Can The Alienware Alpha Run Vr

Master your environment.

Full Force:
The graphics amplifier includes a 460 Watts internal power supply and then you can run advanced graphics cards confidently. It’s designed with a single cord (6ft) that connects exclusively to the Alienware 13, 15, 17 R2 notebooks, Alpha R2 and X51 R3.

Limitless Power:
With the Graphics Amplifier, you can power as many boosted screens as the graphics card inside information technology can back up. The performance from the Alienware Graphics Amplifier volition be used on whichever screens the game or 3D awarding is running on.

Engage your senses:
Set triggers, morph lights from one color to the next, and make your organization glow and glimmer in tandem with the game – all made possible with ability to customize your lighting theme via Alienware Command Center.

Alienware Graphics Amplifier oft asked questions.

What systems are qualified?

  • Alienware xiii R1 & R2
  • Alienware 15 R1 & R2
  • Alienware 17 R2 & R3
  • Alienware X51 R3
  • Alienware Alpha R2

Does this come up with a GPU?

No, unless otherwise noted.

Does information technology work in SLI/Crossfire

No, one time plugged in, the internal Graphics card turns off

Which GPUs are qualified and which graphics cards are compatible?

We provide deeper backwards compatibility for available GPUs compared to TBT3 options and offering support for a unmarried full-length, dual-wide, PCI-Express x16 graphics card. This arrangement can support graphic cards of upward to 375W and NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 600 likewise every bit AMD Radeon Hd 5000 serial and newer.

What is the divergence betwixt PCI Express Gen3X4 lanes and Intel Thunderbolt iii Plug and Play?

The Alienware Graphics Amplifier’southward technology uses a straight hardware connexion, while the Thunderbolt 3 engineering is based on a platform with shared bandwidth. Alienware’s amplifier will never share, or compromise, the bandwidth to your system’s GPU. Instead, it provides reserved loftier bandwidth direct to your arrangement’s GPU with one unique cablevision connection. Alienware Graphics Amplifier utilizes 4 lanes of dedicated PCIe Gen three. The Thunderbolt iii specification is capable of either 2 or 4 lanes of PCIe depending on the OEM’due south implementation of Intel’due south technology. Alienware gains an advantage by having these lanes defended to graphics that are not shared by LAN, USB or brandish ports.

Can you lot run Virtual Reality through the Alienware Graphics Amp?

Yes, but it depends on the system specs of the reckoner and the graphics carte du jour in the Graphics amp. Follow the recommended specs for VR and cheque out the certified VR prepare PC’south as posted by HTC or Oculus. For VR through an Alienware Graphics Amplifier on Alienware notebooks, we would recommend using but the Alienware fifteen and Alienware 17 with 8 GB of memory or higher and an Intel Core i7 or Core i7k processor in the system. For the Alienware X51 R3, nosotros would recommend a Cadre i5 processor with 8 GB of retentiveness or college. VR setups using the Alienware Graphics Amplifier are not a supported configuration of either the Oculus Ready or HTC Vive Optimized programs and each setup will vary in the ease of utilise and compatibility.