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Can T Scroll On Google Chrome

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This is quite a weird problem to face on your figurer as it appears that the scroll wheel on your computer’south mouse doesn’t seem to work while you lot are using Google Chrome. Exiting or minimizing Google Chrome makes the trouble get abroad but many users wonder what might have caused this upshot and how to resolve information technology.

Whorl Wheel Not Working In Chrome

Luckily, many users posted the methods they used to resolve this problem online and we accept decided to gather the most helpful ones in this article for yous to check out!

What Causes the Scrolling Bike to Finish Working in Google Chrome?

There are quite a few different things which can cause the scrolling bike to end working when in Google Chrome. We have decided to create a shortlist of possible causes for you to check out. Determining the right cause tin can assistance you find the perfect method more chop-chop and then make sure y’all cheque out the list beneath.

  • Smooth scrolling
    – Shine scrolling is probably already handled by your mouse’due south management program installed by the manufacturer. That is why it’south important to disable smooth scrolling in Google Chrome, under experimental features.
  • Extensions
    – Google Chrome extensions which handle mouse movement and scrolling can also cause issues then make sure you disable them and see whether the outcome persists.

Solution 1: Disable Polish Scrolling in Google Chrome

Smooth scrolling is an experimental feature in Google Chrome. Many users who experienced the scroll cycle upshot in Google Chrome reported that disabling this option completely managed to resolve the issue and brand the wheel operate unremarkably once more. Follow the instructions below to resolve this upshot!

  1. Open
    Google Chrome
    by double-clicking its icon from the Desktop or past searching for it in the Start bill of fare. Type in the address below in the address bar to open

  2. Locate the
    Smooth Scrolling
    listed beneath within the
    window, under the
    tab. Yous can utilise the search bar at the peak of the window to locate it as the list is very long. Make sure you search for
    Smooth Scrolling, observe the related settings, and set it to

    Disable Smooth Scrolling in Google Chrome
  3. Restart Google Chrome and check to encounter if using the scroll bike is still a problem!

Solution ii: Uninstall Mouse-Related Google Chrome Extensions

Using extensions and plugins which change how your mouse behaves when using Google Chrome is non recommended. No matter whose mouse you are using, you probably installed their drivers and direction programs which deal with scrolling and mouse movement. Using Chrome extensions equally well can only cause this problem to appear and yous probably don’t desire that!

  1. Open
    Google Chrome
    by double-clicking its icon from the Desktop or by searching for it in the Start menu. Type in the address below in the address bar to open up

  2. Endeavour to locate the extension which could cause mouse issues (e.k. SmoothScroll or CRxmouse) or an extension which was added recently and
    click the Remove button
    next to information technology to remove it from Google Chrome permanently.

    Disable Chrome extension
  3. Restart Google Chrome
    and check to see if you yet find that the ringlet wheel on your mouse doesn’t work when using Google Chrome on your calculator!

Solution 3: Reinstall Google Chrome

Reinstalling Google Chrome is a great fashion to resolve many dissimilar issues regarding many different things. Also, this volition make certain you have the latest version of the browser installed on your computer and many users take reported that the newest versions seem to accept handled this problem completely! Follow the steps below to reinstall Google Chrome.

  1. Click the
    Get-go menu
    and open
    Control Panel
    by searching for it but past typing with the Start menu window open. Alternatively, you can click the
    icon in the lower-left function of the Offset menu to open the
    app if you are using Windows 10.

    Opening Settings from Start menu
  2. In
    Control Console, select the
    View equally: Category
    option at the top correct corner of the Control Panel window and click on
    Uninstall a Plan
    under the
  3. If you are using the
    app, clicking on
    should immediately open up a listing of all installed programs on your PC and so await for a while for it to load
  4. Locate
    Google Chrome
    in Control Console or Settings and click on
    Uninstall/Repair. Follow whatever instructions which announced afterwards to uninstall it completely.

    Uninstalling Google Chrome
  5. Download the latest version of Google Chrome by visiting
    this link. Download its setup file, run it from the Downloads folder, follow the instructions on screen, and check to run into if the problem persists later on reinstalling the browser!

Solution 4: Utilise Microsoft Function Scrolling Emulation Only

This useful option located inside Mouse settings in Command Console managed to resolve the problem for many users. Unfortunately, the option is not available on Windows 10 and eight so only older versions of the Windows operating arrangement might do good from this method. Check it out beneath.

  1. Open up
    Command Console
    by searching for it in the Get-go bill of fare or by using the
    Windows Key + R fundamental combination, typing “control.exe” in the Run box, and clicking
    to run
    Command Panel.
Running Control Panel
  1. In Control Panel, select to
    View equally: Large icons
    at the pinnacle right corner and click on the
    button to open up this section. Navigate to the Bicycle tab and make sure the box side by side to the “Use Microsoft Part Scrolling Emulation Simply” box is checked!
Utilise Microsoft Function Scrolling Emulation Merely
  1. Try scrolling inside Google Chrome now to see if information technology works properly!

Solution 5: Add together an Exception for Google Chrome in Your Mouse’south Settings

This method is too meant for older versions of Windows where this problem most often occurs. Calculation an exception for Google Chrome means it will be treated differently and the current settings won’t apply. This leaves room for the app or extension currently controlling Google Chrome to take over. This should resolve the problem for good and then make sure y’all follow the steps below carefully!

  1. Locate the Google Chrome shortcut anywhere on your Desktop. You can also search for it in the Kickoff carte du jour by clicking the Kickoff menu or the search button and typing. Either way, correct-click the Google Chrome entry and choose the
    Open file location
    from the context menu which will appear.
Chrome >> Open up file location
  1. The folder containing the
    executable should open up. By default, it should be
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application.
  2. No matter which binder opens, left-click the accost bar in the binder, right-click the choice, and choose the Re-create choice from the context menu which will appear. You tin can also use the Ctrl + C primal combination.
Copying the path to chrome.exe
  1. Open up
    Control Panel
    by searching for it in the Start menu or by using the
    Windows Fundamental + R central combination, typing “command.
    exe” in the Run box, and click
    to run
    Command Console.
  2. In Control Panel, select to
    View every bit: Large icons
    at the pinnacle right corner and click on the
    push button to open this section. Navigate to the
    tab and select
    in the Wheel section.
Mouse in Control Panel
  1. A pop-up window should appear so make sure y’all choose
    when it opens. Nether
    Application name, write
    Google Chrome
    and under
    Plan Path, correct-click and choose the
    pick from the bill of fare. Yous tin use the
    Ctrl + V central combination
    also. Click on Apply >> OK and exit mouse settings.
  2. Try scrolling inside Google Chrome at present to see if it works properly!

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