Can T Open Links In Imessage

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This issue has been resolved past Apple tree in new iOS releases. We recommend checking out our new post on how to optimize link previews in iOS here.

iOS, 10.3.2

During the last couple weeks nosotros’ve heard from multiple people that when they receive a hyperlink in one of their text messages, they aren’t able to click on the hyperlink. This is happening considering their mobile phones are displaying the hyperlink as plain text, meaning it’southward not clickable.

This topic is different from how mobile marketers can either get Apple tree iOS to preview a hyperlink, or to not preview a hyperlink in their text messages. To read more about this topic, click here.

Earlier this calendar week nosotros determined this issue was only affecting iPhone users running iOS, but we were unable to replicate the issue, and trust united states of america, we tried… and tried… and tried. This night though after continued testing, we finally figured out why some iPhone iOS users aren’t able to click on the hyperlinks in the text messages they’re receiving.

In Apple’s latest iOS, 10.three.2, a user is unable to click on a hyperlink in a text message if the following happens…

  • The user when they receive the text message, is already inside another existing text message chat. This can either mean the user is looking at another conversation, or engaging in another chat.
  • The text message is sent from either a long code or short code, and there are no previous letters stored on that user’s mobile phone from that long lawmaking or short lawmaking. Either that long code or short code hasn’t text messaged that user ever earlier, or the user has deleted the previous text messages from that long code or short code off their mobile phone.
  • Then instead of exiting out of the existing text message conversation, and opening the new text bulletin, the user clicks the pop-up that appears after receiving the new text message, that then immediately takes them to the text message they but received.

Video Demo

I know… Super confusing! To hopefully brand it a little easier to empathize, I fabricated the following videos to testify y’all when this tin can occur. As I said above, it can happen when yous’re messaging dorsum and forth with someone (left video), or fifty-fifty when you’re just looking at a text message (right video).

At present that we know what is causing users non to be able to click on hyperlinks in text messages, the question is what can mobile marketers do. After discussing this consequence with our client services team tonight, we came upwards with a pretty skilful solution, that until Apple fixes this bug, will at least let your users to get to wherever yous’re trying to link them to.

The Solution

The solution is to include something similar the following text copy in your text letters with hyperlinks. This text copy can be placed either after the hyperlink, or at the very end of your text bulletin.

“Not able to click on the link? Reply RESEND”

And then when a user replies with the SMS keyword “RESEND”, you either re-send the unabridged text message to them, or just the hyperlink. By resending the text message to the user, the user will be able to click on the links in that text message, because they will accept received a previous message from your long code or brusk code.

Apple iOS Bug is Blocking Hyperlinks in Text Messages 2Apple iOS Bug is Blocking Hyperlinks in Text Messages 3

We’ve contact Apple regarding this bug, and volition update our readers when this issue is resolved. In the meantime, if you have whatever other ideas of how to work effectually this problems, please allow us know in the comments below.