Can T Rename Bluetooth Device Iphone

Unhappy with the default or current name of a paired Bluetooth device on your iPhone or Mac? You can change it hands from your device settings. Here’s how to do it.

Why you might want to change the Bluetooth device’s name

Here are some of the reasons to rename your paired Bluetooth devices:

  • You can turn a generic Bluetooth device name like


    into something helpful similar

    My Office Headphones
  • If you have multiple devices of the same kind, similar two AirPods, it helps to give both a different proper name. I ordinarily employ the word


    to differentiate them.
  • Renaming the list of continued devices cleans the Bluetooth screen and helps connect to one quickly.
  • Sometimes, a Bluetooth device may not connect to your iPhone or Mac, only renaming it may exercise the pull a fast one on and ensure the connection is successful.

Before you begin, it’southward of import to know that you tin can rename a Bluetooth device
only when it’s connected
to your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. So, make sure the Bluetooth device you’re trying to rename is nearby and connected.

How to rename Bluetooth devices on iPhone and iPad

Follow these steps to change the proper noun of Bluetooth devices in iOS settings:

  1. Open up iPhone or iPad
  2. Tap
  3. Cull the info push
    next to a Bluetooth device you wish to rename.
  4. From hither, optionName.
  5. Type a new name and striking
    on your keyboard.

Steps to rename a Bluetooth device on iPhone

How to change the name of Bluetooth devices on Mac

With the Bluetooth device connected to Mac, follow these steps to rename it:

  1. Click  and cull
    Organization Preferences.
  2. Click
  3. Control-click or correct-click on the Bluetooth device’s current proper name and choose
  4. Requite it a new proper name and click
    to save it.

Steps to change the name of a Bluetooth device on Mac

About renaming your Bluetooth devices

Subsequently you change the name of a Bluetooth device, the alter is reflected immediately. The same is also seen elsewhere, similar the battery widget. Plus, if you rename Apple products similar AirPods, the new name is updated everywhere and shows in Detect My app or

If y’all ever don’t like the new name, y’all can easily follow the above steps and change it dorsum to the old name or use something else.

Tin can’t rename your Bluetooth devices on iPhone or Mac?

Here’southward what to exercise if you lot can’t rename your Bluetooth devices on iPhone or Mac:

Brand sure the Bluetooth device is connected to your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. If information technology isn’t, you lot won’t get the option to alter the name.

Ensure the devices are nearby.

While most Bluetooth devices allow you lot to rename it, a few don’t, and they stick with the hardcoded factory name. You lot can’t modify it. As you would expect, for these devices y’all won’t see the Name or Rename option in iPhone Settings or Mac’s System Preferences.

Some Bluetooth devices tin but exist renamed from their companion app.

Restart your Bluetooth device, reconnect, and and so retry renaming it.

Restart your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, and then follow the steps to change the Bluetooth device name,

Make sure you’re running the latest version of software or firmware on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and that Bluetooth device.

Finally, if zippo helps, forget the Bluetooth device from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac and go through the pairing process again. One time that’south done, you lot should be able to change the name.

JBL Bluetooth speaker on a sea green background

This is how y’all can personalize your Bluetooth devices by assigning them suitable names. I like to have clear names for all my paired Bluetooth devices.

In a body of water of several wireless devices in the household, it’south of import to requite each one the right, practical name. Besides this, it besides makes it easy for someone else to connect to the right device. For example, if I don’t gear up my car’s Bluetooth name to something appropriate, my family members may not be able to figure out which device to tap in my iPhone Bluetooth settings if they ever need to listen to music in the auto from my phone.

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