Telephone Call Alerts

We currently provide realtime alerts on over 10,000 tickers & cryptocurrencies. Stock Alarm will call your phone once your trigger goes off.

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Proceeds an edge

Stock Alarm supports many trigger types including limits, pct alter, price alter, SMA, EMA, MACD, RSI, death cross, and gilded cantankerous patterns.

Community Driven

We take all of our user”s requests seriously and are always looking for means to better, shoot us an email.


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It takes less than a infinitesimal to sign up. Just download the app and verify your phone number (For call notifications)


Setup your alerts

Search through our ten,000+ supported tickers and setup triggers based on real-time cost movements!


Relish and Explore

Explore new technical indicators and your trading horizons. We”re constantly adding in new triggers!

Stock Alerts so you lot catch the Action Live

It”s time to stop setting limit orders before going to bed and hoping for the best. In today”s stock market, stock alerts give you the competitive edge yous need to go ahead Gear up fine-tuned stock alarms based off cost movements to wake up when it counts and catch the action live.

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We”ve Got You Covered

Nosotros”re a group of investors that got tired of having to choose between stalking charts or setting stop limits and praying for the best. Ane 24-hour interval we realized that enough was plenty, and took matters into our own easily. Practiced stock alerts shouldn”t be expensive (or complicated), with you”ll be able to setup stock alerts based off of price targets, price changes, moving averages, and more!

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Great Service

UI is clean and easy to employ. Market data is accurate and upwardly to date. Information technology takes a little stress out of my mean solar day when I know I don”t accept to constantly check pricing. v/5! Thanks guys!

Hunt Clarke — App User

Thee. Greatest. Discovery.

This app is super useful and information technology has helped me soooo much already. it is user friendly, convenient, and I am so glad I found this app. If you trade, this app is a must have!!!.

watermelonsundae510 — App User

Killer App

electricpenguin1 — App User

Astonishing For Of import Price Action Updates

Would highly recommend using this app if you work simply need real-time updates on price action. Getting a telephone call when disquisitional price points are hit has saved me sooo much coin on my trades. So far I’ve been setting notifs around the critical points of potential head and shoulders patterns and I’ve made some sizable profits!

salilvanvari — App User


Crawly app that helps keep runway of stocks yous’re watching. I particularly similar information technology because I don’t want to exist on telephone checking crypto and stock prices all the time but there are some toll changes I would desire to know nigh ASAP and Stock Warning facilitates that!

The Practiced Emperor — App User

Devs that intendance – dear it

Requested a new trigger type and they added it inside the calendar month. Got a call at 5am for a bitcoin warning and sold instantly, this app is worth it!

Joshua kushner 222 — App User


This app is absolutely amazing. Whether yous trade crypto, day trade, or agree a long position; this app is useful for everything! Before getting this app I was constantly checking in on my positions and how the market was doing. Trading basically absorbed my life and made it difficult to focus on much more throughout the solar day. I can now exist worry complimentary and focused on other work knowing I will get a telephone call whenever annihilation notable happens in the market. Great app! I recommend this to anyone who loves to merchandise, only ESPECIALLY to those who love to trade simply also agree other jobs and responsibilities that keep them abroad from watching the market during open hours.

JNiñoMan32 — App User

Amazing App. Love these alerts!

Equally someone who trades to supplement a 9 to v, this app allows me to exist equally in touch with the markets as the professionals. Easy to fix and employ.

GhogieGhogie — App User

Almost Stock Alarm

Never again settle for setting limit orders before going to bed and hoping for the best. Stop checking your telephone during work to find yet some other lost opportunity. Developed past traders for traders, Stock Alert allows day/swing traders from all backgrounds to fix conditional alarms to exist triggered from alive stock toll move.