Can I Use Homepod Without Wifi

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How to use HomePod without WiFi

Both the original HomePod and the HomePod mini are two devices, 2 smart speakers, to which to get the virtually out of
them it is essential to have them connected to a
wireless network with internet access. If not, y’all will not be able to bask all the possibilities they offering.

Withal, if you wonder nigh the possibility of
using them without a WiFi connection
for whatever reason, the reply is that yous can. And this may completely change the mode you see Apple smart speakers, which although they are more limited than those of other companies such as Amazon, Google, etc., are still the number i selection for many users who bet on 100% for the ecosystem of products and services of the Cupertino visitor.

So, knowing this, how practise you use the HomePod, both the original and the mini, without a WiFi connexion? Well the answer is very simple: through support for AirPlay. Thanks to this protocol is how you can use your HomePod without having a connection.

To enjoy this pick yous practise non take to perform whatever foreign type or resort to third-political party applications. All yous have to practice is access an option that the company itself and only requires some additional steps that we are going to bear witness you lot below.

The first thing you must do to employ your HomePod without the demand for a WiFi connection is to
enable admission to it by whatsoever user
. Granting any user admission to the HomePod is something that is done from the Domicile awarding and has practically no mystery:

  1. Open the Home app on your iPhone, iPad or Mac
  2. Next, look for the icon that gives you access to the House Settings and that is in the upper left corner
  3. Select the house your HomePod is in
  4. Then select the option Allow access to speakers or Permit access to speakers and televisions, this will depend on the version of the arrangement you are using
  5. You will meet three options: Everyone, anyone on the same network, only those who share this house
  6. Select All
  7. If y’all are afraid that anyone tin can employ your HomePod because it is nearby (which can be a bummer), rest assured because you can set a password to limit its use
  8. Ready, from that moment in which you have selected to permit access to all users (with or without password) the HomePod will appear in the sharing options via AirPlay

Equally y’all tin can run across, the configuration to make use of the original HomePod or HomePod mini without the demand for a WiFi connection to which it can exist “hooked” is very simple. And I’m sure that at some point information technology could come in handy to know all this.

Why connect a HomePod without a WiFi connexion

You may not yet see the betoken or entreatment of using a HomePod, or fifty-fifty whatever other smart speaker, without a WiFi connection. Well, it is true that it does not have it or information technology is very pocket-sized. Because a production of this type is ordinarily asked to give y’all access to certain data that you need to know at a specific moment, to control connected devices that yous take at home or to play music or podcasts from the services compatible with the that you can access.

Even then, there are situations in which being able to utilize them without WiFi is also interesting and one of them is the typical one that comes with every summer or holiday days and disconnection that you can enjoy. If you are going on a trip to spend a few days relaxing and you lot desire to continue enjoying
music with the best
possible sound quality, yous could take the HomePod or HomePod mini with you.

Thanks to that and what we have seen from the apply of AirPlay, you could send your favorite songs straight from your iPhone, iPad or whatever other device capable of sending content via AirPlay. Of form, you would need to have said content stored on your mobile device if you are not going to have an internet connection on it or you lot do non desire to corruption your information rate. In case you lot need information technology for other tasks such as uploading a fill-in of the photos and videos that you are taking, etc.

How to change the HomePod’s WiFi connexion

Logically, it is also possible that if you have taken your HomePod to a new location, even temporarily for a weekend or a finite vacation period, you have an internet connexion. If so and you lot need to know how to change the WiFi network on your HomePod, we will explicate it to you also.

When we talk about the advantages of the Apple ecosystem it is because of things like these. The HomePod has the ability to
automatically connect to the network
to which our iPhone is connected. When we configure it for the first time, when determining it with a new phone, iPad or Mac, it is obvious that it is already connected to the WiFi network that takes for granted that information technology is the i at home and is the 1 that you lot want to use.

In the issue that you change the network or accept the speaker to another place, from the Dwelling house application you will come across that when the HomePod is not connected to that wireless network with which it was configured, an error bulletin appears in the app. You merely have to tap on information technology and you will run into that it automatically rechecks what network your phone is connected to and hooks upward to it.

So over again, reconfiguring an Apple HomePod is a breeze. So don’t be agape to take it with you whenever you call back it’south appropriate. Because the quality and feel will ever exist much more satisfactory than using the integrated speakers of your Mac, iPhone or iPad. Although information technology is also truthful that there are many small and powerful travel Bluetooth speakers.