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Iron is arguably Minecraft’s unmarried most useful resource, seeing apply in countless crafting recipes. While you’ll probable outgrow iron weapons and armor by the late game, yous’ll still observe yourself needing heaps of the stuff for things like rails, anvils, and fifty-fifty beacon pyramids. Simply in spite of this,
iron’s ubiquity every bit a crafting ingredient is not reflected in how easy information technology is to find.

For many players, the only option is to go mining, digging tunnels, or trawling caves in the hopes of stumbling across enough ore. At that place is, however, another way.
Atomic number 26 farms tin be congenital, using Iron Golems to produce iron, and these fantastic contraptions volition work away in the groundwork, producing masses of iron as you go virtually your twenty-four hours.
If you like the sound of that, yous’re in luck, because this guide will have everything you need to know to make an Iron Golem farm in Minecraft.

Getting Started

There are four fundamental parts to any Iron Golem subcontract, and overall designs tin can vary wildly. This guide will use a design based on 1 by technical Minecraft YouTuber Gnembom to walk you lot through examples of each part, simply experience complimentary to discover (or come up with) a design that works for you and your needs –
the principles outlined hither will utilize to pretty much any iron farm.

The numbers will vary depending on the design, but at the very least this list should be an indicator of the sorts of things you’ll need:

Block Quantity
Drinking glass 404 (6 Stacks + 20)
Slabs 260 (4 Stacks + 4)
Cord 32
Carpet 32
Pressure Plates 24
Powered Rail 24
Fence Gates twenty
Torches 16
Chests 16
Hoppers 16
Signs 16
Beds 12
Solid Blocks eight
Levers 4
Minecart 1
Proper noun Tag 1

Information technology’due south worth noting that in many places, the glass can exist substituted for whatever other full-size block.

Building the Zombie Area

As of ane.14,
for Atomic number 26 Golems to continually spawn, Villagers must exist in a “scared” country. There are a few mobs that can put them in this country, simply the easiest to corral is a Zombie, so that’southward what we’ll apply. Iron Farms on larger scales are typically built using multiple spawning areas, with the Zombie moving between them.

This is not just to permit for more than overall spawning merely too considering scared Villagers can’t sleep. Sleeping is the other requirement for Golems to spawn – a scared Villager can only spawn a Golem if they’ve slept recently, so
an Iron Golem farm needs to move a Zombie away from Villagers to let them to sleep, then move it dorsum to them to scare them.
And then if y’all’re making a farm with only one spawning expanse, you’ll even so demand to motility the Zombie away from the Villagers to permit them slumber.

Minecraft Iron Farm Track Layout

The just real location consideration is to brand certain you’re not shut to an existing Village, so in one case you lot have an area you lot’re happy with, lay out a track in the above pattern, running betwixt the larger platforms, and apply the levers on the back of the solid blocks (stone bricks in the image) to power the rail. Refer to the topmost image in this department if you’re unsure of the heights of the track. Iron Golems can take a little while to spawn once Villagers become scared, and then
to ensure ane always spawns, we demand to keep the Zombie near the Villagers for a while, which is the purpose of the platforms.

Minecraft Iron Farm Track Platforms

On the platforms, place slabs and pressure plates in the following layout, add a argue gate at the end of the path you’ve created as shown, and and then identify water at the start of the path as shown on the right.
This will crusade the Zombie to move through more slowly, ensuring a Golem volition always spawn before the Zombie moves on.

Minecraft Iron Farm Track Roof

Later on that, all that’s left to do is embrace over the track as shown, so that the Zombie doesn’t burn during daylight. Once this is done, you’re costless to capture a Zombie in a minecart and driblet it onto the runway, where information technology will ride around indefinitely.
Merely make certain to name tag it, as this will prevent it from despawning.
As with the Villagers you’ll need to move later, more than Minecart track tin exist a corking fashion to become the Zombie up and into position.

Building the Villager Areas

Minecraft Iron Farm Villager Platform

The next key function is the areas in which you’ll concur the Villagers. The thought here is to trick the game into thinking these areas are Villages, which will enable Golem spawning. These days,
all that’due south required to institute a “Village” is Villagers and beds, though for Golem spawning the population has to be at to the lowest degree three.

Minecraft Iron Farm Villager Platform Base

The cardinal things to practice in this section are to ensure that the Villagers have access to beds, have a line of sight to the Zombie (it can’t scare them if they can’t meet it), and cannot escape. i cake diagonally abroad from the corners of the track platforms, place a solid block for the Villagers to stand on, then
add together beds on the two sides of the block further from the track every bit shown. On the other two sides, place chests. Chests are slightly smaller than regular blocks, and then they’re ideal to hold the Villagers in equally their smaller size will
let the Villagers to run across the Zombie over them when they’re in bed.

Minecraft Iron Farm Villager Platform Carpet

One time that’due south done, place string on top of all the beds and chests, and carpet on top of that.
This volition prevent the Villagers from escaping, while still allowing them to see the Zombie and access the beds. At this signal, you can move your Villagers in. This can exist a nightmarish procedure, but it’s worth the hassle for that sugariness, sweet fe. Lastly, place a drinking glass block above where the Villagers will stand, and put torches around it to keep the area well-lit. Repeat this for the other three corners.

Minecraft Iron Farm Server Villager Platform

If you’re playing on a server, you might want to add the pictured 3×3 glass panels at the ends of the 2 outermost beds.
Server lag tin can cause Villagers to glitch out of their holding area when they wake up, so these panels are a measure to prevent such issues.

Building the Spawning Platforms

Minecraft Iron Farm Spawning Platform Height

The majority of the work is now thankfully behind you, with all that’s left to practice existence the spawning, killing, and collection areas. The spawning platforms themselves are fairly uncomplicated: four blocks below where the Villagers stand,
build a 7×7 platform with your slabs, and create a 2×2 pigsty near the eye, slightly closer to the track.

Minecraft Iron Farm Spawning Platform Base

If different shapes or sizes of platforms are meliorate suited to your needs, then you don’t need to follow these specifications exactly; just brand certain the platforms are close enough to the Villagers for Golems to spawn, and a expert size to let spawning while still getting Golems to the pigsty quickly.

Minecraft Iron Farm Spawning Platform

Next, build glass walls two blocks high around the platform, and add argue gates over the hole yous made. After that, all that’s left to practise is identify water in the corners.
If you lot’ve used slabs, make sure to identify the water against the walls, not on the slabs
– right-clicking the slabs won’t place the water on summit of them, but will instead waterlog them and cause the h2o to fall down beneath. Repeat this side by side to the other three Villager areas, and the above-ground section is consummate. All that’south left is to sort out how the Golems will be dispatched.

Building the Killing Area

Minecraft Iron Farm Killing Mechanism

Later that, all that’s left to practice is build the killing expanse.
Make a nice long drop nether the holes of the platform (having Golems nearby can bear upon spawns at the adjacent platform, so quickly dropping the Golems out of range is a good solution to this), and then place downwards hoppers where you desire to collect the fe, and have them feed into a chest. Building the drop might crave digging holes, or building shafts, depending on where you’ve congenital your subcontract, merely 20 blocks or so is a good height to aim for.

Iron Golems are completely allowed to fall harm, and then nosotros’ll have to employ other methods to finish them off. Ii blocks above the hoppers, place some signs on the walls of the shaft, and some lava on top of those.
This will cause the Golems to exist burned, but non the precious fe they drop.
And with that, y’all’re done! Your subcontract volition work away whenever you’re nearby, producing you stacks of iron to pick upwards from the chests whenever you need information technology.

Improvements and Extras

Minecraft Iron Farm Storage

If yous’re looking to accept things further,
the offset obvious improvement y’all can make to the farm is larger, centralized storage
. Using more hoppers, you can have all the iron brought to i area for yous to selection upward, rather than having to move between 4 unlike chests to get it. This will obviously likewise give yous the chapters to hold more iron at whatsoever in one case – the simply limit on your storage is the number of chests you’re willing to place.

Atomic number 26 Golems also driblet poppies, then another good comeback could be filtering them out to be tossed abroad, or stored separately. An auto-sorter module is a uncomplicated thing to build, and then this is another great way to streamline your farm and improve its overall usability.

For long-term use,
it might also be a expert idea to protect your Villagers from lightning, as information technology if strikes them they’ll turn into Witches and the subcontract volition break. You can protect them either by edifice glass platforms loftier above their heads, or as of 1.17, using lightning rods nearby.

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