Can Iphone 7 Run Genshin Impact

The same tweaks you also works for older iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch models.

  • Genshin Touch is ane of the best souvenir to the states – FREE game to play and beginning with, with gorgeous wait and feel and gameplay.
  • Genshin Impact, unfortunately, officially only supports iPhone 8 and annihilation after. This article is showing you, how you can run game on unsupported devices.
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Genshin Impact is no doubtfulness a very bang-up game. Moreover, what makes Genshin Affect much amend is that you tin play the game for FREE!

As a great game with open world concept, Genshin Affect requires powerful hardware – at to the lowest degree at the current game state, unless Mihoyo plans to further optimize the game to let it run on much lesser powerful hardware. The official release notes from the game developer said that only iPhone 8 and up are supported. Then what nearly people with iPhone 7 or before?

This is the reason I’m writing this postal service, to share with you on how to play Genshin Touch on any iPhone 7 or before. Genshin Impact requires iOS 9.0 or to a higher place, which means iPhone 5S and higher up are supported. Unfortunately I don’t accept all iPhone models (iPhone 5S and higher up) with me, what I do have and have personally tested all the steps below is using my ain iPhone 7. While I can’t 100% guarantee all the steps piece of work with your iPhone model, but at least, you could requite it a effort – since they are all easy to do – and let let me know on the comment section below if yous are having issues running the game.

Evidence this page in (BETA Feature, not working on AMP folio yet):

Genshin Affect:
Key facts

These are some fundamental facts you need to know about Genshin Affect for iOS.

ane) Genshin Impact can run natively on both iPhone and iPad.
You can run the game on one device and continue on the other device.

2) Genshin Touch requires iOS 9.0 or up.
So if you have device with iOS 8 or beneath, sorry the game only won’t work on your device. Consider updating your iOS to the latest one, bank check hither to update your older iOS device to the latest iOS / iPadOS available: installing latest iOS on JILAXZONE.

Genshin Impact runs bully on my iPhone vii!

3) Genshin Impact tested running fine on 2GB RAM device (tested on iPhone 7).
Then if you take device with 2GB RAM or more than, loftier chances you can run the game. If y’all have device with less than 2GB RAM, your best chance is to give it a try yourself and apply the tweaks I shared below to see whether the game will run, since I don’t take any iOS device with less than 2GB RAM right now with me. If you are unsure on the RAM size of your device, you lot tin have it checked hither: iPhone RAM Size since beginning until iPhone 12 on JILAXZONE.

Genshin Touch:
Tweaks to play the game on older iPhone / iPad that are not-officially supported by the game developer

For your information:
All the steps below are personally tested on my iPhone 7 running iOS xiv.2 on Genshin Impact game version 1.ii.0 released on 22 Dec 2020. Using the tweaks below, I can run the game considerably smoothly and without crashing.

If yous are using other iPhone or iPad models and/or unlike iOS version, the consequence you are getting from the tweaks may vary – but best is to give them a try and see if the tweaks work well for your device too.

Here are the tweaks and steps to play Genshin Impact on older iPhone / iPad that are not officially supported:

1) Ensure no apps running on App Switcher.
Open up your app switcher (double tap on your Home button) and kill all apps. Exit zippo behind equally you need the whole RAM to run Genshin Affect smoothly.

2) Gear up Guided Access.
Guided Access is like “Game Mode” in Windows, where you won’t encounter notification pops-up during the game and the resources shall be more focus on the game. To setup on iOS, go to
Guided Admission. Turn on Guided Access.

3) Clear iPhone RAM.
Hold down Power push button, until you see the
“Slide to Power Off”
popular-up. Do Not power off your device, but rather tap and hold downwardly your Abode push button (roughly for near 10 seconds) until the
“Slide to Ability Off”
popular-up is gone. Central in your passcode when asked.

4) Run the game.
At present dorsum to iOS Home screen, tap Genshin Impact icon to start and run the game. Let all the initial checking to exist done. Earlier tapping the screen when the game ask y’all to “Tap to Begin”, do the last step.

five) Activate Guided Admission.
Do triple click on your Home button. If prompted, select the “Guided Admission”. Then tap on “Starting time” to showtime the Guided Access mode. When asked for passcode, key-in any easy-to-remember passcode and verify. Genshin Bear on will at present run in Guided Access mode (read: Game Mode).

For your information:
When running Genshin Touch with Guided Access turned ON, you won’t be able to switch to other awarding nor get any notification coming to your iOS device – except for telephone call (which and so auto-diverted to busy automatically).

It’s highly recommended to disable Guided Access once y’all take washed playing the game.

Now tap on
“Tap to Brainstorm”
and enjoy the game. Using the methods above, I can run the game smoothly on my crumbling iPhone 7. So far no crashing ever occurred to me while playing the game.

Once you lot have done playing, do triple click Home push button to end the Guided Access mode, fundamental in your passcode and tap on
to stop the Guide Access mode.

Enjoy the game and cheers!

Come across how Genshin Touch runs on iPhone 6S – video by MobileGamer767

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