving with your replacement device.

Should buyer’s remorse prepare it in early, Apple tree lets y’all render engraved products support to 14 days after purchase for qualified products. On the other hand, if you utilise the Apple tree Trade-In to upgrade your device every few years, engraving should non cause any concerns for eligibility.

Withal, Apple may choose to offer less money for trading in engraved devices in the time to come.

To Engrave or Not to Engrave?

For many Apple lovers, property on to an Apple device up to its full life bridge is the goal. If engraving helps remind you that your device deserves to be taken care of until its dying breath, there’south no reason why you should pass it upwardly.

Still, for those who honey the thrill of a sleek new product every few years, engraving probably isn’t for you. Instead of engraving, you may opt to put removable stickers or customize a silicon case that goes over your device instead. It’southward a little less permanent and will probably crusade a lot less stress in the futurity.